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While much has been hypothesized regarding terrorism, it is of the essence to note that it basically connotes to the use of violent activities to create fear to a group of people so as to achieve a certain goal from the fear inflicted. The definition, however, is ambiguous as it can be taken to define insurgency and guerilla fighting. The interpretation of the terms in the definition is in most cases broad. For instance, the group of people to which terrorism is targeted should include any person that is victim to violent activities. The victims will include military attaches, soldiers serving in peacekeeping missions when it was not expected that there will be hostilities within that area (Hoffman 16). A case in point is the assault launched U.S navy destroyer, the USS Cole in October 2000 while it was anchored in Aden, Yemen.
It has been argued that terrorism is defined by how the violent acts are inflicted and not who is the perpetrator and the reasons behind the acts. It would be expected that given the negative publicity that accompanies the word “terrorism”, through its use genuine fights for liberation have been suppressed. German resistance groups who opposed occupation of their lands were labeled by the Nazi’s as terrorists. Although certain terroristic acts may be intended for publicity and attention, the underlying cause for most of the terroristic activities is depression, frustrations and despair. Given the use of the term “terrorism” is an attempt by those in authority to maintain the status quo; the term has been used to refer to those who have been deprived of basic human rights (Hoffman 185). Although conventions on war have been put in place, liberation movements do not in most cases have adequate funding and as a consequence they cannot afford uniforms and even weapons. This has contributed to the breaking of the codes of Warfare as presented in the Geneva and Hague conventions.
As a consequence of the factors behind these acts being genuine, individuals and even groups considered terrorists will in most cases deny that title. This may be because of the negative publicity of the term terrorist and as a result they will give themselves names that are associated with combats, for example, commandos, fighters, and guerillas. Because of the changes in the perceptions of the society concerning acts of terrorism, the press has started using terms that are considered synonyms to terrorism; this will include gunmen, rebels and guerillas among others.

Work Cited

Hoffman, Bruce. Inside Terrorism. New York: Columbia University Press, 2006. Print.

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