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For years, immigration has been a hot topic and a lot of different people are very passionate about the issue. Some people believe that immigration is the downfall of the economy and there are some that believe that immigration is the best thing to happen to the economy, it can be argued that there is more benefits to come of immigration than risk. Society itself has given immigration a bad reputation because there are more people that believe that immigrants are coming to America to steal jobs from hardworking Americans when just the opposite is true. Immigration has always been a moot issue when it comes to certain people because their livelihood is directly as well as indirectly affected by immigration, some corporations as well as businesses think that it is easier to pay an immigrant less than what they are worth versus if they were paying an American worker. Make no mistake, there are both risks and rewards to immigration but the amount of good that it has done for the economy as well as jobs within the country does not do the greater good justice. Immigration has done more for the country than most people are willing to admit let alone the fact that immigration has caused a lot of upheaval in the employment industry, there are a lot of jobs that some American people can do that would take them years to do and master. Immigration has made it so America can become an even greater nation with people who are educated and smart as the next person, immigration is one of the best innovations that has ever happened to the United States.

Immigration birth bilingual teachers

Immigration has helped the U.S. tremendously because not everyone in the U.S. can speak a different language, in fact, it can be argued that without immigration, people would not be bilingual or even have access to bilingualism. Case in point, Cassandra is an expert Spanish teacher, she is a 38-year-old Hispanic female who has taught at some of the toughest middle school and high schools in existence. Cassandra gets a job offer to come and teach at the local community college because bilingualism has become part of the mandatory school curriculum, it is mandatory that all students take a Spanish class in order to graduate. Being an immigrant from Spain, she takes the job because of what she has to offer the students. Thanks to immigration, it is easier than ever to be taught another language not to mention that it is beneficial for most people because some people’s job depend on them being bilingual. It can be argued that a little more than a ¼ (28%) of people working in Fortune 500 companies make three to five times more money a year because they mastered a second language during their college career, it is more about being able to communicate with every kind of client instead of just Americans. Immigration enabled the United States to allow people the ability to master another language without transporting thousands of people overseas each year in order to learn things as well as another language from another culture, the benefit of immigration more than outweighs the risk of not allowing immigration to exist in the U.S. Immigration and people who are descendants of immigrants have so much to teach people, it would be a shame if they were never given the opportunity. Kelly explained that “immigration has done more good for the United States than anywhere else in the world, we as a people have been blessed with a true gift; there is no reason to not take advantage of it” (Kelly). Immigration maybe a topic with a downside for some people but from where I stand, it is a piece of history that should be preserved.

Once upon a time, old world Americans (1950-1980) believed that American born families were the ideal of the country and ultimately the American dream. However, there has been people who have become more open about getting to know people from other countries within the last 23 years thanks to the innovative movement of immigration and it can be argued that it is more about money contribution than it is about the immigrant which is false. There are more and more families being created based on immigration because people are being introduced to something new. There are people who are dating, marrying, getting engaged and having children by immigrants because of immigration. Badger explains that “families born of immigration have more to teach society about togetherness than anything else, it is a lesson everyone should adhere to” (Badger). Immigration is responsible for Immigrant-American families of who are being raised on the same values that their immigrant parents were, the kids grow up to be respectful and continue the traditions of the family; traditions that their parents had to adhere to in their country such as prayer at the start of the day. Case in point, Chester has been on countless dates and has grown tired of dating girls within his own country because they do not understand his dating style which is taking things slow, he wants a traditional girl. Chester meets Padme, an Indian born woman with a passion equivalent to his own and they hit it off immediately. Two and a half years later, they start a family of their own. Families born of immigration can teach the concept of tradition which a lot of families lack these days. It is ironic how American families were raised on tradition, but the concept has faded away slowly into obscurity. Families born of immigration are bringing tradition back because to them tradition is everything, nothing can break an immigrant’s hold on their traditions and loyalties to their customs because it is a part of who they are.

Immigration provides knowledge

Knowledge from immigrants have helped people navigate the dangers of places that people would like to visit as well as take vacations to, it is not enough to just get to know someone from a foreign land but to study certain parts of their homeland that people should never go or places that have been made safe for tourism. For example, Mike & Jessa are planning a trip to Ecuador and they have no idea what to expect. Luckily, their neighbor Angelica, who emigrated to the U.S. from Ecuador know everything there is to know about her country as well as the dangers. Mike & Jessa have a lot of questions that Angelica answers for them and as a result, the young couple have a restful as well as wonderful vacation devoid of the dangers. A lot of people will say that they do not see the point of immigration because there is more of a collapse of civilization than any actual benefit, people need to understand that not everyone involved with immigration is here for their own selfish purposes. Most of the immigrants are getting jobs in order to help their families back home which is the main part of being in the land of opportunity, it can be argued that immigration allows a lot of immigrants to come to America because they will do the work that most Americans will not. There has been a lot of controversy about that over the years when just the opposite is true. Immigration has helped the country grow as a whole and has helped businesses evolve into greater conglomerates, no one can say that immigration has not benefited the U.S. in some way or other because it is because of immigration that people live so freely, rich, wealthy and powerful. Plus, immigration has brought many people from other countries to the U.S. with ideas that they could have been killed for in their own country because of that country’s non-conformity policy. If the United States banned immigration, that would only serve to deal lethal damage to the country because immigration and immigrants have something to offer everyone in the United States.


People from all over the U.S. have agreed that there is both a risk and a reward associated with immigration, on the other hand, immigration is downright the most positive aspect of the U.S. The truth is that immigration has brought a lot of people to the U.S. who have ideas that they obviously cannot share in their own country such as electrical engineering and solar power, another one of those ideas is teaching America’s youth as well as American people how to be bilingual which benefits everyone. Bilingualism has allowed some people to get higher paychecks even CEO status, there is technically no risk when it comes to immigration. Immigration has also allowed a good percentage of American households to bring tradition into the family and keep it alive as well, praying and coming of age rituals are among those traditions held by immigrants from other countries. Immigration has helped many an immigrant find their niche in the world in the country they live, people have objections about it because there are too many who refuse to see immigration as a positive. In summary, the people of the United States has much to be thankful for in the name of immigration because it has given people more variety, options that they would not have. Instinctively, it is easy to look at immigration like it is terrible because a lot of people find that their livelihoods are affected, not be able to compete against someone who would work for less is likely to put them in a position to be either fired or passed over for a promotion. It is argued that if a person become open to immigration, the possibilities are endless and people would more than likely be happy because their lives have gotten infinitely better. Some people might have their reservation of an immigrant’s take on food but make no mistake, food from other cultures are healthier which America can more than benefit from. It goes without saying that immigration has helped people live longer and live happily. Immigration is the ultimate greater good, nothing else can compare.

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