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Published: 2020/12/03

It is true that through bodily transformations people do announce or project certain things to the society. Most of the time, the bodily transformations are either an emblem of rebellion against the standards of the society or a desperate effort to fit in according to the norms of the culture.
One of my friends went through the process of transformation in the form of bodily tattoo in his teens like some of the teenagers. My friend belongs to a conservative family and he experienced a strong parental control throughout his childhood and early teenage years and like many such persons for him the act of transformation is a kind of rebellion against that stringent control. In addition, the act of tattooing is a sort of declaration of their independence for such people. For such people, a tangible proof of their independence is very crucial and that is why they go for a body transformation which is permanent in most of the cases. Furthermore, for my friend his tattoo has a very strong cultural significance because for the people who goes through the bodily transformation because of some deep rooted reasons the act of transformation is a way of communicating with the society and the culture. Not all but most of the time the transformations are very helpful for the person, it helps him to come to terms with his social identity or cultural surroundings. The tattoo of my friend is a way to tell the society that he is in control of his body which in a way implies that he is in control of his life.
Similarly, as for the question that whether those transformations are successful in conveying the message they are intended to, is a tricky one. Sometimes such transformation do convey very vividly what they are meant to convey. Other times they only have a meaning for the person undergoing the transformation but for the society the meaning eludes. For example, the small tattoos on the biceps of my friend have a significant meaning for only those people who know his past, but for the society it does not hold a very clear meaning. But one point worthy of note is that every such transformation does have a very strong motivation behind it, so whether society comprehends the meaning or not; most often there is a story behind the transformation.

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