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In the article “Use Your Own Words” Anne Trubek describes how changes occur in the English language. She notes that the rules of the English language are not cast on stone and can change with time. Anne presents her ideas from a chronological standpoint clearly showing the link between language changes and the reasons behind it. Apparently, she uses evidence dating back to initial civilization when man used scribes. The existence of variations of words is, therefore, not a modern thing, and she has offered support on these facts. The fundamental goal of any language is to communicate, and the strict rules may not aid in the same if the environment on which one uses the language changes. Her ideas, mode of presentation and evidence provided increases the believability of her arguments.
She takes to task by questioning the authority of the autocorrect in most devices that change the meaning of words. Such lead to embarrassment as the strict rule that autocorrect software use was meant for a past period and hence applying them toady proves unreasonable. With enough support, she explain how words like “Ok” and “color” came to be in America, while in Europe they remain “okay” and “colour.” From these premises, she argues that there is no reason for one to continue using the same words in the previous times as the context has since changed. For example, letter writing and print material has reduced significantly with the advent of mobile phones and computers. Words like “later” have become “l8r” while “won” has become “1” all of which convey the same meaning. Anne notes that there is a need for more variations of words making the departure from the traditional rules that are not as binding as autocorrect software manufacturers wants one to think. The technological advancement alongside the changes in the social-economic status requires that language use must change to adapt to the social changes as such acts as an inertia to change.
I concur with Anne on the changes that must occur in the English language. This is not the first time that the language is faced with a lot of pressure to deviate from the rigid rules of writing of the print era. The technology has almost made letters obsolete except for office communication where hardcopy evidence may be required for filing or future reference. Change is inevitable when it comes and the earlier the autocorrect manufacturers, and the rest realizes that their software does not help as initially intended, the better as it is too cumbersome to use. I use abbreviations of many words such as “btn” for “between”, “ASAP” for “as soon as possible”, “y” for “why”, and “U” for “you”, among others. Using these abbreviations makes typing messages easy and more convenient. However, I must note with keen interest that the use of different words does not reduce the need for following from rules of writing when it comes to official communication. Each person must, therefore; exercise caution when writing formal documents to ensure that one follows all the basic rules of English.
As the description above shows, it is important to note that the role of technology in the current world is critical in all aspects. As indicated, technology has influenced the way we use the English language. The traditional grammar rules are making it difficult to use technology in the light of the autocorrect software. The current grammar rules may not hold in the informal communication. The use of abbreviations and variants of words convey the same meaning and even aid in typing faster. The way one writes today has changed and so must the rules that govern the language. However, it is essential for one to maintain the levels of formal communication since it is also important. Limiting the levels of variations of the language is, therefore, necessary.

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