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Published: 2020/10/21

The first I ever had was an old model of the brand Toyota. It was color blue and was second-hand so I got it at a cheaper price. For a second-hand car, it was in a really good condition. Although I had to do some repainting since it had some dents and scratches on it. I remember my dad telling me that if I want to earn my first car, I need to work for it. I did some part-time works so that I can earn. My parents of course helped me with purchasing. They shouldered about half of price. My father told me that buying a car is one of the most fulfilling experience I will have in my young life because I can see where my money is going.
Upon doing part-time works, I soon learned that earning money was not easy. Since I was also a student, I had to balance my time between my studies and my work. I soon discovered how important discipline and time management are to succeed. I tutored kids in our neighborhood. It was actually a good help for me because I also had the chance to review and familiarize myself with class lessons. I also opened my bank account so that the money that I was getting for my work and my savings for my allowance will be kept safe. I changed my lifestyle. I do not go to Starbucks as often as I need because I knew that I have to be wise with my spending. I functioned within budget. What I need was that I separated my money into three categories: Needs, Wants and Car.
There were instances when I was so tempted to go over-budget but I displayed self-control. I also lessened my night outs with friends and they totally supported my decision because they know that I want to buy a car. Although the car is no longer functioning as smoothly as it did before, we still keep it because it reminds me of what hard work can do. It lasted for 2 years and I can proudly say that it was money’s worth purchase. The previous owner of the car told me that he really took good care of it that’s why it was in good shape and condition. He also shared that it was also his first car before. Although it has a sentimental value for him, he needs to sell it because he needs space in his garage because he is purchasing another car. It took me more than a year to save enough for the car. So when I was finally driving my Toyota car, I cannot help but feel happy and proud of myself.
Like what I mentioned, the car lasted for two years with me. I used it during family trips and when I was running errands for my family. For two years, I felt how much of value the car is because it managed to work smoothly. The gas consumption was also not bad for a second-hand car. When it finally showed signs that it will soon be not as functional as before, I felt sad but at the same time was okay with it because I know it was bound to happen. My dad told me that cars are meant to retire one day because they also have their lifespans. I hoped it did last longer, but I know I was asking for too much. I took care of the care even if I was not using it already.
Now, I know how to save money for good purchases and investments. If ever that I wish to buy another car, I know the technique that I will use because I can look back to my experience. Outside of buying the actual car, I guess the biggest thing I can take away from that situation is to value money. My parents worked hard to be where they are today, so I need to give value for the sacrifices they are making for me. My parents will often remind me that nothing comes easy, if I want something I need to work hard for it and in the case of the car, save hard.

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