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This paper discusses the usage of internet and web based applications at, which stands among the largest online vendors of the world. Since it is an online company, the use of internet based innovations affects the decision taken by the company for their implementation. The paper illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of amazon being internet based organization; threats to which company is exposed due to implementation of internet based innovations and possible opportunities for Amazon with use of internet and social media. In the concluding section, some strategies are recommended to the company for advancement of the company with internet and social media.


In 1995, an organization was founded named; it is an on-line book shop that offer books at profound rates. The company started as book shop but now it serves a huge range of items including electronic items, bags, jewelry, sports goods, shoes, clothes and other accessories. Amazon had developed into the biggest Internet vendor across the world with every day offers of literature, music and services. Within four years the company met the zenith of success turning into global hub for selling various items and services. In the present day, it serves the customers everywhere throughout the world through its retail web sites. Through the years Amazon keeps on redesigning its Websites and implementing advancement on internet to empower its services and products to be sold by the Organisation and by outsiders. The company also uses social media for business purposes. Clients get to its Websites straightforwardly through its versatile web pages and portable applications. It likewise entered into the tablet market and manufactures tablets with brand name “kindle”. In 2012, Amazon procured Kiva Systems, Inc. In 2013, they obtained TenMarks Education Inc. The company keeps on offering its clients the minimal costs accessible through low daily item evaluating and payment offers. Amazon has additionally extended its scope by offering merchants to offer their services and products on its websites and their own marked sites and to satisfy requests through them.

Use of Web and social media at

Amazon is one on the world's undisputed pioneers in online trade. In spite of the fact that they were not the first organization to profit by utilizing the World Wide Web for business, they unquestionably raised it to an artistic expression. When a person considers shopping on the web, he considers Amazon. It culminated this channel and continues to get advanced in accordance with the innovation and access to the web. Amazon has zero blocks and retail stores, its business was established on the web and this fundamental model is the conveyance component for it services and products, from producers, wholesalers, and distributors from around the globe. Amazon has more than 40 circulation bases on the globe. Amazon's authority in online trade keeps on growing; however its future is as yet being composed. Amazon is confronting numerous difficulties and must adjust to the progressions in innovation, purchaser interest, transportation expenses, evolving markets, demographics and moral guidelines. Amazon was picked for this method proposal in light of the fact that it's a prime illustration of a business that embodies an association that is built and dependent with respect to the web. The success of Amazon is fixed to the successful development of web, and the ramifications of this harmonious relationship are associated with the purpose of the union.

Amazon’s future including key strengths and weaknesses

Amazon's foundational qualities are gotten from its powerful and cutting edge online channel with no overhead identified with block and mortar trade locations. Amazons’ superiority in this model has given it a head begin in creating associations with channel accomplices; wholesalers, makers, and so on. The greatest resource is the client at Amazon, it has caught the mind share of this channel accomplice, when a person considers buying online, and it’s normally synonymous with Amazon (Parker, 2012). Apart from clients the vendors at Amazon are also strengths of the company.


In spite of the fact that Amazon's quality originates from its online business just, it is likewise a shortcoming in that quite a few people need the touch and feels the system for shopping. One of Amazon's shortcomings is working at low edges, which now and again can be zero. While this method has pushed rivalry out of the business, its long haul impacts drive benefits down. Amazon, in it quest for each focal point has experienced harsh criticism for its evasion strategies in terms of paying charges, working conditions in a few stockroom and against aggressive activities; all of which earn negative exposure. Notwithstanding normal shortcomings and direct clashes found in all appropriation channels, Amazon's greatest inhibitor to e-business development is joining with specific fragments of the business sector that are not web integrated or they are socio financially not ready to shop on-line. Up to 33% of the population of US is either unwilling or unequipped for shopping on-line. In different underdeveloped nations, the number are significantly higher, particularly in more immature nations.


