Breakthrough Proposal Essay Ideas for Good Papers

A proposal essay is the one in which you propose a particular idea and try to convince your audience why this idea is good or bad, by providing the relevant arguments and evidence. Many students don’t like proposal essays because they include a lot of researching, which may feel overwhelming, especially to those who haven’t written any proposal papers before. But let us assure you that with an exciting topic and a clear understanding of how to write this type of task, you will enjoy the process and get an excellent grade.

In this blog, we offer some valuable recommendations on how to choose a winning idea for your proposal essay. Besides, we provide an extensive list of proposal essay topics for college students to draw inspiration from. We also would like you to know about the alternative method of getting the job done – just in case. Hiring a professional writer at is an effective way to deal with proposal essays under such a limited resource as time.

proposal essay topics


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Articulating Interesting Proposal Essay Topics: Examples of Working Approaches

Here’re a few helpful tips on choosing a proposal essay topic:

  • Keep in mind that composing an excellent proposal essay will require lots of time and enthusiasm, in order to conduct extensive research on a problem and to plan the paper meticulously. This is why it’s best to opt for a topic that interests you and makes you passionate.
  • It’s also recommended to choose a debatable topic, instead of a narrow one which may appear to be boring.
  • Make sure to back up each your proposal argument with the evidence from the credible scientific literature.
  • You can find interesting proposal essay ideas in scholarly journals, recent scientific publications, and on the educational forums and sites.


List of Inspiring Proposal Essay Topic Ideas for College Students

Any of the following ideas can become a good choice for college students who want to impress their teachers with an offbeat topic and score high.

  • How can the academic performance of college students be improved by using social networks?
  • How can educational TV shows about science receive more airtime and funding?
  • Can evaporative coolers become an effective green alternative to air conditioners?
  • What are some helpful training programs for the smooth assimilation of new employees?
  • What are the best ways to capture the readers’ attention with memorable titles of research papers and articles?
  • What are the effective ways to manage PTSD in different categories of the population?


Easy Topics for Proposal Essay in High School

Here high school students can find a list of interesting and offbeat proposal essay topics that will help them prepare a brilliant piece worth the top grade.

  • How can parents protect their children from peer pressure?
  • What are the best ways to protect one’s personal information from cyber theft?
  • What are the safe methods to improve one’s health without the use of traditional medicine?
  • What are the effective ways to improve students’ reading comprehension?
  • How can smoking rates among adolescents be reduced?
  • What are the most effective ways to solve the global problem with plastic bags?


Interesting Proposal Essay Topics with Solutions

Still can’t come up with a good problem solution idea? We truly hope that the following proposal solution topics will inspire you to write an excellent essay!

  • What can an average person do in their everyday life to withstand global climate changes?
  • How significant is the impact of cyberbullying, and what are the best ways to respond to it?
  • How can governments promote the use of bicycles for short distance journeys?
  • Should hunting be banned in all its forms?
  • Should government offer grants and funding for up-and-coming artists and musicians?
  • What are the effective ways to support local businesses and protect them from being destroyed by big chains?


‘A Modest Proposal’ Essay Ideas for an Outstanding Essay

Originally, “A Modest Proposal” is the name of a 1729 Johnathan Swift’s satire, where the author suggested that in order to lessen their financial burden, Irish families should sell their kids as food to rich people. The satire gained wide popularity due to targeting the cruel attitude towards Irish immigrants and poor people in general. Up to date, the term “modest proposal’ is used to allude to undisguised satire.

For a modest proposal essay, you can either pick a theme which refers to one of the problems raised in the original J. Swift’s piece (immigration, poverty, etc.) or choose a similar issue topical for the modern society – the one which needs (or people think it needs) a solution. Keep in mind that your modest proposal essay is supposed to be a satire and the solution you suggest shouldn’t be taken seriously. To come up with a good idea, try to think of the most bizarre and totally unacceptable but seemingly effective solution to a problem. Here are a few good ideas for you to consider:

  • Will letting all migrant workers do only menial tasks (cleaning, etc.) stop the wave of migration?
  • Banning the topic of sexual minorities from mass media, books, and films will help reduce the number of gay people.
  • Making the position of president available only for females will help promote women’s rights.
  • Letting an AI program govern a country will help eliminate corruption, poverty, economic problems, etc.
  • Immediate banning of all non-electric means of transport all over the world will stop global warming.

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