Good Argumentative Essay Topics and Ideas That Really Work

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10 Feb 2020

A strong argumentative essay requires students to choose a unique topic and take a position on it. When writing, you will need to back up your point of view with credible information and well-researched facts. One of the hardest parts of the writing journey is to decide on the topic to cover. However, there are multiple options available to get started. Sometimes the brightest ideas are sparked by considering different subjects, so feel free to explore this list of great topics and choose the one that piques your interest.

argumentative essay topics

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How to Choose Great Topics for Argumentative Essay?

A clear, debatable, and firm topic should be in the center of every great argumentative paper. It’s impossible to write on several issues at once as your readers are likely to lose their interest or get lost entirely in the idea. Moreover, usually essays are limited in a number of pages: the more subjects you try to extend over, the more additional information comes up. We highly recommend avoiding paper ideas that are associated with global problems in a broad sense. Hence, narrow your topic down to a particular aspect, area or time-frame and toss away extra details such as useless examples and excessive descriptions.

Tara Christianson, Literature and Arts Professor at Yale, defines four main characteristics of good topics for an argumentative essay. Try to keep them CDRM:

  • C - current
  • D - debatable
  • R - researchable
  • M - manageable

And of course, effective controversial paper topics are passionate, so choose the one that matches your interests.

Below we have prepared the ultimate list of argument essay topics for students from different disciplines and academic levels. It’s by no means exhaustive, and you are welcome to modify the offered titles according to your own requirements.


Easy Argumentative Essay Topics to Get You Started

Our paper writing service has been successfully providing academic assistance to thousands of students for over a decade now. Our professional writers are aware of paper topics that are approved by professors and favored by students. Check out a couple of simple debatable ideas that might come in handy for you:

  • Do people really cause global climate change?
  • Is any particular fashion important today?
  • Are digital apps useful or just timewasting toys?
  • What is the true meaning of love?


Example Selection of Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

Student life is full of various challenges. However, you shouldn’t miss a chance to excite your audience with a legit paper on a funny argumentative topic. Take a look at these excellent sample ideas:

  • Why do women pretend that they like sports?
  • Should it be prohibited to post pictures and videos of funny cats on social media?
  • What is the worst song ever written?
  • Can playing with a Barbie doll influence your entire life?


Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics: Top Handpicked Ideas

The best way to produce an A-grade paper is to select an idea that genuinely interests you. If you are still here, then you are likely to be looking for something really exceptional like these college argumentative essay topics:

  • Has the development of technology made our life easier?
  • Is it justifiable and moral to use animals in medical research?
  • How important is school education for kids who want to reach future career success?
  • Is it true that women’s body images are influenced by advertising and media?


Popular Topics to Write an Argumentative Essay On

Good topics for argumentative paper have no clear answer and always cover some potentially confrontational options. Below we have collected various essay ideas for all academic levels to inspire you and spark your creativity.

Argumentative essay topics for middle school students

By the time students get to 6th grade, 7th grade or 8th grade, they should be able to speak on easy argumentative paper ideas on a broader perspective compared to pupils at the elementary level. Some of the possible options for young learners include:

  • Do all people have a right to Internet access?
  • Does the typical American have a healthy and well-balanced diet?
  • What issue should the US lawmakers be most concerned with?
  • Should religion be kept away from politics in all countries?

Argumentative essay topics for high school students

Argumentative essays are commonly assigned to high school students, and there are plenty of domains they can explore. Check these good topics and see if the one interests you enough to craft a paper about it:

  • Does your vote count?
  • Is single-sex education beneficial to students?
  • Do movements like #MeToo or Black Lives Matter help promote awareness and inclusiveness?
  • Should mankind invest in space exploration?

Argumentative essay topics for college students

The college level is a high point of studying. If you are a college-goer and wish to write a top-notch paper, try to focus on topical issues rather than easy and funny subject matters. Your essay should reflect your study and needs detailed reasoning and research. Check out the following options:

  • Has Facebook lost its edge?
  • Can a lie be justified if it leads to general goodness?
  • Do electric cars offer a remedy to global air pollution?
  • Do modern TV shows and ads influence people’s morality and mind?

With the help of our broad list of topics, you are guaranteed to get a good grade! However, if your time is running out and you are frantically googling ‘essays for sale online,’ don’t fret. Our experts can provide high-quality academic assistance and produce a paper within the shortest terms. Place an order right now or contact our support representative and get prompt answers to all your questions.


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