Systematized Problem Solution Essay Topics List

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12 Feb 2020

Problem and solution essay is a kind of assignment that very often will be given to you in various tests. Therefore, it is essential to master the skill of writing this challenging type of paper. In case you lack time to delve in tricks of the trade but instead need to submit a piece quite soon, you can benefit from services offered by Contact us today to learn about the numerous ways we could help you.

problem solution essay topics


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As the name implies, the problem and solution essay is a paper that aims at describing a topical issue and finding out the possible solutions to it. This may seem fairly simple task if we're talking about assignments for elementary school up to the 6th grade. Yet, further on, things obviously get more complicated, and choosing a topic for this type of essay becomes not that easy as you need a persuasive problem that is relevant for the modern society and really well-judged ways out of the situation.

In this article, you’ll find the most compelling and inspiring problem and solution essay topics that can be your starting point.


How to Pick Topics for Problem Solution Essay

The thing is, you have a chance to make a difference with your paper if you’re writing about something crucial for you and society as a whole. Or your essay could affect somebody else who then will bring changes on. View it as a domino effect that begins with you. That is why you better not write about some funny things, but carefully select the current problem you are really interested in. For example, think about local problem solution topics that are of vital importance for your community or town, environmental issues or even a proposal for business that seems to you worth implementing.

You can draw inspiration literally from anywhere – the main thing is not to forget about the purpose and features of your essay.

Let’s take an example topic "Inadequate teacher qualifications." If you want to use it for your paper, you should immediately think about appropriate measures to be taken, such as:

  • continuing education courses,
  • regular assessment of teaching activities by a special commission.

The fact is that a well-thought-out topic is half the success of your essay. So let's not waste time and move on to the list of great ideas for a problem and solution paper.


Problem Solution Essay Topics for College Students

Besides being informative, such essays can be the basis for a good cause, for example, for a social program. So if you’re a college student, topics that address social challenges will be a good choice:


Good Problem Solution Essay Topics for High School

It can be challenging for high school students to choose a topic that will catch the attention of readers as they have so many issues to be explored. If you feel like you're at a standstill with your essay, check out these ideas:


Problem Solution Essay Topics for Middle School

If you’re looking for a topic for middle school problem and solution assignments, get inspired by these ideas of the essay topics:


Easy Problem Solution Essay Ideas

Critical thinking and writing skills need to be developed like muscles. So it might be a good idea to start writing problem/solution essays from some simple and straightforward topics. Here are the topics that are suitable for beginners:

You’ve probably thought at least once in your life, “I need someone to write my college essay.” This is not surprising because students are often forced to find a balance between studying, working, social life, sports, and personal hobbies. If you find it challenging to write a problem/solution paper by yourself, you can use our services to deal with urgent tasks. As research paper service reviews show, it's quick, safe, and effective.


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