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When cinemas gather thousands of visitors at the next comic book adaptation of another brutal heroes, when people on the streets are concerned about the global financial crisis or some terrible news from another part of the world, when from every closest radio and TV-set political dirt is “pouring”, when you are in a bad mood, and terrible insomnia bothers you, when a disgusting weather sets in, only the Little Tramp can take you out of this vicious circle and for an hour give you a true extract of positive feelings.
It is hard to believe – year 1925. It was this year when “The Gold Rush” was created. In 1925, Academy Award was not yet established, many iconic personalities of world cinema were not born, the sound in movies was not invented, even the scope of such a genre as comedy was not fully determined. Nevertheless, in August 2008, Empire magazine included “The Gold Rush” in the list of 30 best films of the silent era. I may only guess the motivation of electors, but it was this movie of Charlie Chaplin which was worthy to be in the company of movies of such cinema geniuses as Eisenstein, Dovzhenko and Bunuel. But the thing is not in the age of this movie and what position it holds in different ratings (just to mention, it ranks high positions), but the thing is that this movie, shot in the early twentieth century by the man born in the XIX, is easily watched and perceived by vast majority of people in the high-tech XXI century.
In 1925, Charlie Chaplin returned his famous tramp`s character to the big screen having reincarnated him into a desperate gold prospector. The Tramp is still full of optimism and easily gets used to the harsh life of Alaska where he tries to find that vicious metal. The gold pandemic captures the Little Tramp, so that he, having gathered his belongings, walks briskly toward his luck. And he falls directly into the rapid hurricane of events which bring him firstly luck, then failure.
Simple plot of “The Gold Rush” throws a Chaplin`s hero into the harsh conditions of Alaska, where the gold rush is in its full swing, the gold rush so vividly described by Charlie Chaplin`s contemporary writer Jack London. How the Little Tramp wandered there, why he appeared in the snowy wilderness – it was not mentioned. And it is not so important. The main thing is that he is just there, so we shall just wait for his another merry mess accompanied with a romantic part, of course.
Probably only an inveterate cynic will not laugh during this movie. And no matter what mood you have before the view, who is sitting next to you, what time it is outside. This film is destined to prolong everybody’s life who is watching it, despite all the conventions.
And then looking with a view of a heartless cynic at this film, you realize that there is nothing extraordinary in this movie: everything is familiar, an image of the Little Tramp and the script are simple-minded, and a large proportion of naivety and conventions are present in this movie, and the rest of the cast are not bad at all, but cannot be regarded as standards of acting skills, and visuals (especially for a modern viewer who is spoiled with special effects) are rather unpretentious. Others can find many more other small blunders in this good movie from the position of the modern blockbuster comic book viewer, but one thing is certain – while watching this masterpiece of silent movies this cynic inside us always dies. I cannot even evaluate this movie by usual parameters. You just fall in love with it, from the first time you watch it. And love, as you know, is an irrational and hardly explainable phenomenon.
"The Gold Rush", despite its slightly negative character of a title, is able to charge its viewer with a sea of ​​positivity and hope. This means, the great comedian Charlie Chaplin does not aim only to amuse his audience, but also tells us again and with unique to him easiness the essentials about pure love, strong male friendship and the need to stand up for your own principles, faith in good human nature and teaches his audience (in the good sense of this word) of life practicality and resourcefulness.
And when the final credits appear after the movie, stunned audience with a beatific smiles on their faces for a long time do not want to mentally say goodbye to the role of their companion Little Tramp in the harsh conditions of Alaska, where you can eat the most delicious in the world shoe with laces, where one can attend one of the best saloons, where you can see, perhaps, the most funny in the world cinema dance with a beautiful Georgia, and brighten up the loneliness of a little man who falls asleep in a New Year's Eve.
But I know for sure. It is always possible by pressing “Replay” button to get yourself back into the world of Charlie Chaplin`s movie. In the world from which so often you do not want to come back

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