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Published: 2020/10/04

As we know humanity always wanted to bring new technologies and methods that make our life simple and easier to live on. Throughout decades, we have been self-developing and this brought us to the modern world, with it great investigations which we face in 21th century. But nowadays, we have been facing a lot of troubles regarding different subjects. In this essay, I am going to discuss different problems that society are faced with, their pros and cons and how did it affected our lives.
Internet. Internet became the most important part of our daily lives. No one can imagine, what’s going to happen, when you wake up one day and don’t have internet connection. It have become one of the most integral thing in our daily lives. Surfing through internet, watching kitten videos or just listening to music can bring euphoria to human. These are the small examples how we can use it, but if we move forward, Internet brings us a lot of opportunities to self-develop, work, read and etc. Wikipedia, YouTube and other interesting websites are tight together with us. Internet helps a lot of you want to study or get a degree, you don’t have to attend university or visit special courses to be a professional in certain sphere. The only thing you need is Internet and attitude. Internet helps disabled people to keep living on. They can work, buy clothes, share their ideas or express their feeling, order food and do other great stuff, that make them feel, that they are the part of this world and they are not forgotten. The bad part about internet is its influence, people can’t imagine without going on different websites, or downloading any kind of information. Cyberbullying is getting more popular each year, as you can be stalked by anyone and you won’t find who it is. Uploading stuff to internet can break someone rights and you will be obligated to pay a money because you broke a law. Internet money is another thing to concern. Millions of different operations with currency are done every day and there always be unique person who would like to steal it from you. These people may use different kind of methods to fraud or steal your priceless papers or money. One day you can wake up and your bank account will be empty. These are one of the things that needed to be concerned.
Social networks. Social networks are becoming more and more popular. People all over the world can communicate with each other sitting only by his laptop or cell-phone in any part of the planet and can talk or share his ideas with his friends, siblings or parents. Social network is like your little world, where you can express your ideas, thoughts or share music and photos. It is impossible to imagine a social network without additional features such as news, feed, ability to add photos, get friends birthday notifications, pokes and other applications. Using social networks is fashionable - network enable participants to always stay up to date with what is happening. Think about how much news we can obtain from them: someone got married, divorced, gave birth to a child, visited hospital, and took a selfie on the toilet. News can be shared more easily and faster. You can find needed information about what’s happening to a person or to your favorite band at the moment. Communication is always good, but what about the dark side? Social networks require you to fill personal information when you are doing the registration. We may face a lots of problems, when we investigate. For example: sharing your personal ideas to public can bring you a hard time. Everyone has its own ideas and sights on different subjects, and discussing or arguing about it, can ruin your nerves, make your health worse or even end up your life in danger. There is such saying as “Do not feed the troll”, where “troll” – is a person who likes to play on people nerves, by pissing them off, no matter how he do it, the only thing he wants is to make you angry or destroy your mood. Propaganda is another powerful weapon, which can be used throughout social networks. Propaganda is a false or fake information, which the propagandist transmits only information geared to strengthen his or her case, and consciously omits detrimental information (Ushmm.org). This certainly works on peoples beliefs. In countries, where military actions are done, propaganda can be used to put wrong information for the purpose of who needs it. This can disorientate and bring fatal actions. Lots of teenagers upload tons of selfies to networks every day, pinging their geolocation. Government can easily control you, just making networks working on them. Any kind of information that we leave behind in a social network, remains there forever. Our comments and notes on the photos are saved even after deleting the account, and usually this account can’t be deleted. Search engines also retain all the information in the cache for indexing, so to be sure that all undesired material removed is impossible. Media can use this method to sell this item to you, even if you don’t actually need it.
Feminism. Feminism is a women movement, where women strike for being discriminated in certain things. As our history shows, feminism had a good impact on us. It raises from black votes and ends up to nowadays. Feminism want the society to think that women has equal rights and the society surely do thinks that way. Many women are independent nowadays, they can be successful as others. There is no mistake in that. But sometimes their strikes are absolutely wrong and can be regarded as paradox. Feminists ask for equal wages for workers. But when a women bake a bread and a men carry his gun to protect the country – this messes their brain up. Everybody get what he or she deserves no matter what sex you are. I don’t have nothing against them, but striking on simple things, which cannot be changed is not a good thing to do. Few weeks ago, there was a truly historic event: the project "Rosetta" first time scientists were able to put the device on the surface of a comet. However, in the eyes of radical feminists is the achievement of mankind is not worthy of such attention as the picture on the shirt of one of the project leaders. Matt Taylor – the project leader and well-known scientists, who participated in the planting of scientific module "Phil" on the surface of a comet, during the broadcast of landing on a comet appeared in “inappropriate form”. On the final press conference he was wearing a bright shirt bowling with pictures of half-naked women, with weapons in the hands. In conservative circles it is considered that an important event scientist is required to appear in a suit and tie, and those of your Hawaiian shirts can be worn alone on the beach. Matt did the same the other way around. Fortunately, in the 21st century, people are often get judged by their deeds and their mind, not in appearance or compliance. This brought an enormous reactions in Internet judging this person only by the shirt he wore. Lots of women scientists started judging Matt and others because of this accident. Surely he apologized with tears on the camera, but were those tears regarded as he was wrong? I don’t think so. I think he was crying because the success, which he reached with his team in landing a device on the comet surface is more important than feminism. From my point of view this is nonsense. Many feminists go different rebels, striking totally nude to prove a thing, but does it help? Surely not. Feminism has shown once again that he does not pursue the ideas of equality there. Alternatively, it suggests introducing into people's heads and female chauvinism politically correct censorship. Despite the fact that in a civilized world, women have even more equal than men, feminists still think that they are regarded as poor kitties.


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