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Expansion of any business is an important step to ensure progress and growth in all sections of the business (Cooke 12). In this case, the aim of the project was to expand the food company by working with the stakeholders and understanding the needs of the clients in the market. The success of the project relies on the willingness of the executives to support its implementation and the need element of the consumers such that they will be able to utilize the additional output created by the project. The development of the report on the project necessitated several steps to make the report authentic, comprehensive, and accurate. In addition, there are some writing choices made in the development of the report to enable it addresses the rhetoric needs of each particular situation.

What I did to accomplish the Tasks for the Report

The first step was to identify the target audience of the report. These people have a keen interest in reviewing the content of the report and evaluating the particular details that have an effect on them. In this case, the important step was to identify the parties in charge of the expansion and development of the business. They must have the ability to influence the allocation of resources in terms of the capital and the workforce needed for the commencement and management of the activities in the project. Identifying the target audience necessitated an evaluation of the organizational structure in order to understand the flow of authority and the chain of command in the company (Cooke 14). It played an important role in the accomplishment of the report given that I could address specific individuals in the organization and allocate particular tasks that they had to carry out during the implementation of the project.
The second task undertaken was to identify the need for the project. All business organization undertakes certain projects for a reason or need resulting from the processes in the institution. In this case, the project aims at the expansion of the processes of the business through the introduction of fresh foods in the market by the food company. First, the company wants to expand because of the interests of the organization’s stakeholders. Their desire is that the company will increase the value of their investment and interests in the organization. The need for the organization to undertake the project stems from the opportunity posed by the project for the company in the market. It is important for the company to meet the needs of the people in the market by expanding into a market segment that it has not explored. In order to have a clear picture of the need for expansion in the organization, I interviewed the executive officer of the company and a few board members who agreed that it was important for the company to expand due to the desire to diversify the operations of the firm.
Specifically, the project need of the company an effect on particular stakeholders of the company. For instance, farmers will be able to access their markets easily and in good time because the company will foster the development of good infrastructure. The company will promote this infrastructure in order to increase the efficiency of its project because fresh foods must be delivered to promptly to the market to mitigate losses due to spoilage. Considering such specific needs is also an important part of the tasks I undertook because the report project’s report needed to cover all these specific elements for the consideration of the management of the company prior to investing the resources of the company.
I also evaluated the cost elements of the organization and the manner in which the project could help the company in the management of its costs. All companies seek to minimize the costs they incur in the process of conducting business while maximizing the revenues they generate from the sale of the product. In this context, I evaluated the cost factors of the project and the fact that risk adds to the possibility of losses to the company. The project is highly risky because the company is introducing a new product into the market (Frame 23). I assessed the risk factors and included the element pf uncertainty of the returns because it affects the manner in which the company’s management will approach the allocation of resources to the organization.
The organization can undertake the project through various ways. I analyzed the available channels for the completion of the project. The organization could outsource the processes involved in the project or use the internal human resources and capital-output to complete the project. Assessing the outsourcing option is important because most of the firms who may undertake the outsourcing project offer the services at a subsidized price than the cost that may be incurred by the organization using its internal resources (Frame 30). I compared the two options by evaluating the various prices of the suppliers in the market, and the variations indicate that some are willing to accomplish the project at subsidized prices.

Writing Choices

In the course of putting together the analysis of the project, I employed a variety of writing choices. These writing choices enabled me to conceptualize the analysis. I determined the background information concerning the business and the project. This information was elemental in the development of concepts and arguments for the project. For instance, having established that the fast selling and most selling businesses are in the food industry, it was easy to establish that expansion of the company through the introduction of fresh foods into the market would be viable. As such, the project on the fresh food introduction into the fresh food industry was founded on this background information (Kuo 11). Therefore, the choice of writing began with a plan, which, in this case, encompassed the identification of background information.
I also looked for credible sources that would facilitate the understanding of the project. The credible sources included a variety of information concerning the food industry. These sources also played an essential role in the formulation of the background information on the same. The credible sources contained information on the current state of the food industry, the future of the industry, and the trends in the food industry. These elements were important in the adoption and establishment of the report. In addition, some of the sources provided guidelines on the formulation of a plausible project as well as the steps required in the process. For instance, I chose to adopt and maintain a systematic way writing the project. That is; I began with the introduction that provided an overview of the project including the alternatives for the company in introducing the fresh foods into the industry.
This systematic choice of writing because it facilitated the understanding of the project in the sense that it allowed for drawing of comparisons, as well as understanding of the steps involved in the project. This choice of writing encompassed other elemental aspects of the writing, including the description of the proposed case. In this category, I outlined the various aspects of the project including the likely impacts to the farmers, the markets, and the business. Third, I used the systematic writing choice to talk about the analysis of the situation or problem of the audience and the choices. Here, I identified the key audiences of the project as the senior executives of the business organization.
Other essential elements that came to this writing choice included the analysis of the audience, the work plan, the qualifications, the resources required for project completion, and the closing. Nevertheless, all these writing choices came under the conceptual framework of academic writing that I adopted for the paper. The first element of this framework was the introduction where I outlined the various elements that I would talk about in the introduction of the project analysis. I understood that the introduction would have to include the rhetorical aspect where the situation created would blend and relate consistently to the aspirations and expectations of the company. I wanted to create a rhetorical situation that would be within the constraint of the organization.
The second element of the conceptual framework of the choice of writing that I employed was the planning process. For this category, I outlined various planning activities. These planning activities would facilitate the conceptualization of the process of the project, including the analyses. The planning process also encompassed the outline. This outline provided for the activities and steps that I would take in writing the analysis. The outline acted as the guideline for the writing of the analysis of the project on the introduction of the fresh foods into the markets and the industry at large.
The third aspect under my writing choice was structuring. Under structuring, I came up with various elements that would facilitate the structure and outlook of the project analysis to create meaning and understanding among the audience. First, I looked at the organization of the paragraphs. I decided to organize my paragraphs by starting with the topic sentence followed by the elaboration and the wrap-up (Kuo 18). These steps would be elemental in promoting the understanding of the project because it would take the audience through the systematic steps of the point being talked about. Second, I came up with the structuring process. Under this element, I decided to outline various elemental activities that I would include in the writing to make it plausible and comprehendible. As such, I came up with three important aspects of the structuring process. They included the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Under the introduction, I would talk about the background information, the thesis statement, a short introductory outline, and the paragraph organization.
The writing choice made me plan for the citation of the sources by identifying the significance of the sources, and the type of reference and style to use. Lastly, I finalized the paper by revising the content, the grammar, and the tone. I also edited the punctuation, including punctuation patterns and caused dependence.

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