Personal Experience Essay Topics to Write a Killer Paper

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13 Feb 2020

А persuasive personal argument essay is a paper about your life, experiences or personal challenges. This kind of writing will give your audience a glimpse into your innermost life lessons and thoughts. There are many situations when you may be assigned to produce this reflective content - from a simple class assignment to a college or university application. Be it a cause and effect or personal statement essay, an engaging paper starts from an interesting title. To inspire and get you started, we have gathered some tips and tricks with examples of winning topic ideas. Consider them and write about an unforgettable moment that these prompts bring to mind.

personal essay topics

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Why Does Choosing Strong Topics for Personal Essay Matter?

To start with, the choice of an essay title is important as it contributes significantly to engaging readers and driving the paper. The title is the first thing the readers see, and more or less, they all tend to judge an article by it. Moreover, if you decide on a gripping title, you can increase the chances of getting better grades because professors prefer when students ponder over complicated issues. Choose the subject you are passionate to speak about: if you are interested in the topic of discussion, you won’t have much effort crafting a paper; you just enjoy the very process and don’t count hours spent on academic writing. Below we provide a couple of ideas on how to understand what makes a good topic for a personal belief essay. Let’s take a closer look at them!


Writing Personal Essay Topics Tips

A personal essay provides you with a vast array of subjects to select from. So, how to choose a great topic that will demonstrate your writing skills to the fullest? We asked our professional research paper writer to compile some useful ideas you are welcome to use to narrows down your topics and find the best option.

Stay unique

Try to steer clear from unordinary topics or the ones that are typically chosen by fellow students. Your instructors or professors are likely to have reviewed countless papers and have identified some of the common issues college-goers write about. Therefore, you need to come up with a distinctive title to stand out from the rest.

Consider your abilities

When deciding what to include in your personal essay assignment, think over your strengths and weaknesses in academic writing. Stop on an issue where you can focus more on what you’re good at.

Make sure the topic is manageable

Don’t forget about the writing requirements from your professor or tutor and mind the essay volume. In other words, select the idea that is neither too narrow nor too broad so that the content fits within the word or page limit.


Best Personal Essay Topics for Any Student

Students at school and college are often assigned to produce a personal essay. Be it for a particular class or admissions, this task can prove challenging because you need to combine descriptive and narrative styles of writing. What's more, it shouldn’t be just a story, you need to connect it to the broader idea. Below is a selection of topics for different academic levels to get your writing a smooth start. So, why waste time - let’s begin!

Personal essay topics for college students

College-level personal essay topics are more challenging than the school ones because you need to demonstrate your critical thinking and analytical skills. For instance, college applications papers require a more thorough evaluation of the question. If you struggle to find a riveting topic for your essay, check out this list of ideas:

  • Describe the lesson you've learned the hard way.
  • What is your favorite sport? Which memories does it bring to you?
  • How much money do you need to start a charity?
  • Write about the moment you embarrassed yourself in public.
  • Are you concerned with environmental issues? Why?

Personal essay topics for high school students

High school is a path to adult life where students gain essential experience and knowledge. These years bring challenges that make major contributions to the development of their personality. Thus, your unique adventure through high school would definitely make a great personal essay. Here are some of the topics that might be handy for you.

  • Is it difficult for you to get ready for school exams? How do you deal with stress during that time?
  • Speak about the things you have learned from your parents. How do your parents inspire and motivate you?
  • Remember the time you spoke out about something crucial to you. What was it?
  • Do you want to take a gap year? If yes, how would you spend it?
  • What was the bravest moment of your entire life?

Personal essay topics: middle school students

When in middle school, youngsters only learn how to express their ideas on paper and get familiar with many different styles of writing. Thus, topics for this academic lever are a bit simpler but still require skills to clearly state your opinion and sort out relevant information.

  • Who is the historical figure that you admire the most?
  • Which superpower would you like to have?
  • What happened during your first day at school?
  • What is the best place to hang out with friends in your area?
  • Doing homework: is it a good thing or a waste of time for you?

Hopefully, these personal essay topic ideas are enough for you to make a legit choice. However, if you need more "hands-on" academic writing assistance, reach out to WePapers' writing experts. When addressing our service, you don't just buy college essays online; you get a chance to become a better student by learning from the best!


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