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The concept of the self in the social world can be defined as a preconceived image of how a person want people to view them so as to not be thought of as someone or something negative, an example of this is when a person hopes their spouse’s relatives think only good thought and things about them; the same thought and things that the relatives think about themselves. Being viewed as something else would mar the actual value of the person. One of the biggest apparent facts in life is that people want other people to view them as they view themselves. Another example of this is when a girl and a guy goes steady for lack of a better phrase, and the guy hopes that his new girlfriend’s friends think of him like he thinks of himself. The guy hopes that his girlfriend’s friends view him like he views himself or how other people view him, a person wants to be defined as something of a Greek god to other people because as long as people think that then all is right with the world; they are likely to use that to boost their morale. Nowadays, people care too much about how other people define their sense of self, it can never be just what a person thinks about themselves. Ironically, kids are taught at a very young age that vanity and sense of self is all that matters. They put that “ugly” adage to good use when they are either talking about themselves or talking badly about others, it is a bad situation when people expect the social order to define them. Things that eventually give birth to a person’s total lack of self-esteem, self-worth and self confidence in themselves which would lead them to believe that unless there is someone, anyone in their corner, they are not worth it. They would see themselves as the ugly muck of disgusting human mass that are no more worth other people’s time unless they are significantly flagged down, there is no love lost for those who expect the world to give them a justified label that is fitting of them. Parenthetically, people would benefit more from defining themselves instead of expecting the social world to define them because at the end of the day, people should define themselves not expect the social world to.
The self in accordance to self-concept is all about how the person sees and views themselves, it can be argued that it is a big reason behind why some people are good people as well as bad; the self in self-concept is applied in every part of a person’s daily life. A person’s self-concept involves how they view themselves versus what other people think of them and how they apply it in their daily life. One of the ways that a person applies their sense of self to their daily life is how they deal with people, an example of this is when a person calls them all kinds of ugly names that they know they are not. Right away the person think about what makes them who they are and how they see themselves. Case in point, a person’s mother in law sends them to a convenience store to make a few purchases and end up all the way on the other side of town. That person will judge that look in her eyes like she was thinking things such as, “I sent you around the corner you goof, not all the way to Las Vegas” Any person could throw the gauntlet and get vehemently irritated by the constant chatter of how they ended up all the way across town. McLeod found that “a person’s self-concept is a very powerful weapon that can make anyone who can acknowledge and appreciate who they are, practically invincible” (McLeod). Every time a person get talked about when it comes down to anything, they should always remind themselves of their self-concept which entails them as practically unique. That person could be a genius who always knows what to do when the time comes to do it. They should always remind themselves that they are smarter and wiser than most people which is enough to help them conquer any negativity. At the end of the day, people should always come to realize that no matter what other people say about them, it does not matter because a person can possess certain abilities and skills that other people do not which could be their golden ticket to feeling better fast, quick and in a hurry.
Self-esteem, people apply their sense of self to self-esteem in the aspect that no matter what happens to them, they always bounce back from it because self-esteem is what keeps people on such leveled ground. For example, when a person makes a mistake, whether it is mental, verbal or emotional, they feel inclined to get irritated for a little bit but they do not let that rule them because they learned that people’s mistakes do not make them. A person’s self-esteem is what makes up a good portion of who they are and if their self-esteem is not worth anything then it can be argued that they are not either, they will always let other people’s negative and ugly comments rule them because that is how they choose to be defined. Case in point, Lyndsey is a good student with a 3.93 GPA; she is considered one of the smartest women in the entire state of Iowa. Well, Lyndsey catches a lot of bad press because she maintains her GPA on the constant and has been called an overachiever, suck up, brown noser and total philistine. Lyndsey has never been one to let herself be swayed by all of the negative press she gets from her classmates, her high self-esteem is what keeps her going because she only cares about what she thinks of herself not what other people are calling her. Lyndsey’s brilliance and intelligence is what she values about herself and the confidence she has in herself is through the roof. Sincero found that “people with high self-esteem are less likely to be taken advantage of and they live lives of happiness and comfort” (Sincero). It is ironic that people with self-esteem problems find themselves surrounded by people but the wrong kind. I remember a particular instant where I was used to be called ugly names outside of class in 7th grade because I was smarter than the other kids and they knew it. I remember another time in 12th grade, a guy I had class with used to always find reasons to mess with me because I was a better reader than he was. I did not take that pathetic bully attempt and low brow hits to my self-esteem seriously because the good for nothing was just jealous and had low self-esteem himself.
Self-Efficacy can be defined as a person who exercise their judgment in their ability to do something either common or uncommon which can be regarded as anything from riding a bicycle to driving a car, it can be almost anything. An example of this is when certain people sees challenges that need to be mastered in order to make themselves either feel good or boost their morale such as when a person tries really hard to deal with their mother in law’s controlling and overbearing ways, their sense of self-efficacy will enter their minds as something that needs to be done for the greater good which is not always wanting to sit out in the car the whole visit. Once that person has mastered how to deal with their overbearing mother in law or even their spouse’s different bad habits then that person will feel accomplished in the aspect that they have mastered one of the essential abilities to be able to deal with just about anybody, being able to deal with a complicated mother in law or even how to deal with their spouse’s negligence of certain matters would boost people’s sense of self-efficacy because they will know how to handle any problem. People with a high self-efficacy often find themselves feeling like no challenge on Earth is ready for them and they always boast that they can rise to any challenge. Often, some people with high self-efficacy will not even bother doing some tasks because they feel like it is not even worth their time, it can be argued that they do not see it worth their time because they do not want to invest the energy in the non-challenge. It can also be argued secondly that because they did not have anything to gain conquer-challenge wise then they did not even bother, some people feel like challenges just boosts their self-efficacy which can be said boosts their self-esteem. A person’s self-efficacy is one of the keys to building a high self-esteem and it can be argued that no matter what, a person’s ability to judge a task based on their ability to complete the challenge is uniquely them. It is not uncommon for people to have this when playing video games which they are known to.


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