Example Of Comparison Matrix: Doctoral Identity Literature Review

Type of paper: Literature Review

Topic: Students, Thinking, Critical Analysis, Education, Internet, Socialization, Development, Relationships

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Published: 2020/10/20

After reading 3 different assignments we can make a conclusion, that their main topic is education. Each of these three assignments describe a unique process of establishing learning skills and methods, which are related to main theme of Education. In critical thinking, the author of writing describe critical thinking as a manner of thoughts, which any kind of person use it to asset validity of something. In this article the author is trying to show, what critical thinking stands for. As we skim through the paper we can make a conclusion that only few percent of people know what the real definition of critical thinking is. We are trying to be informed that critical thinking is a mind games, which consist of mind habits such as defining the problem, asking the questions, looking for a solution, analyzing all given evidences – all these qualities to be used at once. Critical thinking is based on the idea of implementation these qualities at the same time and requires avoiding over-simplifications. The other thing that I have noticed about this reading, that critical thinking can be implemented in education and many students will be happy to get an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills. Studies show, that their educational experiences failed prior establishing those skills. But we shouldn’t get upset about it, because critical thinking is not the thing that easy comes or easy to achieve. Usually critical thinking is something that comes from nowhere, and is expected to be observed only in graduate-level courses, because it has not been developed on early stages of educational process. Researches show that critical thinking is usually obtained outside of the educational process and students are unable to properly use that skills in graduate school.
In development network theory paper, the authors described the role of mentoring in doctoral student socialization. The authors gave a definition of mentoring relationship as a relationship between a young adult and an older adult. Older adult being more experienced helps younger establish those skills, which are going to help younger generations to navigate to an older world and the world of work. By saying older world, we mean to have a permanent job and pay bills for yourself. Many recent researches provide us with the information, that the age is not a critical component of effective mentoring relationships, critical component in this case would be that experience, which older adults obtained through life. Kadushin et al. studying social network came with the conclusion that social networks are defined as relationship among two people seeking to explain how individuals establish and maintain connections within a given context, and how these connections facilitate outcomes such as professional advancement, information acquisition and identity development (Kadushin 2004; Higgins and Kram 2001; Ibarra 1999). Multiple mentoring relationships and social network theories had grown into developmental networks – variety of people, not a single individual, who are willing to support a focal individual. Developmental networks are not only the members of organizational concept, but also family and friends. A good example of developmental networks would be your teachers at school, which can teach you with one method and also show the other method which would be easier to understand or achieve.
The purpose of the third assignment was to show how perceived informational structures of the climate was associated with the socialization of the doctoral students to the scholar role. The findings showed that scholar role is directly related with student’s perceptions. Studies gave an example, that the general climate of academic department has a big influence on the socialization of the students. Departmental structure has many goals, but most important of it is to establish the relationship between the scholar and student roles. This research is trying to tell us, that students think that student goals were established by the department. This research has continued the tradition of earlier research on professional socialization by exploring the socialization of doctoral students to the scholar role, providing empirical support for several dimensions in the conceptual framework developed by Weidman et al. (2001). Content server includes both academic and peer culture as well as three mechanisms of socialization: interaction with others, integration into or sense of fit with the expectations of faculty and peers, and learning of knowledge and skills necessary for effective professional practice. (Baker & Lattuca, 2010). The core socialization experience resides in the graduate program under the academic control of faculty within the institutional culture (Baker & Lattuca, 2010).
In the end of this writing, we can make a conclusion, which all these 3 assignments goals were to explain how each of those 3 assignments can help an individual to achieve great success in education. These 3 methods can be combined together. Student understand what is his social role in this community by using his critical thinking and authorities like teachers or other individuals from development network, can help with different occasions. Teachers would try to help to realize that hidden thinking and help student to wake it up and use it for his or her own purposes. Development network idea is to lead student through life and persist on helping him, when he needs it. Showing better solution and keep motivating. The third one was used to show the interaction with professional practices.


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