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Reflective Memo

For the final paper I have chosen how to repair a worn faucet washer for the beginning plumbers and made it look efficiently done. Each title update the reader that the meticulous sets of instructions will tell them how to do. For example, under the heading “shut of the water supply” the reader can expect to learn how to shut off the water supply by looking at the figure. (see figure 2) in that section of sets of instruction. The intended audience for this set of instruction could be anyone and especially the beginners.
I used invention to make sure that all aspects of the instructions made sense and are user responsive. I prepared it in such a way to make sure that the whole thing was set up in order so that the reader would have everything they need as far as material and knowledge before they move onto the next instructional step. Delivery was very important in this because it needed to be informative in a clear and concise way. The pictures had to match the direction it applied to and had to be paired with the step by step to target all types of learners.
My main focus for the technical description was the different steps. I didn’t want my reader to have to interpret the entire text in order to get the specific information they required. It was in fact imperative to make certain I only included the information that was absolutely necessary and arrange it in a way that was easy to scan through and pick out what was needed. Arranging and rearranging the pictures and text helped me find the layout that was most appealing to the eye as well as the mind.
Obviously the fronts cover of the brochure needed to be bright and appealing in order to get someone to pick it up because when someone usually picks up something like that the first thing they do is look the cover. I used delivery in this project to decide where I should place the information that was most relevant to the audience.
For the Final paper it was important to think about Invention very carefully because ultimately the goal here was to convince the reader that the action being suggested in the Paper is worth the cost. Since everyone uses water that part was pretty easy. From there I had to find a way to convince that the benefits from saving water by repairing the worn faucet far outweighed the cost, which I tried to keep minimal. I did this by creating a situation where very little would have to be done on the parts to put it into effect.
I felt that the way I wrote this paper really made it easier for me to envisage where my ideas were going. I started by first recognizing the major topic I wanted to deal with. After that I sketched ways to build up it and then extended through exploration. After I had collected the information I needed to create a compelling argument for my cause I wrote the Introduction and the Conclusion. Writing this way made it easier to keep my thoughts straight because sometimes they can come out all jumbled and wrong.
Overall this semester I felt like I gained a very good understanding of the outcomes that I used to develop my projects. While I was putting my portfolio together I realized that doing the projects, writing about them afterwards in the reflective memos, and revising them later for this last project just reinforced the outcomes and made it second nature to use them in my writing.
Along with all of these writing design guides style definitely played a role in each assignment. I've discovered that it's not just about where you put the basic information on the pages, it's also about how you present it. I tried to organize it in such a way as to appeal to a particular viewers. I learned to first consider who it is I am addressing, especially when it comes to international communication.
For this portfolio delivery was the one of my biggest apprehension. I wanted my folder to run as if it would, if I were handing to someone in a portfolio of some sort.
I feel like this semester has taught me so much. Now every time I approach a project it is my first reaction to map out my major ideas and minor ideas, then research, organize my information, and present it in a way that is appealing to the eye as well as the mind. I've never gotten so much out of an English class up until this point. These projects have effectively put guidelines of technical communication in my mind for the rest of my life. 


A Guide For Saving The Cost of a Plumber


Equipment and Material Needed ..4


Regular or Phillips (crossed head) screwdriver4
New washer of same size and shape as worn washer4
Valve for shutting off water supply..4

Safety Precautions.5

Sets of Instructions: Final Paper
How to Replace a Worn Faucet washer
A dripping faucet, cause by a damaged washer, can drop up to fifteen gallons of water each day. This drop can affect in a higher water receipt, excess of the infected system and well drain, a boost in your hot-water invoice, and corrosion or chlorine set down in your sink washbasin. These directions point out how to restore the washer. No particular information or expertise is required. Drips in a compression faucet normally take place when a rubber stopper or washer wears away over time, letting water to leak amid changeable metal components. Fitting a compression spray valve engross disassembling the component and restoring the faulty washers and stoppers. It’s essential to fasten the water delivery to the bathe, and to guard the exterior of the container or bathe flooring and wrap the drain. Acquire a faucet washer supplies so you’ll have the essential substitute O-rings and washers on hand.


The distinctive faucet comprises of an encircling handle (Figure 1) which, when twisted, causes the stalk to rotate until the washer sits tightly over the place. With the washer in position, the running water is blocked or closed. A damaged washer loses the capability to shape a firm stopper, causing a seep or drip to build up. Restoring the damaged washer eradicate the dripping. First, sense the water seeping from the container spout or shower head. If it’s lukewarm, you know that the drip is coming from the hot-water tap. If the water has been soaked at the same time and it is cold, the drip is almost certainly coming from the cold-water tap.

Equipment and Material Needed

• Pliers
• Standard or Phillips (crossed head) screwdriver
• New washer of similar size and shape as damaged washer
• Tap for closing off water supply
Figure1. Typical Faucet in Exploded View

Safety Precautions

Caution and Warnings
These directions are only valid to faucets that have washers.
Avoid by means of any disproportionate force on the threaded components, because they are made of flexible metal and could without difficulty strip.
Close the water supply. Look under the washbasin or fixture for the shutoff valve. If you are incapable to locate a valve in this place, utilize the key shutoff valve situated in underground or underneath the house. The water pipeline (one-half to one inch in diameter) more often than not instigate within basement wall. Place the shutoff valve by subsequent pipeline from the wall to an attached valve, typically within a few feet of the wall (Figure 2). Rotate this valve completely clockwise. With your water supply lock , you can get the faucet separately.
Figure 2. Location of the Valve Handle
2. Take apart the faucet. Before taking away the handle, unbolt the faucet to let left over water in the pipe to run off. Using your screwdriver, take away the screw on top of the handle. If a cap covers up the screw, snoop it off. (Figure 1).
2. Take away the handle. Next, eradicate the packing nut, using pliers to rotate the nut counter-clockwise. The horizontal spherical nut washer can now be raised up from the faucet support. With packing nut and washer detached, screw the stem out of the support by rotating the faucet in the “unbolt” direction. Raise the stem out of the support and go on to step 3.
3. Restore the damaged washer. By means of your screwdriver, detach the screw holding the washer for the support of the stem (Figure 1). Take away the damaged washer and put it back into a novel one of the similar size, using the washer rotate to clasp it in place. (Washers of different sizes can be bought at any hardware shop.) If the washer screw is damaged, swap it. When the new washer is set in position, go on to step 4.
4. Repair the faucet. To repair your faucet, turn around the series explained in step 2. Caution: Do not make tighter the packing nut! Using pliers, rotate the stem into the support until it stops to rotate. Next, put the packing washer and nut over the gears in the neckline. Make tighter the packing nut using the force of one hand. Finally, protect the knob with your screwdriver. When the faucet is entirely brought together, rotate the handle to the “off” location and go on to step 5.
5. Open the water supply. First, make sure to see that your faucet is completely stopped. Next, turn the water on gradually (about one-half turn each time) until the shutoff valve is completely unlocked. These sluggish turns prevent a swift upsurge of pressure, which could break the pipes. Your faucet should now be as first-class as new.


Fixing a seeping faucet is frequent at the home repairs chore. Endurance and a bit of guideline can allocate you to keep the expenditure of a plumber by doing the work yourself.

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