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Published: 2021/01/09

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Question one

Marriages of people from diverse family background, unequal social classes, and social change, experience high level of divorce and remarriages. After marriage, the couple finds several factors in which they differ from, they had not identified before marriage. The differences lead to lack of consensus, hence divorce and remarriages.

Question two

The historical marriage was conducted under Christianity authority, where church leaders confirmed marriage between two individuals. These marriages were considered holy, and the parents from both sides had to be involved. It was procedural. The modern institutional marriage involves the willing of two individuals to marry. Then the authority of the state gives a marriage certificate, under their request.

Question three

Annulment refers to the legal procedure in which a marriage is declared null and void. The marriage between a man and a woman is completely erased legally. Unlike marriage divorce, annulment is retroactive, meaning that marriage is considered invalid from the beginning as if it never existed. Divorce is a dissolution of marriage legally returning both parties to single status.

Question four

Divorce rate means the number of divorces, which occur among the population during a given period, usually one year, in a given geographical area, per 1000 of total population. It implies the probability of a couple having divorce after marriage, with a given duration.

Question Five

Two methods that can be used to predict the odds of divorce for a couple that are marrying today include their racial, social, and cultural differences. Another method that can be used to predict the odds of marriage is their education differences, age and babies.

Question Six

The divorce revolution was beneficial to women as it gave them equal rights to sue for divorce, similar to men. Women were given their right to divorce, which was considered as the first step towards women rights.

Question Seven

Divorce revolution gave women their right to demand for divorce. Therefore, divorced women were considered acceptable in the society, and they could live independently. It therefore led to independence effect for women. The revolution also could be financially independent and could generate their own income. Therefore, it connected to income effect, regarding financial independence of women.

Question Eight

The great recession, according to statistics decreased the rates of divorce among the married couples. However, the recession reduced the fertility rate of women as well as decreasing the marriage rate. Due to economic hardship, couples increased their cooperation, reducing divorce rate.

Question Nine

Men are likely to remarry after divorce as compared to men. In most cases, women who have been divorced are considered unfit for marriage. However, divorced men are considered unsatisfied with previous married, and therefore have a chance of finding the right partner.

Question Ten

It is often difficult to define relationship and roles in blended families because it involves bringing together children from previous relationship. It is difficult to cope with the prevailing differences between them. Considering the sequence of birth of children and division of responsibility is quite difficult for their parents.

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