Reflexes & Conditioned Reflexes Critical Thinking Sample

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Published: 2020/10/21

When I think about Reflexes and Conditioned Reflexes, I think about how they differ. For example, reflexes would put someone in a mindset to involuntarily react to something that their body does then they would react accordingly. An example of this is when a person sees a roaring fire and the fire practically jumps out at them, they would involuntarily jump back due to reflex because of the fact that their body is automatically reacting to the extreme roar of the fire. Reflexes is when the body warns the person through involuntary action that extreme danger await you if you touch the fire in any way. The body’s reflexes is the way of warning them against danger or things that the body knows would harm it, a person dodging a deadly object is another example. As Skinner point out “reflexes are not just the body’s way of reacting to involuntary action or warning it about certain things, reflexes make the body react right away to strange things we cannot control” (pg.47-48). In my opinion, reflexes make the rest of the body ready to deal with anything that a person does. An example of this is when a cat hears a vacuum cleaner near them and they jump every single time they hear it, their body’s stimulus reacts to the roaring sound of the vacuum cleaner because they do not like it. Reflexes enable the body to move on a moment’s notice not just to avoid danger but to react when faced with a stimulated situation, it can be argued that people avoid a good percentage of things when their reflexes react. When a person sneezes, they automatically put their hand to their mouth to keep from spreading their germs and preventing other people from getting those germs. That is an example of reflex because the stimuli in the person’s body guides their hand to their mouth, it is automatic. Reflex is an involuntary action, something that a person cannot control. Reflexes make a person sharp as a tack but also makes them likely to do things to prevent something from happening like covering their mouth when they sneeze for example.
Conditioned Reflexes is a different kind of reflexes in the aspect that people become attracted to something that has significance and the euphoria element in their bodies react, it is a feeling that is capable of making their body react positively or negatively. An example of this is when a man goes out with a woman who wears nothing but ballet flats and because the guy is attracted to ballet flats, the guy will more than likely only date women who wear ballet flats because it is something that is very attractive to him. It can be argued that conditioned reflexes is based on a person’s personal tastes and the things associated with those tastes. Another example of this is when a person hears a drill, they automatically shut down because they are associating that drill with that of the dentist which would put them in a state of unrest. The person gets jumpy every single time they heard a drill because their trip to the dentist would be that reminder. Conditioned reflexes are simply a way for a person to associate a particular something with something else like if a guy hears the sound of a heel, they are likely to get aroused because they are attracted to high heels which would compel him to have arousing thoughts about that woman; the reverse works for women as well. A woman becomes so attracted to a guy because of a particular shirt he is wearing that she makes it her life’s work to hang around the guy constantly or guys with that same shirt. In my opinion, conditioned reflexes is a personal response to a person’s love of something that they like that would automatically attract them to someone and they pursue or give chase after that person for that reason. Ultimately, if the association of an item or place is tied to a person is good then they are likely to pursue or become attracted to those people or things. Let it be known that Conditioned Reflexes is associated with the good as well as bad stimulus within the body that can make a person react, who decides whether it is good or bad is the person in question. People familiar with this kind of reflex are likely to associate or get aroused or become attracted to the sound or sight of something they like.


Skinner, B. (2014). Science and Human Behavior. 1(1), 47-48.

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