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The organization will deploy Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and YouTube. Through Facebook pages, the organization will be able to monitor the number of people following it. Ideally, Facebook will help the organization advertise its products at low costs to its target customers. The employees will use Facebook to post the links to the organization blogs hence this will help in advertising. From the Facebook page comments, the company will obtain feedback from its clients hence this will facilitate the improvement of the services and products it offers. However, Facebook might have a negative impact on the organization since the employees may spend most of the working time online.
Whatsapp will enhance the efficiency of information as it simplifies the process of communication. Employees from different levels within the organization can quickly exchange valuable information through Whatsapp (Baxter, 2015). Through the use of Whatsapp, it will be easy for the members of staff to attend to the customer complaints. In essence, the organization will easily attend to the needs of its customers and, as a result, this will improve the efficiency of customer service.
A Twitter page is imperative to an organization as it helps connect it to the external environment. The organization can use Twitter in advertising itself, as well as, addressing the complaints that customers are likely to raise. Through the use of Twitter, the organization will be able to obtain the feedback directly from its customers without using third parties (Baxter, 2015). The external business environment can feel to be part of the organization when they see their complaints being addressed. The organization will post clips of its latest development and adverts in YouTube. As a result, this will make members of the external business environment feel connected to the organization.
The utilization of social media within the organizations has had an impact on how competitors work. Every time, rival organizations look for ways to outcompete each other. The social media has increased competition as organizations try to be unique and attractive to the outside world. When an organization opens a Facebook page, its competitors follow and posts their adverts, increasing competition.
Social media also has an impact on the employees and customers. The individuals who work in any organization change the way they work as social media makes them feel good and appreciated. The employees' attitudes toward the work change and this improve their efficiency in service delivery (Baxter, 2015). New employees can access the organization’s information faster through the social media hence improving their adaptability to the new work environments. What’s more, the use of the social media in an organization has facilitated the cooperation of the employees. As a result, this has increased teamwork in the organizations.

Dealing with Outsourcing

Social media outsourcing is very crucial to the organization as the employees might need training on how to use the involved technologies. People from outside the organization can be outsourced to come and train employees on how to use the social networks for maximum efficiency. In fact, the information system developers can be outsourced to install the software for the social networks into the gadgets that the employees will be using in an attempt to facilitate communication. Ideally, the individuals, who will be managing the information system, have to be outsourced in case there is no an employee, who can perform these tasks (Huy, 2012). Moreover, the organization can outsource security to facilitate the protection of information against cyber threats.
The outsourced activities can be security, system management, and training services. In addition, the organization can outsource the equipment. In relation to the security management, an outside person can be hired to protect the information system from cyber insecurity that can result from the crushing of the organization’s system. The outsourced individual can ensure that the system is in proper shape through conducting regular maintenance of the software. In training services, the outsourced individuals train the employees on how to use the software efficiently and effectively (Huy, 2012). The outsourcing of equipment involves the organization purchases gadgets that support social networking through an agent or another third party.
The human resources can be managed by outsourcing it to the individuals, who have the required skills and are answerable to the organization (Huy, 2012). For this reason, the organization will need to look for individuals with the needed skills to help in managing deliverables, communication, and collaboration in the organization. Besides, the organization will manage the human resources by outsourcing them to the companies that are specialized in the information system.

Increasing Awareness

The deployment of social media will essentially expand the market for the organization through advertising. The organization will also use the social media to advertise goods and services to the global markets. The organization will do its best to have as many followers as possible in Twitter and Facebook to facilitate the expansion of both the local and international markets. As a result, this will increase the awareness of the existence of the organization throughout the world. When information or adverts are posted on a social media pages, people across the entire world can access them (Nah, 2012). For this reason, the organization will be extremely active in the social media in an attempt to open its domestic market and increase its presence in the global market.
The use of social media enhances business efficiency by making it easy for the participants to communicate inside and outside the organization. Passing of information become less costly and hence both the internal and external business environment can communicate easily. Social media deployment will help the organization obtain feedback from its clients and, in turn, facilitate the improvement of business on its possible areas of weakness. As a result, this will increase business efficiency. Social media deployment will also bridge the gap between the consumers and the organization as they will exchange information quickly.
The social media might be affected by the international law/directives in some ways. The changes to the international data directives may significantly affect the social media. For instance, the changes to the international data protection directive may considerably affect how the entities based in one country that interact with the consumers from the other countries can gather, store, and utilize consumer data. The international law/directives might give the customers more control over their data. For example, the directives might demand the consent of an explicit user before the organizations can use data.

Investing in Information

When clients post comments on the organizations’ social media pages or blogs, such organizations can obtain the feedback from their customers. Thus, the organization will get the number of people who visit its social media pages and read its blogs. In fact, the feedback from the customers will be very useful to the organization in improving service delivery and understanding the issues that the organization needs to address. Through traffics created and the number of individual following the social media pages, the organization will approximate the number of individuals who are already aware of its existence. Information from social media can be useful to the organization in that it can be used to project sells and profits (Mangold, 2009). Through comments on social media, the organization will be able to establish whether its adverts reached the targeted customers.
The information from social media can be used to improve service delivery when customers raise complaints. Through the information from the social media, the companies can be able to establish the gaps that are in the market and start producing commodities to fill those gaps. Social media information can be used by businesses to expand their markets and, as a result, increase their sales and profitability. The social media information can also be used by businesses when they want to know the places where there are shortages and increase their supplies and service provision. The social media information can be used to project the sales (Mangold, 2009). The business enterprises can project their sales from the information they get from social media.
The various types of data collected through the social media are very important to the organization. For instance, the comments about the products and services offered by the business are vital as they show customer loyalty. The complaints raised on social media are of great importance also because if they are not addressed, the customers may lose trust in business. Information on market gaps raised by customers is very crucial to the businesses as they help them expand their markets (Mangold, 2009). Issues raised by customers are very vital to any business as they can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

Report Findings

The deployment of social media to the organization requires all the employees to be trained on how to make use of it in their daily operation. In addition, the organization has to outsource the equipment. The installation of software within the organization is also is very crucial. The organization should hire system managers and information security experts to ensure efficient operation of these systems.
The organization can successfully use social media to bridge the gap between the clients and itself. The social media simplifies the transfer of information. Through social networks, the consumers can raise their complaints for the organization to address. The deployment of social media will reduce the advertising costs for the organization. In addition, the clients will obtain the information that the organization will pass. Clients give virtual information to the company, and the company uses this information to improve its efficiency and effectiveness and expand its market (Treem, 2012). From the social media, the organization will get the information about the market trends and focus on meeting them. The organization will also establish market gaps and start producing goods and services to fill these gaps and, as a result, expand its business lines.
Both the pair and individual members used social media for social interaction. In addition, the individual members learned new things, found information about various aspects, and kept up-to-date with the real social events through the social media. What’s more, they expressed their opinions and thoughts through the social media.

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