When A Person Has Died And They Are Brought Back To Life. Some Research Paper Sample

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say that they actually went to heaven, is there really a heaven or hell?

Is there such a thing as an afterlife?

For years, unexplained phenomenon have impacted people’s lives in different ways and it has even made people change their way of thinking or their way of life. Incidentally, there has been unexplained phenomenon that has even gave people insight into things that could take them years to try to manifest on their own; even a power or two in theory. It can be argued that the very concept of the phenomenon have overwhelmed people so much that there is absolutely no way that they can explain it. One of the most exemplary unexplained phenomenon that has happened to people, the person dying, spending a few minutes in the afterlife then coming back to life. The person sees things that they would not otherwise, an example of this is when they see that there is no heaven or hell for one thing. During their “temporary stay” in “afterlife”, they are shown parts of their life that lead to that moment even what their lives were like in their past lives. Sessions explained that “the experience that every person goes through or the insight they receive when they die is different per person, they are likely to see that light and the practically unexplainable” (Sessions, 2013). This experience is meant to show people what is on the other side instead of what they were being “spoon fed” throughout their life which is basically religion is the way to the afterlife. Ironically, it is not.

Heaven, seriously.

As previously stated, everyone’s experience when they temporarily die is different. Some people will say that when they die, they went to heaven which is how they would perceive that because when a person sees the beckoning white light then they automatically assume that they are going to heaven or are on their way there. The truth of the matter is that there is no heaven or hell when a person dies or when they temporarily die, the reason why is this. There is a zone where people’s lives are evaluated and they see exactly what they did, why they did it and where they are headed next. The concept of heaven is a popular myth that religious officials dreamed up in order to get some order in the religious world and those who are a part of it, keeping people in control religiously is the way to guarantee that those same people will follow a religious official anywhere as well as what they say. Jones explained that “no matter how much people want to believe that there is a heaven when they die or die temporarily, they are shown something, just not something like that” (Jones, 2012). The irony is that people are told that they will go to heaven when they die if they were good in life, but even the worst of the worst who died for 20 to 40 seconds then came back to life say beyond reasonable doubt that what they saw was something other than a tall white figure in a white robe, standing at a golden altar holding the book of that person’s life; they did not see that. When a person dies temporarily, it is easy for them to say that they went to heaven because they were hopelessly drifting through space and time gaining insight into things that would never manifest on its own in their waking life. There is no easy way to explain what they saw and each person will interpret it differently, it is a tad crazy for religious people to feed everyone that garbage about there being a heaven and hell when a “safe zone” is all that awaits them. This goes double for babies who were unbaptized and died young, there is a safe zone for them as well. There is no heaven or hell for any of them.

Hell, not even close

For centuries, the church has organized and raised communities on what is morally good and just. Coincidentally, the church also kept people on alert about their bad and immoral behavior. People live their lives based on how they see fit and pay almost no attention to their actions because they are just “living their life” but when that person or people die for a few seconds to minutes at a time then they see that even though they lived their lives different from everyone else, they are still entitled to a front row seat to the safe zone i.e. the afterlife, like everyone else. Case in point, Paul and Wilton are brothers who grew up in a very dysfunctional household. They were very mean and evil people, they mugged an old lady for her money; they even pushed her down after stabbing her thrice. During their quick getaway, the brothers, who are not paying attention to the incoming semi-truck that smashes right into their car, kills them. Paul and Wilton wake up in the afterlife way-station, the brothers sees their lives as well as what they did in their past lives. There was no demonic or evil entity awaiting to take them to hell because of the premeditated murder attempt on the elderly lady, ironically. Paul and Wilton are resuscitated 50 seconds after they spend a little time in the afterlife, they later clean up their act; they even tried to explain what they saw. Even murderers who die on death row are not sentenced to hell after they die, their soul is sent before a “television viewing” of how they lived their life as well as where they are going next. Rampa explains that “atheists are good people, they can live morally and still go on to the afterlife to live happily before being sent elsewhere, elsewhere that is neither heaven nor hell”. (Rampa, 2012). There are a huge amount of stories behind what will happen to a person when they die but the truth is that no one really knows, that is except for those who have died for those few seconds and are given a glimpse of what the “afterlife” truly is and it is NOT what they have been told; the truth awaits on the other side. Ironically.

