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In Hollywood past few decades have produced many glorious and interesting films. There are several types of movies. Some of them are based on a few famous novels; some of them describes and shows human life and their emotions whereas some movies are completely based on science fiction. I always prefer the last one. The movie which has certainly left an impact on me is Transformers. In the year 2007, Transformers is released worldwide. The film is directed by Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg has served as executive producer (Egan and Matere, 2007). Transformers is an American science fiction movie which blends computerized animation with live action. Don Murphy and Tom DeSanto, the producer of the movie have developed the project in the year 2003. The following year Steven Spielberg has joined the board and appointed Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman to make the screenplay of the film. It has to be mentioned that US Military and General Motors (GM) had approved vehicles and aircrafts as a part of loan to complete the filming. All these things I have researched after watching the film as I have been inspired tremendously by the movie. For me the most inspirational part is how a vehicle can transform into a robot. That is simply an outstanding way of thinking by the makers. There are many several parts that also make me think sometimes as I have discussed them in the later part of the easy. Also the collaboration part of Autobots and human beings to save the earth from the villains has left a great mark on me.

Brief of the movie

The movie starts in a traditional fashion by showing the life of a teenager student named Sam Witwicky, the role has played by Shia LaBeouf. Then the movie shows how he finds himself in between of a war of Autobots and Decepticons, the villains. Primarily Autobots and Decepticons are two different types of alien robots who have got the power and technology to transform them into daily used machineries, especially vehicles (Furman, 2007). In the movie the Autobots try to use the so called AllSpark, the specific object which created the robotic race in an endeavor to remake Cybertron, their own planet and conclude the ongoing war. On the other hand Decepticons want to capture AllSpark to build a robotic army by providing life to machine on the earth. Decepticons also intend to locate the position of their leader Megatron and capture the globle. Autobots’ leader Optimus Prime comes with some of his loyal robots to defend the Decepticons. Finally at the climax, the Decepticons able to find Megatron and they become more ferocious coming hard on to Autobots and Sam to get the AllSpark. In the war situation US Military force fight hard until Autobots’ leader Optimus Prime defeats Megatron by using the AllSpark. There are several characters that star the film and have immense effect on the film. The fighting part is full of inspiration. In limited word one cannot describe all the specific parts of the movie. The logic behind every activity is quite outstanding according to my point of view. From the technological aspects it is really an unbelievable story (Orci et al., 2007). Everything is just so perfectly placed to describe every possible question.

