Reflected Best Self Exercise (Rbse) Creative Writing Example

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Topic: People, Love, Literature, Communication, Skills, Time, Friendship, Empathy

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Published: 2020/12/01

Best Reflected Self Portrait Description

At any stage of the life each person seeks to maximize the realization of own abilities and talents. Regardless of whether this desire is explicit or hidden, it is difficult to overestimate its importance and possible positive effects. Getting a decent education, a good mastery of the profession, career development, personal and professional growth opportunities for self-realization and full achievement of a certain level of material well-being are those interim periods, which ideally everyone should pass through.
My personal skills are the following: enthusiastic, communicative, emotional, inventive, charismatic, friendly, multi-functional, methodical, gullible, persuasive, strong-willed, energetic, individualist, optimistic, determined, responsible and confident. I am self-motivated person, who prefers to participate in new projects and feel comfortable when involved in the wide range of issues. I always tend to participate in special events, where I can have strong emotions, want to be perceived as I am. Being in good relations with a majority of people inspires me for new actions. I tend to active and optimistic persuasion of people in personal point of view. One of my strengths is focus of attention on communication with people, but trying not to forget about set tasks. With positive sense of humor and intention to be independent, I enjoy to work in the team of purposeful and further oriented people. I am communicative and have no constraint contacting unfamiliar people, which help me to properly organize meetings. I am sure people should express empathy to each other. Empathy can be expressed in different ways: special look, smile, warm hug, or listen carefully. When people are sad, lonely, or they are upset about something, they often need someone to hear their story that they are worried about, and then they feel better.
I believe that can perform different work in a good manner and can successfully play a role of team representative, where I work. I enjoy testing for substantiality available principles, providing with updated interpretation of previous rules. Also, I enjoy when homage is publicly paid. Finally, I am good learner and don’t face difficulties, when it is necessary to take in a new information and apply it properly.

Self-Best Stories

One of my best actions, which I am proud of and really happy for what I did, is the party-surprise organized to my boyfriend on the occasion of his B-Day. As I was the initiator and he had no idea about what was waiting for him, it was important to find appropriate time and place for our common friends, who should have been invited. After making about 10 calls and texting to 10 more people, I asked one of friends to buy stuff like party poppers, hats, etc. Then I reserved a table in restaurant. That day I took my boyfriend for shopping and was waiting for special message. I got it and we came to the right place, where all friends suddenly appeared and congratulated him. He was shocked and impressed at the same time. I did it because of love and desire to make him happy. I like to give people joy and know that I change their lives for the best. Also, the process of organization was very interesting. It showed how I am good at managing people.
Another story concerns my work responsibilities. Once my colleague (we work in the same unit) sickened and nobody could standby for her. Sometimes she showed me the folders with documents and I was asked about help. Except my direct responsibilities, I performed her during a week. It was hard, but as I found my personal limits were expanded. Also, I realized how I could be more efficient doing both jobs (I asked for the access to both computers at once). I tried myself in another role (assistant, while I am an analyst) and got additional experience of communication with respective people from different organizations, appointing meetings, preparing documentation for signing, etc. It was very useful and effective work. My colleague was saved and I’ve got new vision. I demonstrated stress resistance, organization skills, creativity and the ability to effectively take decisions.
One more story relates to my affection to animals. I found poor, hungry, dirty and hopeless puppies and couldn’t resist taking them with me. Now they grew up to attractive, smart, friendly and lucky dogs. I am always welcomed with great love and faith. This makes me to do more good things. When I took pappies, I was afraid to lose them, but their destinies were saved.
These three stories have common ground in my desire to help everybody I can and my openness to the world. In different situations I will always try to find the time to make happy somebody.

Aggregated Story Reflection Table

Copies of e-mails
1. My dear,
I am so happy to get your e-mail and ready to help you with the completion of assignment. It’s very nice to request me, because you know I am frank and even my great love to you cannot make me to write only the best about you (kidding ). The first I remembered after reading your request is your desire to help, when somebody needs it. You are always open for talks and deeds. I cannot forget how you bring little puppies home. Your eyes were full of tears and hope. But you were sure that you can change it. Thank you for your kind heart, because as such people like you exist in the world, it will become better.
Also, I really think that you are very creative and organized. Your surprise party impressed me a lot. You love your boyfriend so much that you did the best. I remember he looked at you gently and no words were needed.
Finally, I can write about your professionalism. I know you are always in-demand at work, especially, when something extraordinary happens. I cannot give precise example, but hope you can find one among the majority.
I hope I could contribute to your assignment at least something.

Wish you the best,

2. Hello my sweetie,

You’ve got cool task. Here is my vision:

One of the ways that you add value and make important contributions is your boyfriend’s B-Day. You demonstrated perfect management of the situation. I was so glad to receive a call for that occasion and so impressed by your inspiration. You did great job.
One of the ways that you add value and make important contributions is you saved my life when I sickened. I still don’t know how to thank you. I was told that you could be in both places at the same time (I mean to do both jobs). You are multi-functional, I can say. You appeared to be very effective, communicative and have no constraint contacting unfamiliar people.
Another one way that you add value and make important contributions is that you grow wonderful dogs. You cannot live something for luck, you are sure to be involved in each poor situation. Your empathy is boundless. If people behave like you, our planet could be better.

Best regards,

3. At first, I am surprised to get your mail. Quite often our relations cannot be said perfect or even good, but I am glad you respect my opinion. That’s why, please, accept my answers.
I know you have the ability to help people in difficult situations. You won’t refuse if there is no strict reason. But I think you should do it sometimes, because many people like to use your empathy for their own good. I don’t want to remind about such occasions. Secondly, you are very creative. I remember you were shocked when your colleague sickened, but next second you found how to be self-organized and decided to get an access to both accounts at the same time. Good job. Finally, despite the stress you faced at work, you showed amazing communication skills with no anger, perplexity or confusion. You will have good career.

Thank you for request. Be good,


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