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The hard republican party that operated under the headship of Berry Goldwater did follow the socialistic cause in the vague of modernism, but the party’s basic purpose was to challenge the democracy so that the a few intellectually superior minds can make the decisions for the public, and the people should select the government, but they must have limited power of determining the actions of the administration.

Historical Political Perspective between Republicans and Democrats

However, the classic democrat party won over republicans because the masses did not have an urge to operate under the softer controls of the socialism during 1964 Presidential elections, and in this way, the public rejected socialism, but Goldwater became the member of senate again in the year of 1969, but his success in this regard did not attach to his political power, and he earned success due to his personal characteristics, and therefore, his image as a politician degraded with the passage of time, and now, Hilary has to suffer the consequences of her early choices as a political activist, and in the present, she has to prove herself as a democratically motivated person in order to reap support from the people, and that would record a hard turnaround in her career.

Hilary’s Job to Scan the Environment

The politician has to sniff the environmental aspects so that she can decide to switch sides according to the prevalent balance of power, and apparently, Hilary is about to make that decision, but the question would remain that how she can change her image from a republican to partial democrat, and according to logical semantics, one has to admit her mistake that she made in the past, and she had to show her commitment to fulfill socialistic cause so that her image can attain acceptability in the general public.

Hilary’s Detachment from the Goldwater’s Philosophy

The politicians have to speak the words of masses, and the public does not want socialistic regimes, and therefore, Hilary had to detach herself from the image that she carried in the past, and she actually would not have to follow Goldwater, and the female candidate for presidency would not have to defame classic republican at a personal level, but she had to publically consider his political ideas as outdated and unpractical to say the least. Hilary’s public statement in this regard would destruct her previous image, and the public will hold the power to redefine Hilary as a changing, twisting, and dynamically active political worker. At the same time, the masses can identify her as a failed republican who is looking for a political advantage, but both of the viewpoints are philosophically valid, but the majority gives a final verdict in this regard.

Americans are politically Forgiving Nation

The American nation has a certain way to give politicians second chances to rectify their past mistakes, and Hilary would have to hope to receive public forgiveness. The probability of the abovementioned event is healthy because the Americans in general believe in one’s ability to move forwards in life, and the focus on future will help the troubled republican in her conquest of finding solid ground.

Hilary’s past haunts her

The politician is nothing without public support, and Hilary is missing that, and therefore, she had to build a case in order to support her innocence as an inexperienced politician who blindly followed an idealistic approach that had a limited application in the world that is significantly impressed from the philosophy of capitalism.
The capitalistic mindset has impacted every part of our lives, and therefore, politics is not pervious from the resultant fiscal effects, and capitalism in general promotes freedom of choice, and the businesses have to run under the assumption that promotes free economic setup, but the theory of republics argue that government has to control the factors of production so that the collective needs of the societies can receive a prioritized treatment under the leadership of government, but the element of corruptive force would destroy every promise that socialism makes in practical terms.
On the other hand, democrats have supported the philosophy that has an adequate level of alignment with the mindset of corporations, and the big companies are the ones those are running the world so democrats have developed a winning strategy that has the profound and paramount ability to respond to overall fiscal climate of the world so the republicans have to adjust their political viewpoint in such a manner that will allow them to appear acceptable in the eyes of the general public, but in the current cultural and social setting, the world is moving towards the era that will record unprecedented application of capitalism so one person cannot make a strong difference, and therefore, Hilary has to remain a part of the system in order to bring the change that she seeks in the society.

Interactivity of Capitalism and Socialism

Social and capitalistic philosophies have to work collaboratively in order to serve the needs of publicized freedom and notable corporate culture of the world as well. In this way, Hilary has to entertain the possibility of conjoining both of the governing approaches in order to fulfill two social requirements those are necessary in terms of enhancing socialistic sustainability to say the least.

Need to have a Mental Changeover

However, Hilary has to grow out of the mental state that impressed her about the possibility to apply republican theory of governance universally, and we as a background team have to develop an impressive speech in this regard so that the public can receive a moving message that can give them the reason to believe in Hilary’s ability to make a difference in the world of the 21st century, and she has to consider the possibility that her presidential campaign may fail because the public can reject her altogether, and she had to have emotional preparation to handle the trauma that she might experience in the end of her tedious journey.

