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The impact of language on gender show significant differences on male and female speakers and women’s language is perceived differently. Social factors other than gender too have a role to play in how a language is used by men and women. Research shows that women work harder as compared to men in interaction. Although men and women acknowledged the same characteristics in women’s speech, but these characteristics were rated differently in terms of salience. No matter how they speak or write, men are always rated as more masculine and women as more feminine. Evaluations demonstrate that language spoken by women is considered to be more nurturing and less masculine (Dennison, 2006).
Gender messages have always been portrayed through newspapers, magazines, and television. The women are preferably shown to be younger than men and perform stereotypical roles such teachers or are shown as mothers at home. The males are shown carrying more responsible and serious roles outside the home and as leaders or enjoying life outdoor. Typically, women get portrayed for their grace, style, and sexuality. Television producers and advertisers try to sell on the imagery of feminism which are shown to shop, clean, cooking, etc. Men make decisions related to finances, insurance and offer professional opinions. One grows up watching those commercials or movies, and the media messages leave a great impact on the psyche of individuals, forcing them to think in those lines (Pryor, 2014).
Is the US health care system has been referred to as "racist, sexist, and class-biased"? It is true that there has been little change in the quality of health care for many minorities even though the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights asks for equal treatment and equal access in the health care industry. Racial minorities continue to die at a significantly higher rate as compared to the white Americans. Disparities in health status among men and women, racial/ethnic groups continue to exist. For example, the heart disease and prevalence of diabetes for African-Americans is higher as compared to Whites. White women receive less of those lifesaving drugs for heart attacks as compared to men (Randall, 2002).
The society has different expectations for men and women, and this has a role to play in the prevalence of eating disorders. The beauty norms are stricter for women, and they are expected to remain slim and graceful at all times. This only leads to inappropriate compensatory behaviors. Women significantly report more of fasting, and vomiting and other eating orders as compared to men. Eating disorders arise because of emotional, psychological and social factors. Still, a lot more research needs to be done on gender expression, sexuality, body image and eating disorders (Striegel et al., 2009).


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