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The main topic of the essay is the comparison of two different types of dating that modern people tend to choose, while building social and romantic relationships. Author describes the main reasons of the existence of the online dating services and how they work, providing the most important advantages and disadvantages of this type of dating. The second part of the essay is devoted to the explanation of the traditional type of dating compared to the online dating. Just like the previous type, traditional dating has its respective pluses and minuses; although, author concludes that the traditional type of dating remains more interesting and trustworthy compared to online dating. The final paragraph of the essay states that both types of arranging meetings are worth considering, while looking for the new contacts; therefore, each of them or even the combination of them remains effective in this aspect.
When a person spends too much time on a variety of different activities, like starting a career of any type that is most suitable for a person, he or she eventually realizes that he or she has less time to go to social places, which are usually visited to find a potential soul mate or a friend. Such people tend to solve this problem with different online dating services. Human beings are social beings, and they feel much better when they are loved or treasured by their significant other. Therefore, it is no surprise that mostly every lonely person is ready to go to any length to get a friend or a lover.
However, the continuous development of different technologies makes the life of the lonely people a bit easier, as the Internet has brought a revolutionary change is the dating scene. People are now moving to the Internet to find soul mates and life partners. Online dating is a system where individuals browse and contact one another over the Internet to arrange a meeting or a date for that matter with the intention of developing a romantic or sexual relationship. On the other hand, traditional dating involves meeting a person face to face for the first time and later developing the relationship by either meeting out for dinner or having fun together. By examining both online and traditional dating, an individual can determine whether which one would best fit his or her lifestyle.
Therefore, the current essay is about to compare online dating and traditional dating from the different aspects that might be important for a person, while searching for a new friend or a soul mate. Online dating, just like traditional dating, has its advantages and disadvantages, but scholars argue that it has a lot more of advantages than the traditional dating. To start with, it has the advantage for the people, who may be uncomfortable with meeting new people physically for the first time or who are new to the area they are living in. Thus, every online dating service meets the comfort zone of such individuals; moreover, it is also convenient for those, who have other important responsibilities such as tight work schedules or other commitments in life that make going out to social places practically impossible.
The Internet has provided services that try to make the process of finding love as painless as possible, as the dating services have different chat rooms of various categories that individuals can easily access in order to get to know the other person without having the need to exchange contacts or photos. The dating services work according to the following scheme. Two different people meet each other in a chat room and start a conversation according to their interests. After a first successful conversation, both of them can go forward and exchange contacts or start planning to arrange a real meeting or a date. Instead of a physical identity that is needed to be present during a traditional date, an online dating service usually provides an individual’s profile, which includes a person’s photo, career aspirations, favorite movies and other basic information.
The information provided makes the process of starting a conversation less challenging since an individual knows a bit of information about that person. This can be considered both as an advantage and as a disadvantage of an online date. The advantage is that a person that opens an online profile of another person might find out about this person something that is more appealing to him or her. However, all this information is hard to prove and verify, as a photo of a profile and every line of a profile page can be fake. It is a common issue, when a person starts chatting with a profile of a beautiful young woman; however, this person does not know that this profile might belong to a woman with another appearance and of some other age group. As it is Internet, there is no guarantee that a person is chatting with the same person that is pictured on the profile of an online dating service.
As for the traditional type of dating, it must be first said that compared to the online dating, traditional dating goes step by step that preserves an element of mystery that creates excitement as the two individuals go on to know one another in the future. The total complex of advantages and disadvantages of traditional type of dating lies within the core principle of it. It is the meeting of two alive people that know nothing about each other, though they find each other attractive and interesting. Therefore, traditional dating can be a bit challenging since it involves striking up a conversation with a stranger who may choose to ignore you. This can be awkward since it also requires frequent visits to social places in an effort to find someone, which might be uncomfortable emotionally, as people might not want to leave their comfort zone, and physically, as people cannot have enough time for this. Therefore, it is a complete disadvantage for all the people, busy with their career, and for everyone that is not fond of social places.
In traditional dating, there are rarely logistical issues since the individuals meet face to face as compared to the online dating, where an increased scope can make a great difference in the outcome of the online meeting of two profiles. An individual may be dating another person living in another country, and it may be difficult to meet due to the travel concerns. When engaging in the traditional dating, a person is well aware of who they are dealing with which eliminates the chances of an individual lying about who they are or exaggerating their personal traits. Traditional dating gives an individual a chance to ask friends and family more information about the other person before accepting to go out with them, when the same is hardly possible with the online dating. Nevertheless, it should be accepted that a continuous development of different social networks makes this process a bit easier. A person can find some friends or relatives of a person you are about to meet; moreover, he or she can find someone familiar to him among them.


Overall, both online and traditional dating provide an opportunity for individual to meet that perfect someone. Although, while online dating has recently been preferred due to our modern busy life, it has also its pitfalls that an individual needs to consider before engaging him or herself in it. While it remains more comfortable for busy or shy people, it still remains dating the online profile, which can hide anyone. On the other hand, traditional dating is safer, much more interesting emotionally and physically, despite the fact that it is being considered as outdated and time-consuming by many people. Still, it is up for every person to decide, what is more convenient for him or her. In addition, a person may choose a balanced option to meet a new person. He or she can get acquainted with someone new with the help of online dating services, taking into consideration that both people are from the same area and arrange a meeting. Just like every other choice, the way to meet new people remains the personal choice of an individual.


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