What some people believe they see

People have been questioning for years about what is on the other side of the “gate” so to speak, even more were they that have taken active steps in trying to step over to the other side just for curiosity’s sake. Some people believe while they are temporarily dead that they are being judged based on their actions on Earth and there are some that say that they are shown what the future holds for them, there are even some people who claim that they see visions of what they are going to do later on in life. Coincidentally, when a person dies then comes back to life, they believe that what happened to them happened for a reason whether it is to teach them a life lesson or to keep them from making a vital irreversible mistake that could cost them everything. La Bella explains from Eben Alexander’s viewpoint that “everything that you think and have been told about what you will see on the other side is all a lie, you are standing before angels but they are your own personal angels plus, the real gates of the afterlife is open to ALL and not just for some” (LaBella & Alexander). Ironically, people are told from time immemorial about the virtues and how to live right. However, it can be argued that even if they strayed from their family’s religious path or chose to carve their own by spilling blood, they will still get what is coming to them even if they happen to die for a few seconds and are returned to Earth. It can also be argued that only a few “chosen” people are meant to go through and have this experience because they are of the Christian faith and need to be shown what the truth is behind all of the lies they have been told over time. However, there is no greater truth that knowing that what each person sees when they are temporarily on that other side is completely unique and absolute. People’s perception of the afterlife is completed unique and not based on the lies of the church, life is already scary and unpredictable as most people well know; there is no reason to lie to people about awaits them at the end of their life. It’s not fair.

People saw what they saw there, why did they come back?

Unexplained phenomenon such as “temporary death” is one of the most powerful experiences to ever exist and most people will say beyond a shadow of a doubt that what they experienced is unlike anything they ever have before. So the question remains, if they saw what they saw while in the afterlife, then why did they come back? The answer is simple, it was not their time. When people temporarily die, they think that is the end of their life as they know it and their death is eternal. But, when they are brought back to Earth and put back into their bodies, they quickly assume that it is not their time yet to go into that “gentle light”; they are right to assume this. It can be argued that when people die temporarily and are brought back to life, they quickly conclude two things. One, it is not their time to “go” yet because of the things they still have to do on Earth; whatever those things are. Two, when they die temporarily, they are shown just enough of a glimpse of what awaits them on the other side to understand what exactly the “other side” is. Harris explained that “when people die, either temporarily or permanently, they are introduced to the afterlife in such a profound way that it completely changes their perception of what the afterlife truly is instead of what was said about it”. (Harris, 2015). There is much to be said about what the afterlife truly is which is a safe zone where everyone are introduced to different things as well as different experiences, and what it is not, which is a demonic figure sticking that person with a sharp, fiery red pitchfork or a heavenly figure holding a book of that person’s life judging them based on their actions in life. Ultimately, there is no heaven or hell because the concept is totally hypocritical and fabricated. People need something to believe in that no matter what they did on Earth, there is something “better” awaiting them on the other side. Those who choose to be anchored down by the lies of heaven and hell after death will never understand the “real truth”.


Unexplainable phenomenon is something that, ironically, some people can actually explain and there are some that cannot explain it even though they were the ones that went through it. Some people might wonder how they go about telling people about what they saw instead of what they were told, and whether they should tell them the truth or just let them experience it on their own. It is pretty clear to see that what the church has been telling people about the “truth” behind the afterlife is bogus and unreal, people who have temporarily died have all said that they saw a multitude of things including what the afterlife truly is. These same people did not say that they saw a demonic figure or a being of extreme radiance opening the gates of heaven for those that have died including those who just recently died, what they saw was uniquely them. People have been told that in order to get into this “heaven”, they have to live their life right and not do anything that bad. Ironically, even those who were bad and died temporarily interpret the experience as a wakeup call to change their life or get a glimpse of what their life will be after they die. The afterlife can be described as a safe zone where a way-station is positioned. People who have died or died temporarily are shown fantastic visions of what awaits them on the other side as well as certain things like different versions of themselves, this also includes them seeing who they were and why their existence is important; never mind that it is not their time to partake in experience eternal. The only absolute truth behind the next world experience is the bright white light, most people have attested to seeing a bright white light before their temporary death. But make no mistake, what people are likely to see on the other side far exceeds their expectations and that of the church. Parenthetically, people who die then come back to life are meant to have that experience because it can be argued that they are receptive to the experience unlike those of the church.

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