Interesting Topics for Expository Essay for Easy Writing

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06 Feb 2020

Imagine that a friend has asked you about something, and to explain this situation or to describe how things work, you need to give them as many details as possible. That is an overall concept of expository essays. Teachers often assign expository essays to students (especially those who take college-level courses) because this type of academic writing can help significantly improve one’s analytical, planning, and writing skills.

expository essay topics

The first step towards creating an A-worthy expository essay is choosing a great topic for it. If you’re looking for fresh and off-beat ideas, our blog post is exactly what you need. Below you’ll find some professional pieces of advice on choosing a brilliant topic for your expository essay. Besides, we offer you a compilation of the most interesting topics to write an expository essay on, divided into groups for students of different ages and levels of education – from 6th grade to university. With our examples of topics, you’ll definitely impress your teacher!

In case you need a more personalized approach to choosing the subject matter, you can address our experts who will offer you a selection of unique topics or even craft an original sample essay according to your requirements.


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Tips on Choosing Good Expository Essay Topics

Judging by its name, an expository essay is the one that dwells on something, defines, and describes it. At the same time, it can examine or analyze a particular issue that you would like to write about. In general, an expository essay is an umbrella term for a range of academic papers: descriptive essays, cause & effect essays, comparison, process, problem and solution essays, etc.

To create a solid expository essay, you should gain a clear picture of a particular thing in order to provide your audience with a concise and clear explanation.

When assigned an expository essay, the first thing you should do is decide on its topic. While the term "expository essay" encloses several different types of academic works, it gives you a long list of subjects and topics to choose from. You can talk about education, English literature, history, healthcare and medicine, social problems, ethical issues, science and technology, personal experience, and much, much more.

A general recommendation on choosing a successful topic would be to opt for the one which sparks your curiosity. Researching about something that you find to be interesting and exciting will make the writing process enjoyable.


Inspiring and Funny Expository Essay Topics for Students of All Levels

The success of any academic research paper, to a large extent, depends upon a topic you choose for it. This statement is especially true for expository essays where a cool subject matter can inspire you to conduct meticulous yet exciting research.

Having collected an extensive database of unique topics for an expository essay, we divided them into groups, based on different levels of education, so that everyone can find exactly what they are looking for.

Good expository essay topics for middle school

  • What are the consequences of alcohol and drug addiction among teenagers?
  • Why or why not should all students wear a school uniform?
  • To what extent are today’s children affected by the internet addiction?
  • Describe how was the first newspaper invented.
  • Explain how teenagers are effected by a family’s frequent moving from place to place;
  • Describe what nonmaterial things make you happy, and why?
  • Explain what different genres of music have on society.

Interesting expository essay topics for high school students

  • Will people ever colonize Mars?
  • What is the role of secondary characters in novels?
  • The concept of racism and its displays in J. K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter.”
  • Does the notion of ‘honor’ still exist in modern society?
  • In what way has the Internet and social media made bullying spread?
  • What are allergens and allergic reactions?
  • Explain what electronic paper is.

Excellent college expository essay topics

The following topics from various academic areas were chosen specifically for college students and can help you craft an outstanding expository essay.

  • What are the best ways for college students to combine studies with leisure and a part-time job?
  • What tips can be given to young people who want to become financially independent?
  • Explain how having a single parent affects children in the areas of nutrition, hygiene, and education;
  • What global issues of today aren’t being solved effectively enough, and why?
  • What are the main causes of the increasing number of divorces in the US?
  • What was the input of radio into shaping the world as we know it today?
  • Describe the consequences of regular exercise on the human body.

Advanced expository essay topics university students are looking for

  • Explain what 3D bioprinter is, and what changes might it bring into medicine;
  • What causes the growth of people with autoimmune diseases and allergies in Western countries?
  • Explain what fusion energy is, and how close is modern science to producing it.
  • Explain how the export of tea and silk shaped the economy of modern China.
  • What are the differences between OCD and OCPD, and are there any ways to overcome the two disorders?
  • What are the effective ways to deal with gender inequality and double standards in the workplace?
  • Is the threat of a 2020's coronavirus to humankind exaggerated, and what are the chances to keep it under control?

Although an interesting topic can make the process of expository writing exciting and enjoyable, many students find it to be rather tough. Expository essays require sound analytical and writing skills, thorough planning, and extra time for extensive research. If you can’t decide on the topic, or are short on time and don’t want to put your grade for an expository essay at risk, you can consider applying to – a professional and legit online service that provides students with quality essay papers for sale. A team of trained research writers working here will craft an impeccable expository essay in the shortest term personally for you.


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