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Songs-Pop Music Pop music forms a significant and imperative part of the American culture. Music influenced the way the societal perspective of ideas since it was used as a learning tool. Though it has been displayed as a footnote in the American society progression, it is a much greater force that defined and shaped distinct views and attitude on important concepts that surrounded the society during the 1960s from the Vietnam War through the cold war to the very reform programs that happened in the United States. Antiwar song is an artistic composition that advocates antiwar sentimentalities directly typically viewed as possessing antiwar themes and spearheads the idea of universal peace. Some antiwar pieces mention the negative aspects of war, and other compositions satirize the idea of war. Most of them promote peace while others spell out specific ills of armed conflicts. Still others paint images of the psychological and physical destructions that warfare bears to innocent civilians, soldiers, and the general human race. The antiwar songs shaped what the society thought of the wars through informing the public about the conditions of the war (White, 2015). Change in mindsets is conceivable towards particular occurrences. An examples visible is through the Vietnam War and the cold war. A collective attitude driven by music, expressed national unity that inspired an influential consensus amongst the American public to rally against both the wars. A pragmatic approach, adopted by artists in delivering antiwar themes, using music as an appeasing instrument for mass communication between diverse communities. The perspective helped in achieving an international perspective of the injustice caused by the war. The particular period characterized the emergence of pop music, coming up as a strong wave against the war. The pioneers of pop music used their voices and instruments in crafting music that enlightened the American public on the harm perpetrated by the catastrophe of war (White, 2015). The 1960s civil rights reform movements were significantly boosted by impacts of songs on the society. Because of tremendous political and economic change a large number of American citizens believed that traditional values held back America from achieving total free society where they supported social and civil reforms in a bid to achieve a new moral order. Some reform activists, including those who embraced old ideas, endorsed the process of change to seek a perfect society. A new experimental communal ideals were designed to facilitate this effort further. Artists who were enthusiasts of change composed songs that inspired the public to mount pressure on governmental institutions to implement equality reforms (Reform Crusades, 2015). Music has always had a great role in shaping culture and leisure practice in the American society specifically amongst the youth members (Reform Crusades, 2015).
. Most people aspiring artist spent leisure time composing music as a way of communicating their ideas and reflecting on the society. For others, music formed a fundamental part of recreation activities. With teenagers imitating how music stars dressed, it was a popular idea that dressing culture was dictated by artist.


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