Example Of Research Paper On US-China Relationship

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Published: 2020/11/10

In the conclusion, the author states that the relations between United States will be smoother and follow a more peaceful course. He relates to the Anglo-German relationship (Aaron, 2010). It was at the turn of the twentieth century when many observers in both Britain and Germany were be joined together by their growing economic links and societal connections, the compatibility of their underlying interests and their convergence of their domestic political systems. He suggests that this will also happen in the case of United States and China. They will both realize that they have some things in common especially interests and then they will come together and have smoother relations and a more peaceful course than what is being experienced.
I agree with the author’s conclusions. This is because United States and China have many common interests that they might need to work together in the future. They are all trying to gain markets in most countries in Africa so that they can invest, and China has recently been seen to be engaging in the war against terror. These interests will bring the two countries together as in the case of Britain and Germany. They had similar interests that brought them together. They figured out that the only way that they could achieve their goals is if they teamed up together and pursued these objectives. They were more violent to each other than what China and the United States share. When the two powers realize that they have similar interests, and they can achieve more than that if they unite, they are going to be more peaceful and have smoother business relationships than before. Many countries have been united once they found out that they had something in common and can achieve it together.
The second conclusion I can come up with from the article is that the two countries will not only join economically but also militarily (Guo, 2010). Of late, ISIS has been a threat to both countries. It has threatened the borders of China with terror threats and has also killed some of its citizens in the countries. They will, as a result, unite the military so that they can be able to fight off these common enemies. The two countries are also opposed to the North Korea nuclear activity. They have remained silent on the matter because they fear starting a war. Nuclear activities have always interested the two countries and as a result joining hands to have a say is something that can be expected. According to the article, the relations started to move steadily after the September 11, 2001 terror attack (Lin, Roy & Palgrave Connect, 2010). This can be seen in the future as a factor that will bring them together and will also ensure that the relations keep being better. They all feel that they should protect their citizens from outside threats such as terror groups. A joint effort will prove to be strong due to the strong military and the economic positions of the countries. Therefore, they may choose to fight their threats and pursue their goals in a joint effort rather than fighting individually. It has been fatal when fighting independently and, therefore, the need for them to come together and fight as one.
The last conclusion that I might come up is that the two countries will be united completely by a trading block or an alliance. The Euro has been an example of such and brought Germany together and has seen the relationship grow further and further. An agreement can be established in which China and the United States will trade together. They both have many products that they can trade with each other, and this will keep them close for a long period. An alliance will be the best probable way that the two countries will unite. Military alliance is also likely as it has been seen earlier due to the existence of a common enemy. Trade or a war is significant probable conclusions that can be made of the two countries coming together. Overall, United States and China will have better relations in the future.
The most important judgment to make is on the history of the two countries. Analyzing their past relationships and how they came to have a better relationship. The history of the two countries should be the determinant of the future. The author should discuss the history and how it has changed from time to time for the better. If this is explained adequately, then it will be in a better position to predict the future of United States and China if not, the article is not then liable. The author has provided the history and the course of how things have changed for other countries in the past. He has identified the September 11, 2001 attacks as the main point that relations between the two countries improved and became steady. This is one point in history that has shown the two countries sympathize with each other and have better relations.


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