List of 20 Good Evaluation Essay Topics for Quality Writing

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13 Feb 2020

An evaluation essay aims to determine the quality of an item, phenomenon, product or service. However, merely expressing the writer’s point of view is not enough. This type of paper requires thorough research of the subject and developing a strong argument for each paragraph of your essay, providing evidence and examples. If you don’t bring enough arguments and proofs, your point of view expressed in the paper may be considered too opinionated. Such an essay will not be able to get the highest score.

evaluation essay topics

Your assessment, to a large extent, depends on the significance of the topic, so the choice of the main idea for the essay is of overriding importance. It’s also essential to avoid hackneyed topics and subjects that have been evaluated many times.

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However, if you’re looking for the most creative topic for your paper, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of 20 interesting evaluation topics to choose from, which will satisfy even the most demanding student. Check them out right now!


Example Topics for Evaluation Essay for High School

An evaluation essay is arguably the best way to develop critical thinking in teenagers. Therefore, school teachers so often give students such assignments. If you find it difficult to choose a good topic for your academic paper, check out a few ideas for high school students that can become your sources of inspiration:

  • Pros and cons of semi-finished products. Evaluate if they are really edible.
  • Contemporary and ancient architecture: similarities and differences.
  • Appreciate the cultural diversity of American citizens.
  • Provide the benefits and drawbacks of home education.


Justifying an Evaluation Essay Topics for College Students

Your professor may limit your choice of evaluation essay topics with criteria such as pop culture, history, literature, or firsthand experience. But if you don’t have any specific recommendations, you can choose any topic that you like. Here are some examples of universal themes for an evaluation paper that are suitable for college students:

  • Rate your campus dining room. Are the staff personnel friendly? Are the prices high? What about food quality?
  • Chinese take-away food: the quality and the service. Can you recommend it to your friends?
  • State the causes and evaluate the effects of culture shock.
  • American and European colleges: evaluate which educational system is better.


Easy Evaluation Essay Topics by Categories

We want to give you more options to make sure you find a suitable idea. The path to success is easy – select one of the following categories of topics, check out the suggested ideas, choose the one you like the most and start writing your paper! Nothing complicated, right?

Topics Related to Media and Performance

To evaluate your favorite movie is a good topic for an essay, but doesn't it seem too dull and boring for you? Here are some ideas of issues on TV and Media that can inspire you!

  • Appreciate how the TV show "Downton Abbey" reflects the culture of England of those times.
  • Analyze if historical movies help students study history.
  • Compare a modern romantic movie and a classic one. Determine which of them is better and why.
  • Review a musical. Note the distinguishing characteristics of this genre. Does the musical have any advantages over traditional films?

Sports Topics for Evaluation Paper

What could be more exciting than sports? Check out the ideas of sports topics that will help make your evaluation essay great!

  • Evaluate the situation with sports fields in your city. Is there enough sports equipment? What about pricing?
  • Assess women's football: what is its difference from men's sport?
  • Rate the performance of your favorite sports team over the past season. Did they meet their expectations?
  • Develop a comparative evaluation for watching a game at the stadium and watching it on TV.

Essay Topics on Technology

The technology field is developing extremely fast, so there is a lot of relevant evaluation paper topics related to modern technologies:

  • Evaluate typical cybersecurity strategies. Which one best protects your smartphone?
  • Analyze how the Internet has changed the ways that people communicate in recent years.
  • How do digital books affect students? What is their advantage over paper ones? Why?
  • Check out the latest trends in 3D films. Has this type of movie production improved the experience of attending the cinema?

You can constantly develop your writing skills and produce great papers, but if you feel that this is not your thing, a better option is to simply pay for essays. After all, professional help with essay and research paper academic writing is your chance to get more free time that you can spend on more pleasant things.


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