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Published: 2021/01/09

Authors: Burt, C. H., Simons, R. L., & Gibbons, F. X

This sociological review tries to analyze the role that the racial discrimination plays in various criminal activities that diverse races across America are involved. The study further links the personal experiences of different individuals with the crime level that has continuously been witnessed with races that have been discriminated against due to the rank that they have been given in the society. Racism is a key factor in this review that is seen to contribute to a number of crimes that have been recorded. This study tries to create a social-physiological model that tries to link the relationship between crime and racism. There also exist diverse models that are put no evaluation based on how environmental factors have affected the African American culture. Through properly analyzing various panels date from diverse African American, who are found in family and community health study, the results found support the study. This is because the results gathered support the research whereby it is stated, racial discrimination is in a great way associated with crime. This is due to the neglect that these discriminated races feel and in turn result in crime. It is also noted that there are a number of factors apart from racism that significantly influence the number of crimes that are associated with race. Some of the factors that are evaluated in this study include cultural socialization factors. This is in relation to the environment that the different races are exposed to; it is evident that a hostile environment is likely to result in violence. The study also indicated the impact that parenting play in ensuring there are fewer cases of the incidents under evaluation (Burt, Callie Harbin, Ronald, and Frederick 648)

Methods Used

The method used in this research is sampling where FACHS, which is an investigation department that has been developed to facilitate investigation into the lives of African Americans living in a given location. It is through analyzing the external factors that might influence a change in behavior of the individuals under observation that they can arrive at given conclusions. The areas involved in sampling include rural areas, metropolitan communities, and suburban areas. Diversity in the sampling is significant since it is useful inappropriately arriving at reliable results. The data collected in the different areas of sampling was collected under the same circumstances. This is done in order to ensure that there is accuracy. The families that were involved in the sampling method came from different demographic backgrounds. This is done to evaluate the role that economic differences play in influencing the pressure that the different families are under (Burt, Callie Harbin, Ronald, and Frederick 665).
The samples collected were analyzed in consideration to data that had been previously collected in the same area. Through using previous data from previous years, the research took an effective turn into establishing the role that changes in economic demographics plays in the research being conducted. The participants of the various sampling locations were compensated with different amounts. The compensation that the families received varied from the caregivers to the children and the youth. Compensation is essential due to the role that it plays in ensuring that there is full cooperation of the participants. The compensation handed out also acts as a motivation fee.


Based on the research conducted, it is evident that the factor being evaluated in this study is quite influential. Racism is seen to be a significant factor, which affects the way individuals that are being discriminated against compose themselves. This is well evaluated in the research conducted, and the conclusion arrived at a supports the subjected. Racism results in crime due to the value that the individuals discriminated against have of themselves. This is evident through the number of crimes that are recorded to be associated with African Americans. The increase in crimes along areas that are composed of African Americans and particularly in rural areas is due to the discrimination that they receive. Suburban areas have a noted increase in racially based crimes due to the high rate of discrimination. Suburban Americans view African American as an inferior race; it is due to this that they tend to exercise high level of discrimination, which result in crime. The crime that the African Americans are involved in seems to be motivated by anger. This is because they are not pleased with how they are treated despite them being human beings who deserve equal rights. Depression is also seen to play a major role in driving African American into crimes. This is because they are not happy about the treatment that they are receiving. Depression is an emotional feeling that may drive individuals into pursuing wrong doings that they had not anticipated. This is due to the sudden urge that these individuals may have to get back to the people who are discriminating against them. In this instance, crimes that are recorded in the American states committed by African Americans are solely based on racism among other factors.

Importance of this Research

It is inevitable not to acknowledge that there have been many crimes in America that have been carried out by African Americans (Covington 23). Therefore, there is a need to ensure that there are proper evaluations conducted to establish why this is the case. In this instance, racism is viewed to be a major factor that contributes to these crimes. This should be one of the major factors to be considered since it carries a lot of weight and possibilities to evaluate (Alexander 96). The factors are diverse and require proper methodology to reach an appropriate solution; this is well put in this research. The research properly evaluates the role that racism plays in contributing to the numerous crimes that the African American are involved in. The research puts all this factors to consideration where the relevant steps are taken under the most appropriate circumstances. Through this, it is evident that the research conducted becomes reliable. The research also becomes relevant to helping various understand the relevant step that need to be taken to ensure that there is equal treatment (Jones-Brown, Delores, Beverly, and Marvie 79). This is because equal treatment is a major contributor to ensuring that there is a reduction in the crimes being witnessed. It is through equal treatment that there will be the development belonging that will in turn promote peace and harmony. The research also puts across other factors that affect other races that drive them to crime. One of the factors considered is depression. This aspect is well analyzed whereby its contribution to crime is put across. If people would appropriately look into these factors, it would be easy for them to cut down or put an end to racism. This is because racism is of no benefits since it is seen to contribute to a rise in crime in the society.
If the community appropriately considers such factors, the significance of unity will be well known to all. In this instance, the findings that are arrived at are appropriate indication that there is a need for change. The community should recognize that there are needs to be a change in perspective. This is because the research conducted when evaluated to previous research conducted in the same areas of research establishes that there has been little change. This is due to the role that the American community has played in fostering and contributing to the racism that is being witnessed. If there were a change in perspective where African American would be embraced as equals of the Americans, there would be a decrease in crime. This is because the African Americans being discriminated against would feel like part of the American population. It is inevitable to acknowledge that times have changed where racial discrimination should completely eradicated. This can only be achieved if such research is used to develop a viable solution that will help educate the society. Parents should also use research such as this to educate their children on the need to stop discrimination. African American parents can also use research like this to ensure that their children are made aware of the challenges that they may encounter but not fall to the temptation to involve themselves in crime. This research is seen to contribute to other studies that have been conducted to establish the role that racism has played in contributing to crime.

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