The Basic Human Nature Essay Examples

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Selfishness is a quality that is found deep within us all, regardless of whether or not we acknowledge it. Buried deep within, selfishness oozes out from our dark side. Individuals are actually disposed to coordinate with one another, to address their own issue and goals.
People who tend to be egotistical are coordinative to reach the desire that they need and crave. In order to reach their goal, we will do whatever it takes to utilize every material and individual around us for our own success not thinking twice about the effect it has on others. People who are
close minded tend to show tactics that are manipulative, conspiring and even degrading towards others, this is caused by our motive to have an apprehension of loss of control. They will do everything in their power to control whatever they manage to get their hands on, in spite of anyone feeling over the long haul. For example, in a competition they would do whatever it takes to win the prize, regardless of the consequences and respect towards others feelings. A large portion of them would assume all the praise of the gathering work to get higher self-regard and certainty.
Although, most say humans are not selfish or greedy and the nature of humans is to give, to love and to aspire others to contribute to society and help one another. In a nutshell, the human nature is to care, give, and love. Applebee notes that times have changed and our necessity and succeeding is the main thing individuals consider and accepting prizes and objectives in light of the fact that everybody is doing likewise.
In most situations, when one talks about an experience as soon as he finishes the other person starts talking about their own experience. This is the slightest of selfishness, not caring what has been said. Thinking for others is typical and caring and thriving to give is impulse on individual and for one to adore each other and help one another with respect to do likewise for the same person. Still perceiving a narrow minded individual is difficult, most people have a selfish attribute regardless of how they show it .Most individuals have a "me first" characteristic to succeed in what they need to flourish in. Despite the fact that you would see that quality in themselves, having a minute when arranging something in light of current circumstances then having misgivings to turn the tables toward self-centeredness considerations (Applebee). The "me first " dependably put their self first in spite of may truly require it, they would just view individuals as means to get what they need and underestimate them.
All life demands struggle and those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life. The very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid are the major characteristics building the people we are today (BrainyQuote). People tend to cooperate or ask someone to do it and have the credit for it. Being selfish creates a habit of taking the path of least resistance and everything is given off to their hand.
In the general history of Virginia, the delegates fought over power for their own needs and satisfaction. Delegates did not care what responsibility they had as long as they satisfied their selfish needs. They used to manipulate the power they held in their hands to manipulate things towards themselves. We hardly expect everybody to be good and helpful to us. We do not even expect people to use us for their benefits and behave in a manner that make us feel worthless and low. We do not expect people to help us in return for everything we do, for even if we do, we do not mention it. However, we do expect people to notice and acknowledge our efforts to help them (

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