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Carved and assembled wood by Edgar Toslo

The above carving depicts the early aspects of the genesis of Christianity in the Old Testament. The above sculpture represents the two innocent and nude people standing next to a tree with fruits. The sculpture also shows a black snake on the tree facing the two nude people. The above work of art depicts the story of the temptation of Eve and Adam in the book of Genesis of the Bible. The wooden carving demonstrates Adam and Eve being tempted by the black snake on an apple tree. The artistic work portrays the both Adam and Eve facing confrontation of the snake. The carving relates to the theme of Christianity and religion in the Old Testament. The wooden sculpture portrays the nudity of a man and woman standing next to a tree. The black snake is also located on a tree with numerous fruits. The carving is a typical demonstration of the Garden of Eden in the Old Testament.
The sculpture helps in the exploration of early aspects of Christianity by showing the how the Snake cheated Adam and Eve to consume the forbidden fruit at the beginning of the world. The carving lays the foundation of Christianity by demonstrating the actual acts done by the first human beings. The features of the carving denote the role of carvings in showing the strength of Christian as a religion in the society. The artist emphasized the importance of Adam and Eve in the story of creation and their overall role in relation to Christianity. The artist keenly crafted the carving in order to capture the images of the first couple, the snake and the apple tree creating a suitable setting to demonstrate what transpired in the Garden of Eden. The situation at the Garden of Eden comes out very clearly with the use of the carving above, and it depicts various elements of religion which took place in the creation story. The wooden sculpture, therefore, serves as an appropriate tool for conveying the religious message about Adam and Eve in the Old Testament.
Additionally, the carving symbolizes the fall of man in relation to Christianity and the creation story in the Old Testament. The overall features of this image indicate the fall of man by eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. It shows how the first man sinned in the Garden of Eden by consuming the fruit. The carving provides support to the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible by creating the setting where the serpent cheated them. These plays an overall role in depicting the temptation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden leading to the fall of man through the first sin.
The nude images in the above carving reflect the aspects of innocence of both Adam and Eve before eating the forbidden fruit. The naked images portray high levels of innocence and calmness possessed by both Adam and Eve in the Genesis of the world. This piece of art depicts the message contained in the Bible relating to the innocence of Adam and Eve before the snake cheated them to consume the fruit. The theme of innocence there features clearly from this wooden craving. The author managed to portray the appearance of simplicity through the use of nude images in the world of art. The carving indicates the role of architecture in depicting the religious innocence in the world of art. The artist focused on the aspects of nudity in order to show the theme of innocence portrayed by Adam and Eve before deception by the snake in the Garden of Eden. Nudity features clearly in this carving thereby boosting the elements of Christianity and the early human beings. It is emphasized by the fact that both Adam and Even were innocent enough that they could not recognize their nudity.
The wooden carving shows a black snake on top of a tree. The black snake symbolizes the wickedness of Satan and sins as shown in the Bible. The black color of the snake featured on the carving shows the cunning and wicked nature of the snake. The black color of the snake portrayed in the above piece of art serves a crucial role in exploring the theme of wickedness and sins in the Old Testament. The black snake symbolizes the snake that cheated Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The artist keenly carved the image of the snake facing both Adam and Eve in a bid to make deceive them to consume the forbidden fruit. The snake on the tree is very conspicuous making it very clear in relation to the role it played in deceiving Adam and Eve in the above image. The theme of sins and wickedness comes out very clearly through the role of the black snake on the tree in wooden carving.
The theme of temptation portrayed in the woodcarving also denotes various dimensions in relation to the life of Adam and Eve. Both the spiritual and physical facets of features through the setting where the snake cheated Adam and Eve are shown. The temptation and fall of the man depicted in the woodcarving translate to the imperfect nature of human beings with respect to the physical and spiritual realms of life.

Columbus City Hall:

The above piece of art shows the image and structure of the Columbus City Hall. It clearly shows the architectural view and landscape of the building. It represents one of the strongest buildings in Columbus. The building portrays civic architecture because it focuses on the commitment to the modern and aspects of local architecture. It relates to civic connotations because the building houses the Columbus police department and the municipal government. The City Hall of Columbus depicts the unique plan of geometry and thoughtful details relating to the sensibility of the town’s plan. The building signifies the strength and skills invested in designing the substantial buildings in Columbus. The architectural design of this building depicts a strong and thoughtful details pertaining to the town plan. The building also denotes the relevant details relating to the civic status of the city.
The Columbus City Hall entail a unique geometry characterized by a right angle triangle dimension. The allowed the building to enable the viewers to grasp the other locations and buildings in the town in the most appropriate manner. The design and frame of the entrance features a double story-curtain that reflects the immediate historic courthouse in the city. Demarcation of the entrance by the two walls helps in reinterpreting the classic nature of the façade in architecture and design. The design of the Columbus City Hall allows the accessibility to the police department due to the adjacent streets located at the ground level. Accessibility to separate entrances and the parking lots made the building reflect a very significant and suitable design for the municipal government and police department headquarters. The architectural design of this building targeted the role of government and effective delivery of civil services to the public. The accessibility of the building and parking lots made the building suitable for housing the police department and municipal government.
The interior of the building composes of warm materials like oak doors, bronze finishes, terrazzo flooring and millwork. The warm interior designs make the place very inviting in relation to the civic role of a City Hall. The building consists of the palette material available by most of the modern buildings in town making it relevant to the modern architectural designs and styles. The art program of this building brings out Columbus’ local history and Indiana’s state history. The building also depicts contemporary art through the visible interior spaces and the role of visual interest in relation to architecture.
Conclusively, the architectural design of Columbus City Hall portrays the civic aspects of Indiana as a state and the local Columbus. The building indicates the civic role in Indiana because it facilitated many activities relating to city governance and state of Indiana affairs. The architecture of Columbus City Hall incorporated the roles of the community physically, functionally and aesthetically. The Building reflects the contemporary aspects of architectural design and landscape due to the modern growth and development. The building also entails the bold structural dimensions and humble means in extending the legacy of Columbus City.

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