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Published: 2020/11/10

I remember about a novel titled “Eat, Pray, Love”, a novel written by Elizabeth Gilbert around 2006. The book retold the story of the author herself in her search of things as the title described, eat, pray, and love.
I have always questionned myself about God, and this book somehow picked my interest. What did someone do to find God as in the “Pray” in her title? And after I read the book, even though I did not find how she found God, I learned about the most important thing about God.
The story started with an un-fulfilling marriage of the author. She did not implicitly stated that she was unhappy, but as if there was something more than just that marriage life that she would have wanted. As if it was not as brilliant as she had thought, and in my mind she was childish that she chose to get divorced.
After the long process, she finally divorced and planned to spend her time going around the world, first to have fun and eat a lot at Italy, then to India to find God, and finally to Indonesia (Bali), where she unexpectedly met love.
Even though I could not see how desperate she was during her time at her first marriage, she wrote her narrative as if she really was stressed. Maybe it was just me who never understood how marriage life is, or probably Gilbert tried her best to cover some of her life in order to protect her former husband. But, one thing I learned from here is that sometimes a drastic measure is required. She made a great decision in choosing divorce. I learned about taking a risk and great decision not about making the decision to get divorced.
Later is to have fun. We as humans also need to have fun and save ourselves from the pain by enjoying our life to the fullest. Forget any pain. It might be hard as pain might resurface at any point of our life. Some people can not forget these pain even after many years, but at the very least, we can try to bury it through doing some fun acts.
As she went to India, she tried to find God. I could not see how she found it, but she came to realize something, in which, this is the main reason I remember this book and the main reason I love this book. One of her Quote is, “God lives within us as us”. I learned that God might have descended to this world as our own selves. What we do to others is how God tried to do something to others. And it is our duty to show people how kind God is.
Additionally, I learned that whatever activity we have in our life, at least we should have a good relationship with God. It is not necessary to be an anarchist. At the very least I believe that it is not even necessary to go to church/temple/mosque every day, it is not necessary to whisper God every day, but what important is that we have a good relationship with God and do good things.
And once we can balance our life with our relationship to God, good things will happen as what happened in the later stage of Gilbert’s life when she found love. Now, I am a more positive person than I was before reading the book, and I am an optimist and believe that as long as we do good, good things will happen to us. And of course I believe that God lives inside me as me.
I had a bitter experience myself. I started to hate everyone, including my parents as they were divorced. I questioned God, why would He do that to me? In fact, even when I put on a smiling mask on my face, deep inside, I am not the kind of person that most people familiar with.
I had jealousy on other people as they had a brilliant family. All religions stated that happiness would come to good person, and that was just what I did, being a good person, but why despair came through my heart. That was how I struggled in my life.
I have moved on and tried to be more positive until I finally found this book which helped me to overcome my trials better.
I am someone who people called an empath. I can feel other people's emotion well. Even when I read a book, I can feel how Gilbert is feeling. I understood how she struggled when she lost everything. I feel as if I have a deep connection with Gilbert.
Through this book, I at least learned to be worry-free and enjoy my life to the fullest. Enjoy everything as Gilbert had fun in Italy eating all she wanted.
And the most important thing, I tried to fix my relationship with God, and I came to realize, all that had happened in my life also helped me to grow into a better person. I should not make my despair an excuse to do bad, but rather, I should try to avoid that in my life and be a better person. By being a better person, I can also show people about God's love.
And now I came to realize how important my life is after I balanced my free life and my relationship with God. This book helped me realize a lot of things and helped me to make a great decision in my life, and that is to be a better person.

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