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This paper introduces the proposal of the Futuristic Vision, Incorporated which manufactures state of the art eyeglasses. They have introduced in the market the so called Google-Glasses. The description and functions of the Google-Glass will be presented in this paper as well as the add-on features. The Google-Glass is an innovation with built-in devices such as the tiny computer, the camera, a video recorder too. It is handy in travelling because it has a navigator and a translator which can be operated through a voice command. As an innovation, it helps the user save time and money, provides comfort, ease, it is fashionable and most specially giving competitive advantage to the manufacturer since no device has ever been invented of its kind.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Futuristic Vision, Incorporated is devoted in providing high-quality eyeglasses with advance technology. Futuristic Vision, Inc. aims to continuously improve technology and be the best in the market in order to provide customer satisfaction and sustainability through loyalty of customer patronage and increased market share. This company aims to aid the customers in their business and in their daily activities. The company’s vision is to become partners with their customers in attaining their goals through the use of world class eyeglasses and the new innovation called Google-Glasses. Futuristic Vision, Inc. will continue to improve their products to anticipate customer needs. Their core value is being progressive in keeping with the needs of times in order to sustain their leadership in the market by providing customer experience and help people enjoy life in order to establish loyalty among customers and increase profitability.

Description of the Google-Glasses

Google-glass is a device that can be worn by people just like ordinary eyeglasses. It has no lenses but has a camera and a tiny computer within the frame. This Google-Glass can take pictures and record audio of other people. The wearer is aware of the small screen positioned over his right eye but does not interfere with his vision. It is being controlled through the use of the touch pad at the side of the device or through voice command. The wearer is shown a map of the area where he is walking ("My Vision of the," 2014). If he needs to find a place like a coffee shop, all he has to do is use the voice command and directions will be provided. One very unique feature is the translation. You can ask the Google-Glass to translate anything you see like the sign post or menu into a different language. All these features have never been invented by other


other companies.

Importance of this Innovation

We live in a digital world where the computer has been a major tool in globalization. With the Google-Glass, the wearer need not bring his laptop if he is travelling because it has a built-in tiny computer. With the people in the communication industry, one can record interviews just by using this Google-Glass. When dining out with customers, one is saved from being embarrassed for not able to understand the French cuisine on the menu if he does not speak French. He can use the translator. In Toronto, Ontario, some hospitals were recipients of the first 8000 devices shipped by Google to the first adopters. They tested the device. The Google-Glass can revolutionized the medical education specially in the field of surgery. Dr. Rafael Grossmann, a trauma surgeon at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor commented,“students have to go to the operating room and peek behind your shoulder and try to see what you’re seeing in a small field. “With Glass, they get to see procedures from the surgeon’s perspective (“Doctors, among early adopters of Google Glass”, 2013). Though this is a great innovation, some hospitals are not so keep in using this device due to regulations which has not yet adopted this device in this policy. The core value of progressive is being shown in the Company’s desire to provide high-quality products with advance technology. By incorporating the tiny computer, video recorder, navigator, and translator, the user saves a lot and get the benefits of the services all in one device.
It is a new experience for the customer to go on vacation without bringing a lot of equipment and yet get the benefits like bringing those cameras and laptops. By selling Google-Glasses, the customer is buying convenience, comfort and ease. This new customer satisfaction services builds strong relationships with customers and ensures future revenue streams. By giving the
customers no reason to switch—and every reason to stay—you insulate them from the competition (Johnson & Gustafsson, 2000, p. 2).

Business Model

Futuristic Vision, Incorporated has adopted the Product Performance Model. The reason for choosing this innovation model is becauses it addresses the Company’s mission of providing high quality products through advance technology. Product performance model focus attention on providing quality features by adding value to the utility of the product. This type of innovation model involves the entire new products as well as developing new and added features by adding value to the products. The added features give substantial value which help attain long term advantage in the competition. By doing so, it brings more profit to the company and establish a brand name.

Impact of Using the Google-Glasses

services of the doctors. Media men and field reporters can easily capture on the spot reports and
interviews which can be helpful to the community. This indirectly provide a new customer experience. A father can play with his child and have a record of life changing moments in his baby’s first laughter, first uttered word at any time due to this device. A medical student can better learn and see the effects of surgery as he sees through his professor’s glass. Although some people are apprehensive due to invasion of their privacy, we cannot deny that the benefits society gain outweighs the fears that critics think of.
This innovation has provided a new wave of customer satisfaction. It saves lives, saves money and improve the quality of life. With the mission and vision of Futuristic Vision Incorporated, other inventors and innovator will be challenged to find other ways to compete with the Google-Glass product. With market globalization, this high product can soon be used not only in the United States and Europe but as well as to other continents. Business executives need not worry wherever they travel to because they can be updated through the innovative small computer built-in the frame of the Glasses. Saving lives like the 911 can be facilitated through the use of this video camera and computer. The user can be entertained listening to the music on Spotify through the use of the attached mini-computer. Travelers can easily find their way because this device promise a navigating device. Its contribution should be maximize.
Futuristic Vision, Inc. helps the whole society and the nation as a whole by saving lives and expediting business transactions through the mini-computer in the Google-Glasses. The Educational system is also enhance, especially in the field of medicine. Teachers and students can easily find help by browsing through it computer. Instructions can be given since there is a video call access. The Google-Glasses bridge the gap between families, countries, business partners. It therefore improves and facilitate strategic global marketing and distribution of goods and services. Google-Glasses is the new leader in the new and complex industry by integrating all forms of media in communication. On the other hand, there has been many questions about security and privacy intrusion. “The fact that the camera can take photos or videos of whatever you're looking at has already caused controversy in the US and Britain. Some bars and restaurants in San Francisco and London have even banned them to protect their customers from being recorded ("My Vision of the," 2014). The device can also be used for surveillance since it
has a camera that can record. However, some users are afraid to use it while on the street because its unique appearance, akin to The Terminator character in the movie of the same title, makes it vulnerable to thieves. In spite of its usage and comfort, it is not affordable to the masses. The initial price was $1,500.00 upon its launching last year. The Google-Glass is a specialized device. With its high price, many developers believe that its chances of becoming a hit in the market is slim.
Last June 2013, a letter was sent to the Larry Page, CEO of Google, Inc. The letter came from the data protection authorities. They have questions regarding the perspective on security. The authorities reminded Google, Inc. to provide privacy into the development of products and services before it would be launched. However, It was not in the case of Google-Glasses. The Data protection authorities manifested their intentions of wanting to have a dialogue with Google, Inc and discuss about compliance to data protection laws, its privacy safeguards, and how Google, Inc. intends to use this information. The authorities wanted Google, Inc. to be willing to demonstrate to their office and allow the device to be tested by the data protection authorities. To this day, there has been no word about the development of this letter request to Google, Inc CEO.
Government then, has to cope up with the fast pace of innovation and regulate its function to secure the privacy of users and other people to avoid abuse of its usage. It is more difficult to curtail their practices once it is launch in the market even for testing like what Google-Glass did. While on the process of manufacturing and testing, government should have a law obliging manufacturers to present it first for testing to the proper authorities to avoid intrusion into people’s privacy.


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