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Published: 2021/02/15

Women have made great strides during the past few centuries in progressive towards a more egalitarian society with their male counterparts. Mothers indeed play a significant role beyond their biological capacity to give birth to the next generation and raise them as good, morally upright citizens. In societies defined by capitalist production, which has emerged as the first significant organization of labor vis-à-vis the Fordist model, the work force is socially reproduced according to hegemonic political economic theory, which is why wages of factory workers are able to support a family and can provide the family. Wives and mothers who work must also pull a double shift by taking care of and raising their children. Indeed, domestic work profit the factory owners and employers in the future. According to labor theories of value, economists who pay attention to gender make it possible to pay factory worker the bare minimum because of an unpaid labor force going on to supplement the worker. Without unpaid reproductive labor done women, heteropatriarchal society cannot exist. Cartoons regarding the theory of value circulating in public discourses convey the idea of the worker who by putting in time, exertion, etc into the work force, are able to have their work be valued because of women’s unpaid labor in the house as domestic child caretakers and household. Labor thus has been intrinsically tied up with questions about gender.
As such, salary.com offers readers the chance to reward mothers by giving the winner a check for his or her mother for Mother’s Day, which takes place next month for the fourteenth year. Salary.com surveyed approximately fifteen thousand mothers in ascertain what are the most time-consuming jobs they engage in and how much time mothers have to spend on those respective duties. By applying statistical data to each of the jobs mentioned in the top ten and factoring in the amount of hours that mothers had to work, including overtime, salary.com procured an rough estimate of what mothers would typically make if their reproductive labor was paid an annual strategy. The website underscores the realty that, despite the fact that moms are not paid for their reproductive labor, they are worth much more than society at-large renders.

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