Impact on me

As a film, Transformer has left great impact in my mind. I have seen many more film based on science fiction before and after Transformers but nothing can have the specialty to take over that movie. The most interesting part as I have mentioned before, is a robot that has got the efficiency to transform into a vehicle. Literally, that is just amazing for me. For the futuristic part it may be possible one day. The movie is presented in such a way that everything is just seemed to be perfect. First of all some aliens robots come to earth from their planet Cybertron to find a thing called AllSpark which has got the power to give life into any sort of machine (Orci et al., 2008). Basically, it is simply out of the world. As the technology is achieving new heights, one day human can certainly make this sort of vehicles. To analyze the AllSpark is very interesting. I would never understand the power of this object. It makes me think a long way. As the universe is so big probably this sort of power is available somewhere. Additionally, the character of Sam certainly encourages me. How the life of a teenager student can change into a war situation and how well he adapts his life according to it, this is really impressive. The way Sam changes his life to help the Autobots as well as to save the human race is so inspiring to me. Besides, the leadership of Optimus Prime is proved to be vital. Perhaps this sort of leadership works helps a man to grow in the life. It is such an inspiration for me that I would have learnt to think how he thinks. His dedication to his work, to his team and to save the earth is superlative. Although he belongs to robot race he has certainly got feelings like human to understand the emotions of people. To rebuilt Cybertron and end the war with Decepticons he makes such bold decisions. That is the leadership prospect everyone can learn from him. The role of the US Army in this film has also mentioned for an inspirational part. The way the guys fight against the decepticons with limited source of ammunitions is simply outstanding. It proves how loyal and obedient the army guys are, not only to their country but also to the human beings. This is an exceptional exhibition of pride and bravery. The supporting role shows in the movie is also appreciable. The Autobots help the humans to save their planet as well as the race. On the other side, human beings support them by making sure the AllSpark remains in the safe hands. The film also represents the power of team work. The group work of Autobots and US Army help to defeat the Decepticons at last. The decision making of the US Military Authorities are also showed the maturity. The proper decision of the administration certainly helps to avoid global war among the countries that proves so vital for the cause of the mankind. Though all these things are related to a science fiction film, these are very important for me. The film shows how an alien robot has feelings to its own race as well as own planet (Auerbach, 2007). Their hard work is worthwhile to rebuild the planet. The dignity and power related to them is personified in an amazing way in the movie by the makes. These are such inspirational for my stake and I am hugely impressed by these things. Apart from that, if I have to summarize the screenplay I shall give hundred out of hundred. The entire movie is an example of proper thinking, use of modern technology available to them. The acting skills, animation parts, war descriptive strategies are simply way ahead of the expectations. Every actor has played its part according to the demand. All in one this movie is for the futuristic vision. The universe is probably beyond our imagination. This movie has made me thing about all the possibilities shown in the film. Transformer is not only an entertaining film but also helps to learn a few things about humanity. In the competitive present everybody should understand we are belong to the same human race and therefore it is our duty to save the mankind. There is no place for racism. Apart from that we have to understand the power of the mankind. In every war situation we have the power to defeat the evil. As the movie suggests always there will be two sides, good and evil but one has to go for the good one. Such an inspirational movie like Transformers has to be seen by everybody to improve the knowledge as well as the moral character. Possibly all the impacts have been discussed in the above paragraph.

Trace left behind

After I had watched the movie Transformer for the first time I decided to watch it again and again as I have wanted to know the details of each and every aspect of the movie combines with. There are several traces left behind the movie. I have to find the answers of so many questions for the futuristic prospective. The most important question is that if there would be any possibilities in future to make such automotive which can be transformed into a robot. This is the one certain thing that comes to my mind again and again after watching Transformers. Since I have been watching the transformation of a robot into a car or vice-versa I just try to recall it several times. It is quite unnatural at times but I cannot help myself thinking that more and more about that specific scene. It probably left a huge mark on my mind as well as my brain. The way they transform and the way they use their destructive ammunitions are absolutely outstanding to watch (Furman, 2009). The way they fight with each other and even after getting hurt, they still carry on fighting till they are totally terminated is amazing to watch. The memories related to the film are quite significant. Also the robotic race and its two types of origins with different kind of mindsets made me to think. The certain diversion among the robots also left a spot in my mind. The Decepticons and their leader Megatron has come to earth with a mindset to make an end to the human race and giving life to every machine of the earth through AllSpark. Contradictory, Autobots have come to find the AllSpark and make an effort to stop the Decepticons. These scenes are very much memorable to me as they describe every aspects of life. The memories of the scene where Megatron and Optimus have a fight to achieve their goals are simply work of specific technology and artistic mind. To make the movie a success every coworkers and the background team give more than their hundred percent. Additionally, the first time when Autobots come to the earth like meteoroids is exceptional to watch. The quality and the presentation of that are outclassed. The first impression of Sam after watching an autobaot is amazing too. The astonishment is amazing. No one can ever for that part of the movie. The protective nature of Autobots towards human is also impressive. These all combines in a special way for a viewer of the movie. High class action, drama, fighting scenes is main attraction of Transformers (Furman, Ryall and Figueroa, 2007). Also the experimenting part on Megatron is well established in the movie. Most of the impressive scenes are so encouring to me that when I recollect them I found myself as if I am attached to them. The characters such as Sam and Optimus are so inspirational to me that I cannot ever forget them. The trust between a human being and a robot is so broad in case of Sam and Optimus. To save the life of Optimus, Sam risks his own life. Finally the thanks giving scene from Optimus is meant to be huge. The conclusive part shows us that Autobots decide to stay on earth to help the mankind. The ending scene is also exclusive.


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