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The focus on palliative care is without doubt positive step towards achieving the overall objectives of the healthcare sector.

However, the costs and pricing of services in palliative care have overshadowed the intended benefits of palliative care to its target population.
The fact that most of the services required in palliative care are similar or close to those provided in Intensive Care Unit means that an integration of the IPCU services in ICU could signal better service delivery at costs that do not limit patient access to quality care.

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Integration of the inpatient palliative care unit (IPCU) into ICU is one aspect that has been proposed to regulate the high financial costs patients undergo in their pursuit of palliative care especially towards end-of-life care.

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The integration of IPCU into the ICU extends to beyond the costs factors.
This is essentially because it helps resolve other underlying issues that have an impact on the quality of care such as staffing issues and impeccable management of pain and symptoms related to chronic illnesses in palliative care.
Avoiding overstaffing can decrease payroll costs without affecting service level; and monitoring patients’ and carers’ satisfaction will ensure the clinical efficiency of the decision.

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With the integration of palliative care in ICU, the financial costs will ultimately go down with the decreased payroll costs since most of the services will be handled by staff residing within the ICU with only minimal requirements for staff increment
On the other hand, palliative care services are similar in nature to ICU care services in that patient monitoring is at an all time high and care satisfaction for all complexities is assured

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In terms of the change strategy, the integration process does not require any infrastructure or structural renovation but juts a policy change within the organization.

This renders the process economically feasible.

The reduced burden of administration initially placed by the need to run an independent palliative care unit it also eliminated and this further underlines the sustainability since it eliminates administrative budgetary costs related to the IPCU.
Such costs will be channeled to other direct care services that improve care outcomes or improving equipment and infrastructure in the ICU.

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While multiple studies indicate a similar trend in terms of cost effectiveness, there were notable discrepancies which however had negligible impact on the final results.
Importantly, the results of the different trials indicate comparative relativity but detailed cost-effectiveness analysis show that better outcomes/lower costs balance is highly dependent on external variables such as demographic characteristics, cost estimation unit employed, model of care, sample size, currency/price adjustments and sample selection

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Variability across these researches may have some effect on results but without doubt, the very existent of similar trends that indicate the cost and outcome benefits of integrated palliative care mean that in a consistent and ideal research with minimal discrepancies, a similar view would be achieved.
In a similar view, the variability in research samples and other variables is an ideal representation of the diverse clinical settings within various healthcare institutions since all institutions may not have similar patient populations, staffing levels or infrastructure support.

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The need to create greater access to palliative care rests with the key stakeholders such as insurers, care providers and governments at federal and state level

The idea is to create a regulated operating environment based on demographical trends, cost analysis and sustainability of the sector

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The health care system is characterized by private players whose services may not be as such regulated by the government agencies.
This means that chances of these care facilities colluding with private insurance companies are high since most of these organizations are private-driven. The government has a role to protect the patients and consumers at large from exorbitant prices through regulations.
Typically, in this situation, standardization of the health insurance rates including the private players can go a long way in solving this problem.

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It is undeniable most of the federal-funded health insurance programs have limited access.
There is a huge conviction that patients are forced to pay more for services since they are not within the government cover.
Feasibly, if these federal-initiated programs can be made more accessible, it would mount competition on the private players and the overall effect of this is reduced private health insurance rates and increased quality.

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Similarly, the development of a standard coding method will ensure that all patients enjoy healthcare prices which are generated from a harmonized background.

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There are many financial benefits that accrue to all parties with the implementation of the above-elucidated solutions.
While the initial capital may be high there are many long term benefits that can accrue to a health care setting that implements the solutions. Increased customer satisfaction is one of these benefits, which also translates to customer loyalty.

On the other hand, accountability is basic accounting principle and the primary intention of conducting accounting.

As it stands many prices within palliative care are as a result of arrangements between the care provider, the patient and the private health insurance provider.
If at all these solutions are implemented including installing standardized coding systems and standardized rates for services, a high level of accountability will be achieved which will help the hospital management as well.

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The initial cost of purchasing technologies such as the online medical billing systems .Equally, the maintenance cost of these systems will require extra funding for the purposes of personnel.

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