Free List of Outstanding Topics for English Essay

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20 Feb 2020

English is probably the only school subject for which universities almost always require a full four years of study. Thus, you’ll be studying this discipline throughout all the stages of your education, starting from English as the main subject in elementary school and ending with English courses in college.

english essay topics

In general, while studying this discipline, students read, analyze and write different types of essays: narrative, persuasive, discursive, definition, expository, proposal, etc. If your professor hasn’t limited you to a specific topic for your paper, for example, English literature or some current issue to explore, you may run into a problem such as a lack of ideas for an essay. To write a worthy paper, you don’t need to get through 101 topics – you only need one that will be interesting to you and will allow you to conduct in-depth research and draw powerful conclusions.

Right here you can find a list of different topics suitable for the main types of academic writing. These easy essay topics in English can become your source of inspiration to come up with your own idea. So check them out right now!

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Narrative English Extended Essay Topics

In short, a narrative essay implies telling a kind of story, most often about a personal experience, but you should also provide a point of view. Perhaps each of us has something to share. With such an assignment, your goal is to explain the importance of a particular experience.

Narrative paper is the most common written task for middle school. So if you need to find a suitable topic for this type of essay for English in grade 7, take a look at the following ideas:


The Best Expository College English Essay Topics

College students are often asked to write an expository essay for their English classes. The goal of such a task is to reveal the idea in a logical and straightforward way. In general, it is an analysis of a fact-based topic without reference to the opinions or emotions of the author. Here you can find the best expository English essay topics for college students:


Proposal English Essay Topics for High School Students

High school students are often given the task of writing a proposal essay. The essence is clear from the name of the paper: you need to offer an idea or solution to the problem and prove why your proposal is good. Check out ideas for a proposal paper that are well suited for students in grade 12, as well as for 9th grade students:


Persuasive Essay Writing Topics in English

Argumentative and persuasive essays are the two most common types of academic writing both in school and college. Despite their difference, they have something in common – you need to develop a strong idea and prove your case with the help of arguments and facts. Take a look at the persuasive essay topics higher English list including both with easy ideas for grade 8 and more complex college-suitable topics:

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