Consideration of other Professional Fields: Developing Softer Outlook

Furthermore, Hilary has to develop potential that she can use in order to excel in other fields of life, and she can make a very good and effective professor because having a backup plan would never hurt, and failure would not appear that severe. Secondly, the leader may have to take an individualistic approach towards life because the society may not accept her changing political role from serious republican to soft democrat.
Thirdly, Clinton has features of an authoritative leader who needs a significant level of seasoning in order to emerge as an effective leading figure in the challenging world order where model of centralized leadership would not find applicatory value and with the passage of time, the aggregate nature of culture throughout the globe is becoming more and more supportive in the direction of permitting people to listen to their hearts, and the norms about sex and sexual identities would also remain influx for many years to come in the future, and the capitalism is defining itself as a leading economic mindset of the world because it takes human effort into account in order to determine one’s financial and societal wealth, and the socialistic concerns are going to serve the needs of the suffering cradles of the community so that they can survive through the challenging phases of their lives.

Summary of Potential Presidential Campaign: The Triangular Effect of Capitalism, Socialism and Globalism

The thrust of the speeches those we are going to academically grow for the featured leader would include a notably powerful realization of the fact that will profess her disbelief in the application of socialism as a prominent way of thinking in the present era. Hilary has to proclaim that she has seen that the times are changing, and republican view of the world will dominate the futuristic outlook of the world, but for now, we have to make do with what we have, and capitalism that paves way of individualism in social terms is a powerful trend that can stand against.
The ultimate version of capitalism would take the shape of socialism because the element of globalization would render the world into a unified entity, and the people will start to consider themselves as the citizens of the entire world, and as a result of that psychological change, we will have a world that would value the needs of the many more than those of the few, and which, is what, we define as socialism that provides republicans with the mission.
The mission of the party would keep it alive, and we have to play our role in the process of moving our cause of existence forwards, and our visions towards life would keep us alive indefinitely as Nelson Mandela is a permanent chapter in the books of world political history, but we will have to find methods those can help us add a verse into the pages of present those will attain the stature of historical account one day.

Academic Validation of Goldwater’s Theory

Berry Goldwater had ideas that were simply magnificent, but they were having a theoretical nature, and that element caused them to appear too much idealistic for eyes and minds of laymen, and therefore, they could not relate to the astronomical vision of a greatest visionary, but we have to carry on the journey in the direction of a dream that he held so dearly, and we have to add the attribute of procedural realities so that we can formalize the establishment of aims and at the later stage of the effort, we have to adjust our plans in order to ensure that we meet our idealized goals.
On the other hand, the vision of Berry was not that useless because if the timing was right then, he could have transformed the world in his own ways, but now the task resides on our shoulders, and we have to use every fiber of our body to carry out the mission. The trend of globalization is having maximum degree of influence on the cultural dynamics of the world, and therefore, humanity is rather responding to the sameness of issues those it collectively face, and the word collective means that we have to bind and pool our resources in order to respond to challenges such as global warming, water shortage and international economic recession, and when the world will jolt out its intellectual sleepiness, and by then, the global forces would come in terms with the real issues that all nations confront.
Nevertheless, according to historians, history moves in circles, and we started from the world where there was equality, and peace (Schlesinger, 268), but the period of hunters and gatherers brought the question of ownership into the human equation, and greediness dwelled as an outcome, and social inequality emerged as a long term ramification of the popular culture, and social rights became purely literary concepts those the world praised, but seldom applied.


This paper has an underlying objective to highlight the fact that socialistic values are going to be significantly applied ones in the near future because of massiveness of issues those are facing the humanity at large so it is important for us to embrace the words of Goldwater once again in order to save the world from total environmental decay, and Hilary has to form an appeal about the need to have public support for fulfillment of a dream that talks about the future world where there is no social inequality, and the practical philosophy of the featured deceased politician would go a long way in terms of easing fiscal and environmental pressures those the globe with limited resources have to endure, and Hilary will use capitalism as a means to introduce and solidify application of socialistic mindset.

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