Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay: Best Ideas & Writing Tips

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10 Feb 2020

Compare and contrast essays are assigned at schools for many reasons. On the one hand, they are relatively easy to understand and have a simple structure. On the other hand, such assignments allow learners to develop critical thinking skills while approaching various subjects. If you are struggling with finding inspiration to come up with an interesting topic, our list of ideas should help you deal with this issue. Moreover, on our website, you can order a unique sample essay and, as a result, submit your writing task without delays.

compare and contrast essay topics


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How to Choose Informative but Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics?

A working idea for a compare and contrast essay should be attention-grabbing and thought-provoking. Tutors and professors usually recommend staying away from mainstream topics. Be creative! Here are some tips to consider:

  • Keep your paper relevant to the academic materials within your discipline. Nevertheless, you can cover various historical events, places, situations and investigate the lives of real or fictional people.
  • Perform thorough online and offline research about your subject. Head to the library or find a bit of inspiration when watching TV documentaries. Read the most topical articles to stay tuned for the trending events. The Internet is an excellent source of exceptional compare and contrast paper ideas if based on academically clear and credible information.
  • Demonstrate your critical thinking. Show off how you can connect your expertise to various subjects and topics. Don’t feel shy - express what you really think and feel. It’s a great opportunity to stand out from your classmates.

Still have no ideas of topics to write a compare and contrast essay on? Check out the list of handpicked paper titles for different levels of education from our vetted experts.

Compare and contrast essay topics for kids

Not only college-goers need to write compare & contrast papers. It’s a common task for elementary students as well. Of course, young learners get the simplest homework tasks and essay topic as they lack the experience to investigate something more complex than something like these:

Compare and contrast essay topics middle school students can write on

Take a look at these compare and contrast topics for middle school learners! They are relatively simple yet touch upon fairly exciting issues to write about:

Compare and contrast essay topics for high school students

Compare and contrast essay is a common type of assignment in high school. There are plenty of issues to cover, so you will never be left without a topic to write about. Feel free to check the ideas below:

Good compare and contrast essay topics for college students

And finally comes funny college years with independent life on campus, many writing assignments and passing exams. If you are assigned with a compare and contrast essay, don’t freak out - we are ready to cover your back with a couple of bright college level topics.


Example Selection of Funny Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Want to catch your readers' attention? How about writing a humorous paper that will make your professor laugh, remember you and put you a better grade? Consider several amusing ideas below:

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