Sample Essay On Attendance And Punctuality Impact On Team

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Attendance and punctuality are those traits in an employee which are demanded by the company. An employee should have these qualities in order to pave his way towards success in the company. Moreover, the company gets the benefit due to containing such employees which are punctual and do not get frequent absent from the work.
Attendance and punctuality go hand in hand in an organization. Every company is keen to search for the employee who is responsible for this aspect and once it finds such employees, it never loses them and strives for the measures to never let them left the job because company is afraid to lose these kinds of employees. Attendance is referred to the reduction in a number of absentees. An employee who does not get frequently absent from the work and is responsible for taking charge of his responsibility is that employee who would never be absent from the job unnecessarily. Similarly, the responsible employee will be punctual in his work and will try his best to construct the projects before time. Also, he is punctual upon his arrival at the office and tries to be on time for every task. This kind of responsible employee realizes the effect of attendance and punctuality on his job performance. Therefore, he is never absent without any cause.
The purpose of focus on attendance is more because absentees greatly affect the job performance and teamwork within a company. Consequently, overall the team is affected. An employee who gets absent frequently is left unaware of the events and changes which take place in the company. He is not known about the daily affairs and hence, he is left behind and cannot participate in the matters and issues as he has no knowledge. Moreover, the absentees affect the employee’s projects because he tries to perform well for the project but due to the absentees, he is not able to work on time. Hence, he can get late for the submission of the project. Furthermore, if the project is really important for the company, then other employees would step in his project in order to complete within due time. Consequently, he lost the credit for his own project and is left with a bad impression among his colleagues. This can also affect the services provided to the customer as the projects are handled with multiple minds and in a hurry, therefore, the quality of the project is compromised. Thus, it causes loss to the company.
The lack of attendance adversely affects the production of the company. Company annually is at loss due to poor production or reduced production due to the absentees of its employees. In addition to an individual job performance which gets affected due to the unnecessary absentees, an entire teamwork also faces the problems due to an employee irregular presence and irresponsible attitude. The lack of attendance of an employee causes the regular employees in a team to work more as the workload provided to the absent employee is transferred to the employees present in the team. This makes the employees in the team work more, and they can get frustrated and discouraged. The morale can decrease in these employees, and they may not work efficiently. Subsequently, the company is affected by the production of the organization is declined. Furthermore, if the team has to finish the task assigned to the absent employee, resentment gets developed within the regular employees in the team, and they get against the absent employee. This negatively impacts on teamwork as team is expected to work united. Combine efforts are diminished in the team due to routine absentees of an employee. Hence, the team cannot produce efficient results for the project as they do not work hand in hand. In teamwork, if a significant employee is missing, the entire work has to be reorganized by the team staff. This can acquire more time and delay in submission of the project which ultimately, influences the quality and productivity of the company. The quality is compromised because the team manages to complete the task faster in order to meet the deadline. Furthermore, the employees may seek other job opportunities as they will get tired of doing the job assigned to others. No one in the team would selflessly work double for the absent employee. In the end, the company gets deprived of the good employees. Therefore, the company should take necessary steps for this issue. In order to reduce the number of absentees, and improve the attendance of employees, company can indulge in healthy conversation with the employees to solve their issues which can reduce the absenteeism. Moreover, the company offers paid sick leaves to the employees. Conversely, these sick leaves are found to be used in an incorrect manner and employees often take leaves when they are healthy.
In conclusion, attendance plays a major role in maintaining the performance of an employee on a team of a company. Also, the teamwork is turn out with efficacy if all the employees are punctual and have negligible absentees.

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