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11 Feb 2020

A definition means a statement explaining the exact meaning of a word. Accordingly, a definition essay is a type of academic writing, whose purpose is to explain some concept, term or phenomenon to the reader. Simply put, this essay explains some things your readers may not know. For example, that you can order a custom written essay from experts in minutes and get it done in days!

definition essay topics


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But let's get to our subject matter. While dictionaries give short explanations of words, definition essays are usually much larger because, alongside the definition itself, you must provide vivid examples to clarify it. This task seems deceptively easy. You'd think you can take any subject, classification, concept, and just define them. But as soon as it comes to writing an essay, students surprisingly often come to a standstill.

Why is it so difficult to find good topics for a definition essay?

One of the reasons is the abstract meaning of objects and phenomena to be defined. Some things possess a clear, generally accepted meaning; others have a contradictory and abstract nature that makes providing their definition extremely hard. Another reason why choosing a proper topic can be challenging enough is that students often don’t understand how to present the definitions themselves.

A ready-made, correctly articulated topic can ignite your enthusiasm if you don’t know what to write about. Check out some good topics for a definition paper and let them be your starting point!


Examples Definition Essay Topics for College Students

Selecting a proper definition is a key stage in preparing a definition paper. The idea that you choose for your essay should be clear and obvious so that you can adequately define it for readers. Be sure to read the information in the dictionary, but do not copy it letter for letter.

Since you’re a college student, some aspects of college life will be a good topic – this is something you should be knowledgeable in by default. Here are some relevant topics for this type of paper for college students:

  • Successful college admission: ways to impress the admissions office.
  • Higher education: why it is essential for success in future life.
  • Knowledge and expertise a competent university professor must possess.
  • Decent work: things that affect the satisfaction of employees.
  • Mobile applications to be used during the learning process.


Extended Definition Essay Topics

We have already mentioned that it is better to choose some kind of abstract and comprehensive concept, like happiness or love. In fact, you can use one word as the title for your definition essay, and it will be fine if you stick to essay standards. But a much better idea is to extend your thought and add details. Make your topic not just “happiness,” but “things that prevent you from being happy.” Check out some examples of extended definition paper topics:

  • Sloth: is this a harmful thing, and how can you change this character trait?
  • Factors that provoke racial abuse in the USA.
  • Pro-life and pro-choice: what position do they hold, and what arguments does each side bring in support?
  • Individuality: what does it mean to develop individuality and live your truth?
  • Equality of rights: is it possible to make our society more equitable?


Creative Definition Essay Topics

What some people think is funny can be boring and uninteresting for others. But we tried to collect the most creative ideas for definition essays that will inspire everyone – check them out:

  • The anatomy of hatred
  • Features of a real hero: analysis of Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman.
  • Love and money correlation.
  • Freedom from the perspective of the freshman.
  • Charisma: is it really an extraordinary power?


Easy Definition Essay Topics

A good definition essay involves a thorough analysis and genuine understanding based on your own thoughts. Any idea that you explore should be supported by reliable evidence. So, the definition paper is quite a difficult assignment. Don’t complicate your work any further if you can choose an easy topic for an essay, such as follows:

  • Traits a friend must possess in order to trust him.
  • Living with a roommate: things that can make a life together more comfortable.
  • Time-management skills and their importance for study and work.
  • Depression and factors that can trigger anxiety.
  • Capital punishment concept in different countries.

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