Sample Case Study On Leadership Analysis Of Denver Foundation

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Purpose of Denver Foundation

This foundation is a nonprofit organization and they work for the prosperity of society. The main purpose of this foundation is to help society by inspiring them and by strengthen the society with means of source mobilization. This foundation gives quality life standard for all its communities. For their mission accomplishment, they work in partnership of nonprofit, governmental, and business sector. They interact with the communities, find out their problems, and then try to solve all those problems. This foundation helps communities for strengthen the economic conditions of society as well. They provide economic opportunity to their neighborhoods and help them in achieving gainful employment. They also try to provide communities with basic needs like food, health care, and shelter. They also focus on high-level education. A community-focused foundation arise their assets with the community development. The main positive thing of this foundation is that they work to eliminate racism through community engagement program. They give importance to the low-income class by choosing leaders among them and then giving them high authorities in foundation on behalf of your hard work. They work in partnership with many local or national institutes (The Denver Foundation).

What It Offers To Its Customers

Denver foundation is providing their services to the communities by bringing a change into their lifestyle. They focus on delivering their best services in the area of education, economic growth, and in solving their problems. This foundation is working very impressively with good management and administration. They have focused both in asset accumulation and community engagement at a time. They make good relations with community members and in return, they are able to get many funds to run their projects. As for their projects, they have separate management staff, which handles all matter of project with good efforts. The main thing that the foundation provides to their communities is the confidence that they are a good and important member of society and by giving them importance and indulging them into decision-making process. They also try to improve their life by giving employment opportunities and giving them basic need of life like food, health care, and shelter. Denver foundation is a nonprofit organization that works for the social causes. They improve the lives of community by deeply engaging with them and knowing about their problems closely(The Denver Foundation).

Challenges and Success Factor of Denver Foundation

The main competition that Denver foundation has to be faced is to cope with the internal building block management. This organization is fighting at the same time on many issues. It may be difficult for any organization to keep good management to fulfill all objectives. The main challenge for this foundation is actually to meet all the organizational challenges with in the foundation. They have very good administration that keep all the engagements appropriate and work efficiently.

Business Level Strategies

There are mainly two business level strategies that any organization uses to make itself succeed.
Cost leadership
Cost Leadership Strategy
This strategy relates to the strategy that creates competitive advantage by keeping the lowest costs for all the operations in industry.

Differentiation Strategy

This strategy is related with creating a competitive advantage by making the unique product for customers.
These two strategies have further classification into two more strategies.
Focused Cost Leadership Strategy
The strategy means that organization competes based on cost or price for only a narrow market.
Focused Differentiation Strategy
In this strategy the focus is only limited to a specific small portion for differentiation purpose.
Business Strategy at Denver Fountain
At Denver foundation, there exists a differentiation business level strategy. When the foundation was confronted with criticism for not making connections with the community then they responded this criticism with very positive behavior. They make strategies for all their plans and then come up with excellence (Noda and Bower, 1996).
In Denver foundation they focuses on making connection with the community and for this purpose they make small group of employees that in starting do personal contact with communities and then specific seminars and meetings are held to make good connections with people. As theory community number is increasing, they started to solve the problems of common people. This thing makes them different from other organizations and they attain maximum liking from society. For the purpose of getting funds, they started to know about the problems of common people and the most important thing that differentiate them from others are that they did not choose leaders from high society but they choose leaders from the low income class and give them opportunity to show their potential. They give internships to the students that no other foundation did and who performed good among them gave him a chance to lead forward. They give financial and economic strength to common people and try to eliminate their unemployment problem. When these all steps are taken with good management, then people also know their worth and started to give them funds
There are many ways through which any foundation can make differentiate itself from others. Denver foundation chooses such strategy that was in favor of society as well. They give value to the communities and in return, they get high level of funds. They make themselves differentiate from other nonprofit organization as they give much importance to human values. In this foundation, there is no concept of racism or gender biasness. When there is engagement of different communities then the staff belongs to different background and this thing cause biasness on workplace. However, this foundation handles this matter with wisely and they give no importance to racism. Those who were capable are provided with the opportunities to flourish. That is why people love this organization and feel proud to work with the Denver foundation (Pease, 2005).
As there is the participation of many national level government institutes, therefore they have to think very structurally to run all these projects. For this purpose they strengthen the neighborhood programs through which they make good relationship with the communities and they engage residential communities in the decision making process. Through brainstorming, they get more ideas about their projects. This decision about making new engagement with communities with this differentiation strategy give them financial benefits in term of fund collection that increases from 50 million assets to 600 million assets.
In my opinion, the strategy that the Denver foundation adopted at that critical time was very good decision. They make them succeed through differentiation strategy by focusing on many important social issues of communities for making engagements with them.


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