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Classism is a term used to describe the social construction of social classes in United States of America. The social economic classes are delimitated by the cultural, individual and institutional set of practices and beliefs. The economic system creates inequality which leads to failure on satisfying the basic human needs. Linking to the family, even if education still matters it is likely that children who grow up in a privileged family become professional than children raised in a working-class family.
The discrimination between social classes can take different forms: direct discrimination, indirect or constructive discrimination or systematic discrimination. Even when someone managed to achieve in life and moved out of poverty, the class markers remain.
The social science research certify that whey in how a family works is related to the different social classes where the family belongs affecting the quality of the relationship and the psychological, social and cognitive development of its children. In the first moth and years of life, the perceptions of newborn are sharpened, having profound effect on the way that the child will develop during childhood, adolescence, in even in adulthood.
Furstenberg F. Jr. says in his book that “steep differences exist across social classes” (Furstenberg, 2010) and makes a reference to the most basic things like the quality of the diet and health care of a mother during pregnancy, as also the health care that it will be received for the baby. But this equality worsens after the first month of life for several reasons and the sociology B.J. Risman in her book “Families as they really are” framed them into five categories.
The first category is related to stress. Low-income parents are more likely to experience negative events that can be unemployment, poor health, divorce, death or criminal victimization. Children who are exposed to stress are more likely to experience various developmental problems. Furstenberg said that “social class affects a family’s ability to cushion their blowLife is simply harder and more brutish at the bottom.” (Furstenberg, 2010) Each of these negative events can produce a large amount of stress.
The second category is related to learning. Children who come from low-income families are more likely to have problems when they enter elementary school because their parents don’t’ read and speak to them regularly, which in the future reflect in a slower development of cognitive and reading skills.
The third category is related to the development of artistic skills. Low-income families have children that are less expose to cultural experience, outside the home, like going which can develop their talents in music, arts or other areas.
The forth category is related to the neighborhood where the children are growing. Low-income parents give the children in schools with inadequate measure of protection for children, or even toxic.
The fifth category is related to college. Parents from low-income families can’t afford to send their child to a college. For all the reason above, even if we don’t like to admit, social classes make the difference by shaping profoundly how children will transform into an adult.

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