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Published: 2020/12/02

My Great-great grandchildren,

I want you to know that the renewable energy sources are the cornerstone of our nation. The mentioned sources of energy have historically played a pivotal role in building our economy. The interesting part is that about 9.5 percent of all the energy consumed by our country is from renewable sources. The cited percentage forms 12.9 percent of our country’s total electricity production. Evidently, the most current information from the Energy Information Administration reveals that our nation is the world largest consumer of renewable energy. The above means that our country has consumed solar, wind, wood and geothermal at a greater length. Similarly, our country greatly depended on the use of oil. The transport sector alone consumes about two-thirds of the petroleum energy. Also, building and appliances consume about 4 percent of the said energy. Lighting on the other takes a quarter share of oil energy. The above examples clearly indicate that our nation at greater length relies on the use of the oil and renewable resources.
It is very imperative to note that our country is facing myriad challenges in managing the energy resources. Just to mention but a few, energy resources both renewable, and oil energy has in a way caused environmental challenges. The body concern with the management of the mentioned energy has placed less effort in addressing the environmental effects caused by the energy sources. The extraction of crude oil to generate petroleum and another liquid energy has led degradation of the environment. The mentioned degradation has made life impossible in such areas. Similarly, soil erosion has taken the advantage of the open pits to aggravate the land environment further. Importantly, the said degradation has a devastated effect to me and the future generation. Soil erosion coupled with open pits poses risk of health hazards and even loss of life.
It is also very potent for me to tell you that the body concerned with the management of the energy resources has done less in discouraging or rather preventing the public from deforestation. Since trees indirectly form part of the energy levels, its preservation is imperative. Also, the vehicle that uses energy sources, for instance, petroleum oil, emits carbon gases that are harmful to the environment (Seljom et al, 2011). Such gases have heightened the world economic global warming. In line with this, trees are essential since they consume the gases emitted by vehicles. The mentioned deforestation will lead to global warming causes the climatic change, thereby, affect survival my life and the life of the incoming generation.
It is also important to note that the security threats is another serious challenge faced in the management of energy resources. The location of the energy resources has been areas of attraction to terrorist. The terrorist invariably perceive energy resources sites are of great economic importance to the nation, they, therefore, target such sites (Moran & Russell, 2008). The said terrorist sites have led to insecurity not only in the energy sources sites but also to the entire nation. The body concerned with the management of the energy resources is still fumbling with better ways of dealing with insecurity issues.
Another challenge facing the management of the energy resources is the incessant population increase. The increase in population in my country has put too much pressure on the available energy resources. The mentioned pressure has in turn led to the demand for energy resources, therefore, leading to increasing prices of oil and other renewable energy resources. It is sad to mention that hiked price of oil and other resources has made me spend extra in purchasing oil and other renewable resources. The increased price of oil has also impelled the transport industry to increase the fare; this has further made me pay extra money for transport.
The body concerned with the management of the energy resources has complained severally about the intricate extraction of the oil. Currently, the remaining oil impurities have made the extraction of oil to be difficult. In the removal of the said impurities, the concerned body has to use a sophisticated machine leading to additional cost. The said additional cost will be passed to the client in the pricing.
It is the role of our nation to educate society on better ways of managing the energy resources. The public most not entirely rely on the energy resources but should find alternative sources of energy. As such, prevents the exhaustion of the existing sources of energy. Similarly, the society should be educated on ways of minimizing environmental pollution especially during extraction. In addition to this, the society should be sensitized on ways of conserving the environment, for instance, afforestation.
Light up sparks Ville plan has considerable strength such that the plan improves the quality lighting. The plan will also reduce consumption of energy across facilities. Secondly, the plan can provide mega-scale energy efficient lighting. Conversely, there might be an occurrence of a default megawatt hitting the weakness areas. Also, there is complexity in the operation of the plan.
A point note is that our current society has completely failed in the management of the energy resources. I, therefore, challenge you to take full charge of the renewable resources and avoid any heinous activity that will lead to environmental pollution. Thanks.


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