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Published: 2020/11/10

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` Hard News

The bloody streets of Seattle: the double murder of the Brier

According to the Seattle Crime Data of the 2013 year, there were total 41.199 crimes, 3.797 of them were the violent crimes. In Seattle there is a chance one from two hundred twenty of becoming a victim.
The elderly couple of Smiths were unlucky enough to become the victims during the raid on their house. According to their neighbors, the Smiths had no kids, lived humbly but fairly. The double murder took place in the sleeping quarters of the Brier, on the 35 Ave W. Due to the total poorness of the murdered couple raiders were considered as the people who were not local, because there was no reason to commit such a crime.
The Mayor of the Brier Police Department Bob Colinas commented the situation: “This murder was a really wicked thing with no visible profits for killers. They hadn’t even a car. Our small city isn’t full of saints, but there were only petty thefts and nothing more. It’s a great blow on safety of our city, and our department will do our best to bring the justice.”
People of this small town feel themselves a bit frightened, since the criminals are at large. Also, due to the small size of town there were not as many to interview, as they decided for themselves not to get into the spotlight.
Peter Callahan, the priest of the local church said few words about the event: “The horrible thing happened in our silent and peaceful town. Smiths were my most devoted congregators; they didn’t do any mess or anything like that. Such a loss for this city We must unite and ask our God to bring the justice and peace to our town”.

The investigation is still in process; “Midnight Press” will write everything new about this case.

Children with the autism syndrome don’t worry - help is coming!
Children of rain – that’s how people call children with the autism disease. Many parents consider their kids’ absence of communication with coevals and grown-ups is because their kid is an individual person. That’s why when they hear the “autism” diagnose it’s hard to believe for them that this thing happened right with their beloved son or daughter.
The name “children of rain” came from the “Man of Rain” movie, where the one of the main heroes – Raymond Babbitt suffered from autism but also had an outstanding skills: he had absolutely memorized telephone book, could easily guess casino combinations.
Many kids were left in orphanage because their parents couldn’t bear or to live with their special kid. And everyone will understand such feelings – it’s too hard to treat the disease without seeing any positive result. But what’s next, does these children deserve to be alone in such strange and unknown world, without any help? Surely not! Our correspondents interviewed Bob and Suzanne Wright, founders of the Autism Speaks about the subject.
“When our grandson was diagnosed with autism in 2004 it was hard for us to believe in this, but after this event we’ve recognized that we’re not the only one who faced this problem. That’s why we established a foundation called Autism Speaks, nowadays one of the largest organizations which represent families of people with autism. The aim of our motion was not to help only our grandson, but to help all the sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters with the same diagnose around the world. We really appreciate all the donations from the indifferent people, their help and moral support. We’re trying to help every child, who needs support in his or her life – every child deserves a right to live a free, long and beautiful life. People should know that it can happen to every family, even in almost perfect or ideal circumstances, that’s why we must unity and help our special kids with their lives”.
“Midnight Press” hopes that every child of rain gets his normal, long life, full of joy.

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