With the implication of more developed web applications, Amazon could adopt a few of innovations in its business i.e. its online payment techniques, much like Pay-Pal. Marking of products could be an alternate path for Amazon to expand edges on its services and products. Keep on extending its fruitful procurement methodology to develop it services and products and administrations. It has the opportunity to keep on growing in nations like Asia and Europe. Amazon could research opening minimal effort retail focuses joined with its warehousing areas to catch the stroll in movement; this could grow its image.


A huge risk for Amazon being an online business is security. Like every web based organisation it is directed to threat of being hacked. With countless clients’ data in their information records, it’s a prime focus for hacking. Security Claims are a consistent risk. More and more organizations are framing key cooperations to battle Amazon's grasp on the online trade market. Increased expenses for delivery to charges of internet are a developing risk to Amazon's development and shots of expanded benefits.

Amazon’s Ethical Challenges

Since its establishing, Amazon has been no more abnormal to debate over its business practices. Being on the front line of e-trade has made Amazon a target. The development of moral principles for working together on the web has generally been conceived out in the commercial center and the courts. These moral issues range from assessment, client security, uncalled for business practices, and copyrighting to first change issues. As the web develops, so will the moral measures that oversee this moderately adolescent industry. As web advances extend over every space of our lives, the issue of morals will get to be more crucial to the operations of organizations like Amazon. Amazon moral difficulties stretch out over the whole association, with numerous particular issues and issues. These issues are getting significantly more perplexing consistently as the compass of the Internet and its innovative abilities extend. Issues like client protection, conduct, assessment, promoting interruption, data, and information mining, and so forth. Amazon will need to be on top of these changing strengths and guarantee it is acting likewise, which now and again, is hard due to the shapeless and evolving standards (Strategic Management Insight, 2013). The biggest moral issue is confronting Amazon today, by a wide margin, is the Sales Tax issue. The issue comes down to unjustifiable rivalry, which all of Amazons block and mortar contenders need to pay deals assessments and Amazon, in many occurrences, does not. The tenets on this are at last changing; however, there is as yet progressing case, and Amazon is not surrendering the battle.

Effect of demography, global location and diversity on decision at Amazon

The global identity of Amazon affects the decision making at Amazon. If Amazon is going to increase the use of internet in its business, then the company will have to consider its global and demographic location. For Amazon's situation there is potential clash for Amazon in opening up new channels to close greatest gap, uniting with specific sections of the business that are not internet integrated or are socio financially not ready to shop on-line. If Amazon extends the business or integrates more internet based things like online payment then the added cost of these channels will bring down Amazon's apparent expense advantage and could disintegrate deals as clients see less of favorable element to shop on the web. Amazon has a diverse workforce all over the world. The expansion of business and implementing internet based innovations depends upon the location of its warehouse. The reason is that in developing countries the workers are much aware of the use of internet according to requirement of the company. Also, the buyers and vendors must be internet and social media literate.

Strategy Recommendations for Amazon

Even though, Amazon’s development and use of internet at Amazon have placed it well for the prospect in the e-commerce marketplace. However, its sustained achievement is not certain due to implementation of social media; hence, it may face challenges. Following are some strategy recommendations to amazon for integrating social media and web in their organisation:

Primarily, the company needs to enhance the buyers’ experience on its websites.

The customer interface shall be more organised and user-friendly.
There are some states in which pay-pal account is not applicable. Therefore, the company must look towards alternative transaction methods.

The company shall continue and step up web deals in worldwide and developing markets, particularly in Asia and Europe.

Use of social media can also be helpful in vending goods.
Accelerate online innovation aid and development to suppliers and buyers of AWS and FBA services provided at amazon.
The company shall establish free or sponsored web-access to purchasers to extend the e-business experience to the individuals, particularly in developing states.

Amazon shall put regulations to permit computerized conveyances of common goods.

The company shall Integrate its exclusive online customer services i.e. Installment frameworks. This will extend its high edge income streams.

The company needs to expand its electronic item offerings to extend its minimal effort authority further.

Set up physical locales where clients can physically get the experience.


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