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In different situations different people may come to the conclusion that violence is the decision or solution, however, it is never a good decision and not a solution at all. Violence in one case would only lead to the violence in another situation creating vicious circle. It has been proven by history that violence creates only hatred and more hatred and anger that result in crimes, fights, clashes and even wars. For example, slavery and violence toward slaves lead to the war between South and North in the USA. On the other hand nonviolence leads to equality of people in their family circles, at school and over the world.
One of the most famous American human rights advocate Martin Luther King believed that “Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. It is a weapon unique in history, which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is the sword that heals” (Luther King, 1964).
It goes without saying that crimes must be settled by the decision of the court without any violence, recognizing the equality of parties before the court. Any negotiations must be without violence unless they would never succeed. Recognizing the importance of nonviolence states had singed Charter of the UN. The UN Charter was adopted for the purposes of for example “for the suppression of acts of aggression” provided in Article 1. Peaceful settlement of disputes amounts to sovereign equality of states. So that even on the international scale nonviolence leads to the equality.
In any disagreement where person decides not to use force or power in relation to another person, that person automatically recognizes that they are equal. Times when violence could have been used toward other people have passed long ago. But even in the ancient times real genius understood that there were no need for violence. One of the most famous Chinese general Sun Tzu emphasized in his book that “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” (Sun Tzu, 6th century B.C).
Equality of people has become the result of evolving of the democratic society. Step by step people received more and more rights in connection with protection of their rights through prohibition of violence. Moreover, there is no need for violence today. One could accept that violence was necessary when one was fighting with wild animals for their life but today people of the world can exist peacefully.
As have been mentioned above violence is never a solution because it would only lead to some traumas or even deaths. The most violent conquerors preferred to kill all the people in the cities they captured. Such accidents were followed with hatred and revenge. Sovereigns did their best to revenge and also killed people. That is why today nonviolence as it is prescribed in laws or international conventions can protect human lives. A personality of 21th century shall understand that nonviolence only protects his life. There is a concept due to which freedoms of one person ends where freedoms of another person start. This means that if one adheres to violence he should remember that another person may use violence toward him so that violence creates only other violence and thread to rights and lives of people.
For example, meeting may take place without any violence and all people would come back home safe or on the other hand, there may be some violence during the meeting turning it into the riot. In that case a state may use some force against people. Even great leaders of the world supported the idea of nonviolence. For example Indira Gandhi stated “Non-violence means that we should live in peace and amity, and entertain respect for one another views. It also means that we should entertain respect nations professing different ideologies.” (Indira Gandhi, 1966). In support of the position of the Gandhi it is necessary to mention that there shall be no violence on the basis of race, age or marital status.
Nonviolence in family helps to bring up psychologically healthy children and to develop respect and love between members of the family. It goes without saying that it is much easier for parents to send their children to school when they are certain that there would be no violence. It is possible to stress today that nonviolence has become part of the definition of a human. After a long process of evolution for a person to be human means to treat others without any violence.
Nonviolence is also very important in relation to the animals and other weak creatures. Domestic animals that are the friends of people deserve human attitude.
All abovementioned and considerations relating to humanity of people proves that violence should have no place in the hearts of people. The faster people would fight the violence inside of their hearts the easier it would be to fight it in real life. People can avoid it, people can stay calm and control themselves and that means that nonviolence can fight violence. People should follow the advice of Martin Luther King and use that sword because with nonviolence one may achieve much more than with help of violence. The good will always prevail.

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