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Published: 2020/10/21

Survey Questions

What does the term “Campus Crime” mean to you?
What is the rate of occurrence of such crimes in campus, in your opinion?
What do you think is the impact of such crime on the surrounding people?
How far does it affect the courses of study and environment?
What is the likely cause of such crimes in campus?
Who do you think are mainly responsible for preventing or controlling such crimes?
According to you, how can such crimes be stopped, or minimized?
Do you think that the general students of the institution should play any role in minimizing such crimes? From any view, is it a part of their role?
The issue of campus crime is a very vital one considering its rate of occurance, intensity and long term impact on individual level. Btu then again, my open ended survey started with people’s understanding of the very concept of the term Campus Crime; as there is no steadfast, black and white rule of distinction about the types of crimes. They mostly overlap. The surprising fact is that, due to frequent political unrest, most of the campus people do not have a clear perception of what campus crime is in a deeper sense. To them, any crime that occurs in the premises of the campus is Campus Crime. Even in such plain sense, some of them are found confusing this notion with organized political rallies and gatherings.
The rate of such crimes is more of less high, as per the response of my survey subjects. They find such crimes occurring often in the campus; sometimes in silent and sly manner but often quite loudly producing much heat. There are reports of having organized groups or gangs because of whom there are often clashes and disputes over dominance, relationship, political prominence and the like. But the number of witnesses of individual cases of crimes is also not negligible. The impact of such crimes on study environment is devastating on a long term basis. Often, it becomes a dilemma if the campus is safe for students or not. Security becomes the greater issue than study. Dominant national politics, tendency to achieve territorial dominance and individual administrative and relational cases have been cited as the major causes of such crimes in campus. However, how far the crimes are committed in a planned way is very unpredictable. But when it came to the question of taking responsibility of controlling and preventing such crimes, the response was as predictable as I had thought it would be at the time of setting the question; the campus authority and law enforcers were held responsible solely. Conceptually, students are the main body in the campus and they are the ones present almost all the time, and consequently many of them are the direct witness of the crimes but would never share so at the time of investigation. That is when the question about the role of students emerges. To my surprise, they proved me wrong by acknowledging the need and obligation of their active role in uprooting what they understood as campus crime and their recommendations were bold and interesting. The one suggestion that was almost common was the one where the participants promote the idea of installing a huge network of close circuit cameras with proper number of staff to monitor on hourly basis. And the monitors can also be students of the teachers’ choice as well. Overall, the idea of preventing the campus crime is not a new or alien one but there is the need of strong administrative stance about eradicating it completely.

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