Good Example Of Essay On A Film Analysis Related To Interpersonal Communication

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Part One:

For the purpose of this assignment, I will be examining the film “Before Sunrise”. This is a journey of two characters from an impromptu meeting to a romantic bond. The key concepts explored in the film are partnerships (romantic relationships), friendship, companionship, etc.
According to Adler, friendship can be a result of a need to grow, to belong, to form groups, etc. This is the reason people join clubs, play games or sports, take courses and even marry. Another reason for seeking a friendship can be a need for self-esteem. In other words a person can look for friendship to validate oneself. Friendships provide mutual respect and it can help people become more confident. In the hierarchy of needs, friendship can also meet people’s need for self-actualization.
Romantic partnerships are also explored in the film but it is different than that described in the text. The romantic partnership shown in the film has a strong focus on freedom and no commitment. The two strangers meet and without any expectations from each other set out on an unplanned journey together. There is no element of a legal, cultural or religious commitment involved. In fact, they do not even know if they will ever see each other again. However, the two individuals being from different cultures cross all barriers of communication and connect beautifully. This shows a deep communication between the two. The profound communication between a French girl and an American man is captured extremely beautifully. Even if there are any pre-existing prejudices in the two initially, they seem to have no effect on the trust between the two. The two characters seem to connect and communicate on a deep spiritual level.

Part Two:

As briefly mentioned earlier, the movie is about a French girl and American boy who meet on a train. The American boy, Jesse strikes up a conversation with Celine. During this short conversation itself, their chemistry is obvious and Jesse manages to convince Celine to get off the train with him at Vienna. The rest of the film shows their adventures as they visit landmarks and cafes in Vienna. Through their conversation with each we get to know more about the characters. However, the story telling in the film is like a deep dialogue and the audience is able to connect with the characters very well. There are various topics that are discussed between Jesse and Celine. They have long discussions on love, dating, relationships, wishes and dreams, hopes and fears, and much more. The ease with which the two main characters open up to each other is rarely seen in real life, and hence the movie is a big favorite among people.
The film doesn’t focus on any character development, but rather the deepening of the relationship between the two all in a span of a day. The audience gets a view of an incredibly deep friendship and attraction between the two main characters. Jesse and Celine seem to understand each other far better than people who have been in their lives much longer. Both seem to have experienced recent breakups and are sad on some level. Another interesting aspect of the film is how their cultural differences don’t seem to hinder any communication between the two. They transcend their cultural difference and connect on a spiritual level. The viewer forgets that these two young people have just met and are practically strangers. This movie inspires people to reach out to each other in the world. As the movie draws to an end, the two change their plans of never seeing each other again. They decide to meet each other at the same place after a year, but share no contact information with each other.
Part Three: This film is filled with instances of interpersonal dynamics. At the beginning of the movie, we find that Jess and Celine are different to each other in lot ways. In fact, at a lot of times in the movie, we see their differing characteristic even in the event of their extraordinary chemistry. Adler et al (2012), described conflict as an event when people have differing interest or opinions. As we have read in the subject of interpersonal communication, conflict is viewed as a positive element as it leads to development and deepening of a relationship. This is what we see various times in the movie. Jesse and Celine have differing opinions on a lot of issues like relationships, companionships, etc. But they are so good at connecting with each other and accepting each other’s differences that this leads to an instant bond between them. Conflict is a sign of life within a relationship and healthy discussions are essential for two people to know each other better. Jesse and Celine do this excellently throughout the movie, but with mutual respect. They are shown as two people who can discuss and celebrate their differences very well.
Mutual respect and likeness is also what helps their friendship blossom. Both of the characters are people who are open to new experiences and are not scared to be adventurous. When Jesse strikes up the very first conversation with Celine in the train, he convinces her to join him by saying that if she doesn’t she could regret this in later years of her life. This statement makes Celine drop her plans and join a stranger. This effect has to be a result of Celine’s need for fulfillment and adventure in her life. We are drawn to new people and adventures in order to fulfill a void in our lives which are full of daily grinds. When someone offers a detour and an exciting new path, it is very tempting. As described earlier, this could also be due to a need to self-actualize and to maximum one’s life potential. The two young people are clearly tired of their daily routine and cannot resist the promise an exciting stranger holds. From the very beginning, Jesse and Celine are shown to be curious about each other’s lives and cultures.
The romantic element and attraction between the two people is possible the most important dynamic displayed in the movie. Jesse and Celine are attracted to each from the very first scene and the promise of a new romance is what makes them change their plans. A romantic relationship and the hope of love are very powerful forces for human beings. Millions of books are written on the topic of dating and marriages. However, the romantic partnership between Jesse and Celine is not bound by any legal, cultural or practical notions. In fact, the movie has an element of serendipity as it shows to people who are meant-to-be strike up a conversation when most people would have just avoided it.

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