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Same sex-marriage debate

Gay marriage is the subject to dispute on a par with civil and social issues. Same-sex marriage is characterized as an alliance between human beings of the same gender. At the fare 2001, some nations made same sex-marriage a legal union. Below are some pros and cons of making same-sex marriage legal.


1. The promotion of true religion freedoms
The free choice of religion provides an opportunity for a person to confess a religion without intervention of the government. Further, it defends those who do not confess any religion, barrier them from being forced into life with religious values they do not appreciate. Gay marriages cohere with the free choice of religion in that it withdraws religious ideas away from laws of marriage, which may have earlier to form those laws. There is no any existence of religion ranking in the community that truly reveres the free choice of religion. Consequently, the religious ideas of no one specific group should be throw the handkerchief in the elaboration of the laws of marriage. There are religions that accept gay marriages, and there are some who do not support this idea. So, the most honest and ethic way – that protects all human beings equally despite their religious beliefs – is to abide religion views from originating of marriage laws.
2. The infringement of the rights of the minorities.
Homosexuals are a minority in our society. In 37 states, gays and lesbians are expelled from the marriage institution. Moreover, the government more than 1000 federal benefits in connection with marriage deny legally married people. Such way of discrimination negatively influences gay couples, because they are forced to live in fear, be at a conflict with society. It also causes psychological stresses and health issues. The Constitution proclaims that every human deserves the equal rights. Furthermore, it is a country’s favor to make free a chance for same-sex couples to unlock their potential in life, without spending time and efforts in the fight for equality. The discrimination in every relation to the society is, actually, subversive actions for the society, which, eventually, brings sequences, that adversely affect not only suppressed, but the oppressors as well. The end of violation of the equal marriage rights will somehow improve the situation.
3. The promotion of the stability of the families.
Children have always been represented as hopes for the better future, so the country should maintain their development despite whom they were raised by. To regard the alliance as an institutional unit, it supports the welfare of the kids, through ensuring families with different rights, warrants and privileges, which can consolidate the relationships in family. Rejection of the possibility to marry, unjustly distress children, who live in the gay families, living in the places, where gay marriages are not approved. Such lack of support for gay couples, withhold children, born in gay families in a same way of protection as the kids who are born in a straight families. This also force children to accept the fact as their moms and dads are treated as rank below straight people and do not deserve equal treatment in community. The decision of this issue will help children and their gay parents end the unequal treatment and support the stability gay people’s families.


1. The effect on the children.
Gay couples can provide children with both biological father and mother. The result of researches said that children who were raised without a father are in risk to start early sexual relationship, which can lead to pregnancy. Girls, who were raised without a mother in a risk to abridge emotional secure of the mother. Despite the fact, that the great number of people can raise a child without defining traditional gender roles, the child may demand to be surrounded by a mother and a father in order to fell loved and cared about, to fulfill their potential. After the marriages became supportive, gay couples will abridge the children of the one important element – parent figure. The researches state that the significance of these roles is important in future relationships of the kids.
2. Tax dollars utilization.
Being married give couple the right to receive all the benefits provided. Gay marriage would give gay people the right to the usual marriage privileges such as the right to intent for the tax remissions for a husband or a wife, obtaining security payments from late husband or wife and coverage by the husband or wife’s medical insurance. All these privileges are largely maintain by the taxpayers. Those people, who will never vote for authorization of gay marriages, must watch how their taxes money are spent on something that they are not support at all. The person will never approve to spend their money on the idea that they do not appreciate.
3. The meaning of marriage.
Marriage is determined, as a social institution, as an alliance between a man and a woman. Such definition is supported by all nations and major religions, and the purpose of marriage is the right to have children. When gay unions become possible, gay couples will get the same rights as straight couples, but they cannot produce kids together. As the result, the traditional meaning of the marriage will shift from the sacred purpose of having children to simply adult human contentment.
As for my opinion, I am pro authorization of the gay marriage. I am totally disagreed with the statement, that gay marriages will destroy the true definition of marriage. Due to the fact that we all live in a civilized society, and the Constitution proclaims that all human beings deserve the equal rights, gay people should not be an exception only because their sexual orientation. Gay couple should be allowed to get married and celebrate their commitment in public similarly to straight couples. Marriage, as a legal activity, should be beneficial to gay couples too. Gay people must have the same right to joint ownership, insurance, taxes issues and medical assistance. The last and the most important thing, that the society should finally understand, the gay people are people too and stop this violent acts against them. Because of the ban of same-sex marriage, gay and lesbians are forced to live in fear and hide their relationship from the world, instead of being happy and enjoy life, getting married and having kids.

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