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Uber is an online service that was created for searching and ordering a taxi. The feature of the startup from California is that instead of professional drivers from taxi enterprise a customer is provided with service by ordinary car owners. The mobile application works with the service in dozens of cities around the world, including the biggest and the busiest capital cities with big population.(Hughes, n.d.)
The user downloads the app on the smartphone, then looks which of the cars that is a part of the service is closer to him, after that he communicates with the driver of the car, and uses it just like a taxi. The driver in his car as a taxi driver is not official, no license or special permit are needed, but the biggest difference between taxi and Uber is that the trip for the clients of these service is much cheaper. Pay for a shuttle from the airport to the city may be not 50, but only 30 euros, and this is a big difference.(Hughes, n.d.)
Uber belongs to the branch of applications that appear to be programs that implement the basic provisions of sharing economy. Sharing economy is one of the greatest benefits that we can get from technologic revolution, as the resources is something what everyone is looking for. This is why co-voiturage applications play such an important role in our lives.(Shannon, n.d.)
Co-voiturage is the term that has French origin and means «joint and organized use of a car of private driver with one or more passengers in order to complete the journey together.» The term Co-voiturage that responds to carpooling in English was made to pursue private benefits and allow us to save our money on the road to split costs for fuel, parking and vehicle depreciation. From the point of view of the public benefit, carpooling can increase the occupancy of private vehicles, reduce the number of used cars and, as a consequence, reduce the number of accidents, traffic jams, air emissions, reduce traffic, improve the environment of our cities.
In addition, there is another important point connected to carpooling. None of the parties of the process do receive any earnings while carpooling, what means that the driver or owner of the car does not make a profit on this, but only helps himself and his passengers to save some money.
Using Uber, passengers can order a car, as well as to see the map where the closest to the customer car is located. Payments to pay for the trip are implemented by the means of this program. And most importantly: the driver can be any person who has registered online form to become a participant of the program, which has a car and that was over 21 years old. This means that the driver does not need any permission for this work, and it does not have to adhere to the tariffs set by taxi. Therefore, for users of Uber car ride costs tend to be smaller.(Shannon, n.d)
Uber took off immediately. Even though, it was created only five years ago, the mobile application is now used in 37 countries of the world. If someone now wanted to redeem this business, he would have to spend on it approximately $ 17 billion.
However, Uber has become a social issue in plenty of advanced countries. The rapid development of the program became to be the cause of many conflicts. There is a continuing friction between government agencies and taxi services. In many cities Uber has been perceived as "unjust" competitor and was sued in the courts.(Geron, n.d.)


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