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Immigration has long been a part of American history as several forefathers of many American families today hailed either from Europe, Africa or Asia. The immigration count has increased consistently through the centuries, and many people see the US as a land of promise. America has greatly benefitted from the growing number of immigrants in the country and although there risks attached to immigrants such as terrorism and illegal immigration, these immigrants have an immense contribution to America’s development. However, politicians have their own perception on the issues of immigration, most especially as to the notion on illegal immigrants and the prospects of citizenship. While both the Republicans and the Democrats agree that immigrants have aided America’s efforts for development, Republicans wish to strengthen immigration and citizenship policies to combat illegal immigration while Democrats wish to give illegal immigrants similar rights to legal migrants.
America has always been considered a hotspot for immigrants from various parts of the globe due to the country’s economic and political prosperity. As of 2013, at least 41.3 million immigrants are recorded in the United States or almost 13% of the entire US population. By comparison, it is estimated that 11.4 million are unauthorized immigrants, most coming from Mexico, Central America and Asia . Considering these numbers, both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have several positions as to what should be done to reduce instances on illegal immigration. While the Republican Party accepts that the country is indeed a hub for immigrants, there is a necessity to impose stronger policies to stop the growth of illegal immigrants. For Republicans, these illegal immigrants takes away the benefits and opportunities of regular Americans and can spark crime and terrorism, putting risk to the country’s security and sovereignty . The Democratic Party is more open to the idea of reform of immigration policies and in terms of illegal immigration, they should be given a way to get rights while still enforcing the law. For the group, illegal migrants should not be blamed for their stance but the employers or those responsible for their illegal migration to the US. Protections should also be provided to children of these illegal immigrants because they are unaware of their actual status .
Republicans have a point considering the fact that some of these illegal immigrants exploit the weaknesses of the country’s borders. Syndicates – such as the drug cartels, human traffickers and even corrupt elites – would use the chance to bring in their people. Providing illegal immigrants a chance to remain can only trigger further illegal immigration in the country. It would look like providing them amnesty would be a reward rather than stop others from being illegal migrants to the country. However, Democrats believe that stronger policies would only scare these illegal immigrants in getting the help of the country. Their circumstance may not be as notorious as being threats to the country, especially children of these illegal immigrants. There is also a possibility these illegal immigrants went to the country to be with their families and immediate priorities should be directed towards migrants who are a threat.
In a personal note, I believe that illegal immigration is indeed a problem and there is a necessity to impose strong policies regarding illegal immigration as proposed by the Republicans. Having stronger policies on illegal immigration can allow the authorities to locate criminal groups or syndicates and other security gaps to stop them from using people to cause issues in the US. Stronger policies would also prevent illegal immigrants from taking the jobs meant for Americans as there are citizens who cannot find a job because illegal migrants are filling these slots. However, I also agree with the Democratic stance that not all of these illegal immigrants are at fault with their current situation. They should be given the chance to argue their case in court and not just be thrown out by the government especially if the illegal immigrant in question is a child. Admittedly, as seen in the research, the country’s immigration system is quite faulty and very slow in processing immigration requests and reform would have resolved the issue.
Hand in hand with the issue of immigration is the issue of allowing citizenship for immigrants around the country. Republicans support the idea of giving illegal migrants legal status and stay in the country legally without citizenship. However, citizenship remains a big question these migrants should apply by the time the borders are secure. On their end, Democrats favor providing these illegal immigrants a chance to request citizenship. In their platform, the Democratic Party favor creating immigration reform to create requirements that would be acceptable for the government to use to see if these migrants are worthy for the citizenship status . One of the most notable examples of the Democratic Party’s intentions in permitting citizenship is the DREAM Act, which would allow deferred action to illegal migrants who came to the country when they were children. They also support further immigration, especially if the reason is for family reunification .
It is clear in their platforms that both Republicans and Democrats are open to allowing these illegal migrants and legal migrants alike to gain permanent status in the country so long as they follow America’s laws. In the case of the republicans, their side that this right is to be allowed when the borders are secure is acceptable as the country is still vulnerable. Some illegal migrants may exploit the right especially as the country cannot prove that they are violating its policies. On the other hand, Democrats are for citizenship because these migrants have followed the laws of the country. With regards to allowing these immigrants to have a chance to become American citizens, I support the Democratic Party. Many migrants strive to go to the country because they believe it is the land of promise and would do everything to get in the country and remain there. I believe that if they present the government a reason that they can be trusted, citizenship should be allowed. Some of these illegal migrants, especially children, also deserve to have a chance to become Americans because some of them may even see the country as their home. I believe, much like the Democratic Party does, that they should be given a chance. Legal migrants must also be allowed citizenship considering that they also provide their contributions to the country.
Immigration is a part of America’s continuous growth and it is crucial that the government acts accordingly to make it secure and humane as possible. Republicans admit the country does owe a lot from these migrants, but illegal immigrants must be prevented because they may put the country at risk. They could request for legal status, but once the country knows they are safe. Democrats are open for creating policies to help illegal migrants step up and get help from the government and are open for citizenship once these migrants prove they are trust worthy. If the country enforces an immigration policy that would alienate these migrants, it may cripple sectors that depend from these migrant workers.

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